Stumbling upon cool tracks with iTunes radio.

Ok I am taking a break from introducing bands for a while, and give way to the techie side of my interest. But don’t worry because this is still about music. This time it is about music apps. Yes I love apps and I love technology. I don’t mind if it is iOS or Android because I have used both and each has its own strong and weak points.

I love listening to iTunes radio when I am not perusing my Soundcloud or Mixcloud feed. What I love about it is the experience and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. It even has a Celtic music station which I like because I am a big fan if Celtic music.

The other positive aspect of iTunes radio is how it is a breeze to just add stations based on genre. It is easy to use than Tunein. I tried using Spotify but the issue with that app is how it takes a lot of storage space from your iOs.

As an indie music lover, I still prefer Soundcloud, YouTube and Mixcloud when it comes to discovering new artists. But when you are looking for mainstream music as well as oldies, then iTunes radio will do. You can always stumble upon something exciting and unique using iTunes so I can say that I am hooked on the radio. Right now, 80s alternative is playing Til Tuesday with Voices Carry. One of the best tracks from my childhood. Do you also listen to iTunes radio? Do share your thoughts.


Vows music from 2013 (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things was released on April last year. My mom passed away a month before that so everything was a blur from that year onwards… It is only recently that things are getting themselves clear to me. I might have been blogging in automation for the past several months.

The thing I like about the music of Vows is that as a band, they have the knack of taking the listeners into another world. If you are asking me what kind of world? Well, it’s a world where yellow submarines and marshmallow stars exist. Where rivers are lemonades and one can just sit under the sun and watch the cotton candy clouds pass by. It’s not a real world but it is beautiful to imagine it is real.

That is the beauty of music. Its ability to suspend your thoughts even for just half an hour and make you forget how awful this world is. If you don’t know yet, they are streaming the full album via YouTube. It is also available in their bandcamp page. But you know what? A real music lover should support bands like Vows. And you can do this by purchasing the tracks where they are available.

I hope you enjoy the link the way I did. And my favorite song is Sunday Morning because it is a pleasant Sunday in the Philippines today!