ElectroCelt(Essay by Geoff J Keogh )

Our guest blogger this week is Geoff J Keogh who is better known by his moniker ElectroCelt. He now resides in Australia(Originally from Ireland) and he is making new tunes. Geoff and I met on the internet by chance while I was writing an article about electronic musicians. The electronic music community is close to my heart. The artists are very supportive with one another and they love to collaborate, paving the way to new styles.

The music of ElectroCelt.

If someone asked me to describe music in my own words, the closes to describing it would be: It is a universal language that has no boundaries.



It can tap into emotions and influence the way we can deal with decisions in a rational way. It also has a spiritual quality that lies between our world and that of a mystical source.

My music has traveled  with me since a very early age . My first live gig was a Tangerine Dream gig at the age of 10 . Music always moves me into different landscapes, it portrays life in different colours to me and defines who I am. I have followed many artists on their journey  and my love of all types of music stretches far and wide. Principally, electronic music  drives me the most  but always I remember that before the electronic age, the classics had their part to play in what we hear today. From as far back as man can go we have been  driven by music .

When talking in regard to my music … I love sequences. I think that the pattern created by notes in sequence  can develop out like a punchline in a story. These sounds mixed with layers of different toned pads once they are not sitting on the same  frequency creates powerful atmosphere andvery deep spiritual textures. Most of my pieces are grown out of direct life experiences, be it a place I am in or picture that is before me; then I find a way as close as possible to portray it in a musical term . The Digital fields album was a collection of pieces that I worked on for my own enjoyment. Digital Fields in one description is a field of vision used by opticians to describe the line of vision in a technical form. For example the track ElectroCelt is telling you that I had music deep within me but until I knew how to express it, I couldn’t portray it.  Silver lining was about the dreams we have  then too often we are let down … “Where’s the Silver Lining “.

As time passed and I grew into music production, the surroundings I found myself,  the people that entered into the music environment  just got blended. Into the music and each person  has left a trademark sound.  For Strange Elements album on board we have AlyZen Moonshadow  who comes from a classically trained  background  after studying music to a degree level  in Singapore and Kingston University London.  So a lot of classical structure is in the mix. Tim Pullen who is an excellent Guitarist  and very focused on his music, plays with a band in Somerset  called Obsession, so we get these wonderful delicate guitar scapes. Briefly, Stephan Whitlan  played on some parts of Strange Elements … He is a talented electronic artist from Sheffiled Uk. Now living in Co. Monaghan so you get some classical sequence patterns using VCS3 Prophet V  and Moog .

Since then and moving to Australia,  the culture has blended into my music with pieces like “Out of The Loop” … This is a music piece about the FIFO life I have been working where times of isolation can make you feel that your out of the loop and wonder what has been passing you by. “Desert Mystery” a love of the Pilbara and the mystery of those silenced early morning sunrises where nothing stirs .  “Crossing The Great Divide” a music piece about the move from Ireland to Australia and again three different atmospheres make up this picture. “Migration Process” the endless paperwork and loops we have to jump through to get through the migration process.

But it was quite late when I started producing music. I was a taxi driver in Dublin  and with the demise of the industry I took to studying something that interested me  which is music production. I completed  City & Guilds  parts 3 but a chance meeting in my taxi lead the way to me on my music journey. Taken parts 1 & 2  followed by electronic music production. This in turn lead to “Digital Fields”  in 2008. Next was the sessions at Realworld, Peter Gabriel’s  studios in Wiltshire. This was a mixing session  for the Realworld of ElectroCelt. ep. A live gig in The Sugar Club 2009 followed. I was totally gripped into my music journey and so to today the journey continues with no end in sight. Next projects coming up are “Digital Fields II” , ” Chasing Clouds & Other  Imaginary Pursuits”, then “Druids Awakening 2014.”


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Electro Weekend: Welcome to the Strange Side.

In this edition: ElectroCelt, Scarlet Soho Feat Tagdual Pop, Timid Simian and Tangerine Dream.


ElectroCelt : Visions of Horizons

Hi there people. More stories coming out this month. Today we are featuring an Irish electronic musician now based in Perth Australia. His name is Geoff Keogh known by the moniker, ElectroCelt. He started off as a big Fan of Tangerine Dream attending most of the gigs. Between working on odd jobs and hanging with other musicians, he met Sean McLoud who asked him to bring out his music. That resulted to Digital Fields.

He spent the whole month of June 2008 locked away in the studio as he worked on the EP. Mixing of the tracks followed a month after. Only in the early hours of the morning would he emerge from the studio to start working on his other job as a taxi driver.

He  ended up in Peter Gabriel’s studio (RealWorld studios in Box Wiltshire in the UK) remixing the Digital Fields tracks. He also started working on Strange Elements but the physical release is yet to happen.

His music is expansive. It has that feeling of being swept into the horizon. My favorite track is Emerald Sand (Strange element) for its amazing sounds, subtle percussion and the feeling of floating into space. Get to know more about ElectroCelt by liking his facebook page and follow this soundcloud channel.

More can be heard here: http://soundcloud.com/electrocelt



Scarlet Soho Feat Tagdual Pop

Here is a nice video  by Scarlet Soho and gang. According to Loic Rathscheck: “The reason you see me run around is because I play Tugdual in the video, one of the protagonists from the saga Oksa Pollock. He is the singer in a rock band. In our track, James lends his voice to Tugdual. So this song goes with volume 5 which has just hit the market. I sort of hope people will associate it with the book. That is the idea behind this track.” Since this is a collaboration,  Loic added: I did the video. Scarlet Soho wrote the lyrics to the song and then James sang the tune.

Well I like the video and the concept behind it. I think it is clever for the writers behind Oksa Pollock to collaborate with musicians because these days music is the best vehicle to have your art across.

Find out more about this track and the people behind through the following sites:




Timid Simian

The first few minutes inside Timid Simian’s music is like being incase in a bubble of light and vibrations. He has a way with melodies and synth programming. A kind of calm emotion runs all over his tracks. They are melodic too. There isn’t much info about Timid Simian other than the fact that he is based in Canada and he is a friend of Layne Greene whom I featured in this site. Well whatever he is doing, he is doing it really good. Can’t wait for this to become an EP or album! It the kind of music you would want to turn on when you are waiting for someone in a hotel lobby or when you are just tired and you want to chill out.


Flashback: TANGERINE DREAM – Hyperborea

One of the most influential bands of the contemporary electronic music. I first heard about them through the movie Legends starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sarah. I was a little kid. But I remember being fascinated by the sounds they made and I was like: Wow it sounds like golden snow. And I must have one of their albums. And I did.