Buffalo Souls by Dan Snyder: A Ride Into Beautiful Sonic Places

Wow, who is Dan Snyder? Listening to Buffalo Souls is like riding a spaceship. It all takes off with the first track Beneath Our Dan SnyderVeins. And then it progresses from there. There are little sounds that sparkle throughout this recording. They are like fireflies or planetary rings that shine. If you listen to in-ear headphones you can really hear them as Buffalo Souls is filled with nuance as it is brimming with cinematic explosions. It is a complex album with many textures and sonic landscapes and this is the kind of music that I gravitate too. It has a lot of room for exploration. For instance, in Mt Rainer, the thundering piano brings fourth the little layered voices and beautiful percussion that sounds like an extraterrestrial has landed. Still this is a marriage of electronic and acoustic sounds. There are instances where I marvel at the arrangement of the drums like in So Close where they are made to sound distant. His wet vocals float around like blankets of mists longing for a resolution in a world filled with maybes.

The floating feeling is consistent throughout the albums. And this is what excellent albums should be about-distinctive style or theme and coherence. The Herd sounds pastural and angelic. If this is the style that he is developing then I say he has a chest of golden sounds. If he continues in this path then I will pursue in collecting his albums as Buffalo Souls created an aesthetic impact in me. And in the closing track getting started, it feels like the journey is just enough. It makes you long for another one, yet the experience is satisfying-not to grandiose and not too humble.

Dan Snyder has a gift of beautiful songwriting. And I think his edge is his being able to use his voice as another instrument. And this is refreshing in this decade where every singer sounds like the last guy you’ve heard.

Links: http://noisetrade.com/buffalosouls




Madison Park is releasing a new album titled MIX



Madison Park is releasing a new album titled MIX with Dutch dance producer Beechkraft on 03.31.15! It will be her fourth release following her successful tunes that topped the Billboard Dance Charts. 

The new album by Madison Park will blow fans of electronic dance music away. Mix is beautiful, rich, vibrant and it is a perfect summer album. Mix has 14 tracks. Perhaps there will be a b-side. I am not surprised if avid collectors will want more unreleased tracks from Madison Park as her tunes prove to be irresistible. This partnership with Beechkraft is perfect. He highlights her strong points and also adds his technical savvy to the dance tracks. I think a song is just a song until two people put a twist on it, elevating it a work of art.

Her breathy voice works well with the chilled beats. There is a relaxed vibe all over the album. Her single Parts of Me is the third track. I am sure you’ve read my previous post about it. I assure you that most of the tracks in this album will be big hits in the dance floor. Especially in European countries like Holland, Germany, UK, France etc. Watch out for (Next Level Mix) upon the album release because I see this as a dance floor fire starter! Warm Me When I’m Alone, Tonight,Closer,Fascinated, Rain, I Am Your Beachbreeze, I Stumble and Let’s Dance(Cover of a David Bowie hit) are all fantastic. There is an irresistible vibe to them that it is hard to sit down and just listen.   They drive your body to move!

This is not entirely a dance album as there are ballads like Every Single Day, Rain and the chilled I Am Your Darkness.They serve as balance to the energetic beats of other tracks but they are valuable in a sense that MIX is a testament to the versatile artistry of Madison Park.

It’s worth noting that she makes music that’s not too mainstream but not too left-field. There is a sense of cool and chic but also accessibility that will appeal to the mainstream. If this is the new direction of pop then I am on it. Check it out and have a listen on the day of its release.

Madison Park: Of course you know her.

I like a kind of song that takes you to places even if it’s just vicariously. Parts of Me by Madison Park and Beechkraft is one example. It is a well crafted electronic song that has that beautiful melody and awesome groove. The voice of Madison Park is ethereal that reminds me of those by Delirium, Sleepthief and Conjure One vocalists. I see fairies in wilderness where there is a flying saucer hovering above. Parts of Me is released by Basic Lux records.PartsOfMeMPBKBL92272x_500-3

So far this is a first single I heard from this collaboration and I am looking forward to more projects from these artists. So who is Madison Park?

1. She is known for Billboard dance hits Ocean Drive, I’m Listening and More than This (Remake of a Roxy Music hit).

2. Beechkraft is a Dutch dance producer and this is not their first collaboration.

I love this haunting chill out tune. I am sure you will too!

Check out her earlier releases below.

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Christmas is here with Eric McGrath:

‘TIL I’M BACK HOME is a charity Christmas single by Eric McGrath with 100% of sales donated to Make-A-Wish® Ireland. It is available for 99c at – http://ericmcgrathmusic.com/#shop-page




From Paula:

“Hi everyone, here is the information about the Palestinian Tatreez piece on sale to raise money for the UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund. The price is £75.00 and all money raised after framing costs will be donated. Postage and packing extra, quotes can be given. Please help spread the word and pm the MOS page or myself if you are interested. Thank you, Paula
For a good cause! Paula from Nouvelle electro has personally hand stitched four traditional Palestinian Tatreez designs combined in one professionally framed picture. The cross stitch pieces have been sewn in bright red, dark red, orange, lilac and light green on navy aida. Available for the price of £75.00 plus postage and packing (quotes can be given). The work will be sent “signed for”. All money raised after framing costs will be donated to UNRWARelief Fund (confirmation will be provided). Thanks for your support! Please help spread the word and share!”

EP Review: Follow Me [EP] by Dj Magics & MY.COSMO

Synthesis, drum programming and guitar by Dj Magics.
Lyrics, vocals, synthesis and drum programming by My.Cosmo. Produced by Dj Magics and My.Cosmo.
© 2014

Cosmo Simnovec, otherwise known as MY.COSMO has given us an EP of antidepressant tunes that will light up our Friday as we move to the weekend of all things. The title is Follow Me and I have no doubt listeners will follow his irresistible beats and melodies. Cosmo has always been keen on releasing EPs rather than albums. I think this is a practical deal especially in today’s indie-driven music fanatics. People want to sample an artist before they commit to fandom. And five songs (plus one bonus remix at the end) is a good deal.

Sophisticated, ripe and popsy are the terms that come to mind when I listen to Follow Me. I have two favorite tracks : Dream and Inspiration for its midtempo and calming atmosphere. Another one is Represium, a tune that takes you to a trance state. It also has a beautiful guitar solo. But don’t miss out on the introductory instrumental title track and the rest that follow. If I am not mistaken this is his first collaboration with DJ Magics and there is chemistry there that works.

Don’t miss his discography because you will be surprise how addicting his tunes can be.

Sounds of Desolation by Panophonic

Collection of chill instrumental electro indiepop/indierock songs by Philly indie rocker Tom Lugo. 

I am a fan of Tom Lugo. This guy has several projects. He also owns Patetico Recordings that caters to indie bands. He has many styles so it is hard to point out a definitive one unless you are talking of specifics relating to a band  he is part of. But most of his guitar styles can be associated with the dreamy, dream pop sound of  The Sundays, Cocteau Twins and The Smiths. He also does martial arts so never mess with this guy when he is playing music or he will kick your arse. But hey, Tom is the nicest guy I know. It is hard not to get enthusiastic about the things he does.

Sounds of Desolation is a collection of instrumental songs with the word ‘chill’ written all over them. I am listening to this album at 5.a.m. Not a bad thing to wake up to even when you are caffeine-deprived. I have many favorites. Abiotic Factor tops my list with its beat and guitar style. I think I don’t mind that the majority of mainstream music is crap these days. Because there will always be bands like Panophonic to save the day. And mainstream music is NOT the only option you have.

Like them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Panophonic/33458859528