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Industrial Strength Set To The Groove of Pop:LÜJAH by Rakans


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The internet is a good place to discover unique musical artists. I discovered the music of Rakans in the social media. He really takes time to talk to his listeners about his ideas. He is also happy to promote other artists. I heard probably two songs which made me realize that he has a potential to make it huge in the pop music scene. You know why? He doesn’t just sound interesting. He LOOKS interesting. His avant garde fashion sense is meant  to inspire and provoke.

Fashion and music go together!

He calls his music avant-garde pop/Industrial pop. And for a good reason. Rakans has created tunes that anyone can dance to. But these are not your typical ‘nice sweet sounding pop’ associated with the likes of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.If you are uninitiated to edgy side of electronic music then Lüjah might sound strange, dissonant or even chaotic. But if you listen carefully, there is that unified idea that pulses throughout the rhythms and harmonies. His lyrics are fascinating.

Redsulfur is the current single. It is also my favourite as it reminds me of Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack. But the rapping is all his. If you haven’t seen the music video yet then you better check it out. It is really interesting. Challenging established ideas is what Lüjah is all about. It is also about being faced with contradictions and how you deal with them. If you ask me, this album is better than anything released by other artists in the genre. I think this is more interesting than Skrillex. I think he will have Skrillex have a run for his money.

Gummy Bears hints the relationship of American hiphop to his European sound. And he can really sing. In Prayers, he’s singing about the great divide that religion imposes in all of us. And he belts out like George Michael too. What I appreciate about his work, is his dedication to the craft of writing pop songs. There is that slick sound in his recordings which I appreciate. Listen to BowBowBow which is one of his catchiest tracks. It will set you in the mood to strut.

Loic Rathscheck – Midnight Journey

Music, traveling, Photography and Acting-just a few of the many things that Loic Rathscheck does. This is his latest video-one that took months to assemble. Now it is out! Thought it is only few minutes, it took countless pictures he took through his travels. According to Rathscheck:

With “Midnight Journey”, I wanted to capture the magic of feeling free when travelling around. All frames are long exposure shots taken at night. Morphing effects were also used between pictures. These were taken in Paris, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Prague, Mexico, the French Alps, the south of France, Hamburg, etc… The photography is mine other than the rotating earth taken from a NASA website and picture of myself at the end. Yes, I am the kid at the very end of the video! 10931090_10205842185196731_8270993709536200144_n-2

I would like to thank Emma Giacomoni for the lovely vocals and the following people for assisting me with my photography: Dimitri Rathscheck, my parents, Olivier Altit, Bill Hansen, Laura Ziegler, Noal Stayner and his kids, Adrien Chauveau and Lional “Brother El” Freeman.

Some sources of inspiration were: 2001 A Space Odyssey, Inception, Jean Michel Jarre, The Art of Noise, Depeche Mode and the record cover artwork of JM Jarre’s Les Chants Magnétiques.

Enjoy and please share!

Should you have any questions or would even like a similar video for your company, band or whatever project you are working on, feel free to contact me at my gmail address displayed at the end of the video.
Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed the video, please share it!

February 2015 Indie Music Updates

Hello folks! It’s a soothing weekend and I am bringing to you updates on cool music around the web. It’s amazing to know that 2015 is anther great year of music. We have electronic,acoustic and other types of music that’s ‘not radio.’

I discovered Alex Pardini more than a year ago when I stumbled upon his music on the web. Since thn we have kept a tight correspondent covering many topics including photography( he’s a pro). He gets better each year as he creates fantastic and elegant tunes. His music speaks to the side of me who likes finer, better and beautiful things in life. This is the first playlist I listened upon waking up. These are evening tunes but then again, beautiful music is always enriching any time of the day. So good, so rich!


If you like something acoustic and soothing then check this song by singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio. What I like about his songs is that, you can appreciate his songs even if you are not a fan of folk music. His recordings are always excellent in terms of clarity and balance. This is the kind of quality that I look for in any stripped down tune.


Whenever I listen to any Michael Stovall song, I get carried away. His emotional pieces always have a room for the ‘soundtrack of your life’ kind of moment. The depth of lyrics and beautiful singing are his strong points. The melodies are his gold.


Talents between New Zealand and Ireland have created Altocirrus. I feel so fortunate to listen to their latest album plus review it for this site!


This musical asset of Romania by the name of LeVant continues to dazzle me with his unique ideas. His tunes are somewhat in the  pop-but not so pop, category. His deep understanding of Classical, Medieval,Jazz,Electronic is astounding. Unjaded is his latest release.


Pierre Masse continues to dabble with different styles of music. From acoustic to electronic, his versatility is excellent. I don’t think any artist who started a career doing acoustic rock could pull that off elegantly. And he did. Amazing!


I am enjoying this new upload from Norwegian artist Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Very energetic and complex. Beautiful beats.


And last but not the least, I need you to listen to this beautiful song from Cornish singer/songwriter Dan Aston.  Lemonade Sea is the title. This is recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance and featuring Sue Aston on violin and members from Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species.

Enjoy your weekend with beautiful music.

Feeling Free (JCRZ Chill Out House Mix) – Paula

There is something otherwordly in how English  musician/vocalist Paula delivers her songs. Feeling Free is a song she wrote for sometime. The original has a New Age feel, which reminds me of  most of the tracks from Moya Brennan’s Two Horizons album. But Paula is a pure soprano and I think she exploited her vocal range in this track as she layered them in a wispy manner, allowing the harmonies to weave their own tales.

JCRZ adds the beats making this tune accessible to pop and dance listeners. I wish Paula makes more of this type of songs because Feeling Free is really addictive and I end up repeating the track in my iphone (connected to my bluetooth speaker playing in the other end of the living room).

The song has a mystical theme. I like how it defines the internal sense of fulfillment by casting all worries and things that hurt us. Going inside yourself and taking time off  to connect with your spiritual half can be a liberating experience.