“May It Be” by The Dark Side of the Moon

I wondered what “May It Be” sounds like with a different tempo, vocal rendition, and instrumentation. The Dark Side of the Moon has satisfied that curiosity. They did it in a way where it retains the atmosphere and imagery of the original track. Oh yes, for those who might wonder, this is a metal band playing loud music, but strange as it may seem, the cover still sits with my taste. After all, symphonic metal and all associated genres have classical and ambient elements. These sit well with the Enya sound.
I was curious about them, so I did a little digging. Here’s a blurb from their official website:

Who are the successors of classical composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven? You’ll find some of them if you listen to the themes of your favorite movies. The epic stories of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and others would be nothing without the great musical pieces dragging you into other worlds, luring you into parallel universes.
The Dark Side Of The Moon is taking the most significant themes of cinematography, TV shows, video games, and are transforming them into epic and powerful modern metal tracks. They take you on a musical quest from the depth of Moria up to the Iron Throne, descending into the inner core of those masterpieces to search and find the beast inside. As every human has a dark side, so has every song. You will hear musical pieces you thought you already knew in a way you wouldn’t have thought possible.
Like the moon, every song has an unexplored side. This is where the band will be taking you.
It all started with a bet between Melissa and Hans. Whoever won would win a dare towards the other. Hans won and challenged Melissa to record a metal version of “Jenny Of Oldstones” with him. After hearing that one song, Napalm Records immediately signed the band to do a whole album. So the band started the epic quest to transform their favorite cinematic themes into powerful metal tracks! In addition, the album will also have a few songs of their own, and, to make this journey even more magical, they invited some of their musician friends to join them.

Melissa Bonny – vocals
Hans Platz – guitars
Morten Løwe Sørensen – drums
Jenny Diehl – harp
Well, that sounds exciting to me. What do you think? I didn’t mean to copy the whole thing, but it sounds alright for you to know what this band is all about. If you are lazy, check the website out for yourself. But, I think you should.

Cars and The Wild Irish Poet

My friend The Wild Irish poet made what he describes as : ” Mock up ads I have made for Ferrari and Rolls Royce.” Checking out the video I can tell there is nothing light about it. I think this is the only car ad I am willing to check out again and again. His narration gives depth and ‘spirit’ to material objects like fancy car. Yeah think about it: there is nothing really spiritual about cars. Well at least that’s what I think personally. After seeing countless ads, nothing really strikes my fancy unless they feature female vocalists that sound like Enya. Other than that it is really something you want to get over while you wait for your favorite TV show.

But Alan Cooke changed all that in this ad. His voice which has captivated theater audience for years is in top form in this project. Not to mention that he really took this job seriously. I don’t mind if I will ever own a Ferrari or Rolls Royce. All I know that a talent like this one is more precious than cars.






David Waugh Photography and Music

I have thrown away biases when it comes to music because I believe that all types of music are important in their own, even though I might not listen to some of them. I was scanning through the New York times when I read this article. It is sad that even though there are those of us(including yours truly) who try to prove to people that metal music isn’t bad, there are ‘artists’ who would do anything to destroy that image. Music is powerful. It has the capacity to heal and to inspire. But in the hands of crazy people, it has the capacity for evil. This story proves that point.


My friend, electronic musician Paula posted this link to my facebook account. DaGamba – Boadicea (Enya cover) is an enchanting interpretation of a track written for the BBC documentary the Celts by Irish musician Enya Brennan. DaGamba has given it a new life and “dress”.


Today in pictures: North Cascades National Park

Sunset in Nooksack Cirque, HDR. David Waugh Photography

Additional 5 photos from this album.

David Waugh is an American photographer who takes pictures of national parks and nature. He is also a biker. According to his bio:

I have lived in Bellingham all my life and never plan to move. As much as I enjoy traveling to other places, I don’t think I could ever call anywhere else home. I’m a mountain biker, backpacker, and photographer. I spend a lot of time on the trails on Galbraith doing work as a WHIMPs crew leader, and am also in charge of the dirt jump park. I work seasonally for the National Park Service on trail crew at Mt. Rainier. I don’t watch TV and instead read articles online about various things. I always enjoy trying new things and meeting new people.

Visit his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dwaughphoto

Enya Music to Console Us in These Dark Times


I was reading an interesting article in the New York times following the gun attack at a movie house in Colorado. It says that the suspect brought huge amounts of ammunition via the Internet. What’s scary is that it was revealed that there are no regulation covering the buying of firearms online. This is not just happening in the United States. There has been an increase of gun crime lately. I think we are living in a trigger happy society. What have we brought into the new age?

A few days ago I posted the link to the news via facebook. Then I felt terrible for sharing it so I deleted it. I kept on watching this video by Enya again and again to console myself that there is still good in the world.

Photography: Sheila Rock


Orinoco Flow-The Mandolina Ljubljana Orchestra

A beautiful version of  Orinoco Flow by Enya. I think this is the only version which closely resembles the original vocal version in terms of arrangement.