Jo Davidson:The Healing Powers of Music


Jo Davidson (her piano solos on Tell the Story are healing in and of themselves, and she has a new collection of classical pieces on the way; she also interviews health and spirituality experts on her podcast called Zentertainment Talk Radio)-Alice Braga (writer-artist, life coach and owner of

Perhaps it is true that one can’t be a healer unless one was a victim or a sick soul who found a way into redemption. More and more I am channeling my energy to balance my writing from totally ‘music trivia” stuff to discussions that touch the soul.

New York based musician Jo Davison is a recent discovery. I love solo piano music. There is something about a composition that is stripped to the bones, leaving it with just the power of the melody and its sound dynamic. It is like looking at an x-ray of a plant leaf. The intricate shapes make you realize the beauty of the universe and how an higher power shaped the things around us right from the start of the first light in the universe.