James Bullard has a Soundcloud Page.

The bluesy melodic rock guy  James Bullard from Austin, Texas has an official soundcloud page. I fondly remember the Myspace days when it James Bullardwas easy to listen to your favorite musicians as you have the option to put their page on your ‘top friends’ section. Now, myspace has a very uncertain future. But soundcloud is thriving and because of mobile apps available for Android, Mac or Windows phones keeping track of new recordings is easy. I hope they make improvements with mixcloud as this is another amazing site to upload your music and your dj mix if you have an online radio show.
If you haven’t read my interview with this amazing artist then try to read it here: https://spheremusic.me/2013/02/10/james-bullard-here-and-nowinterview/

be updated with his new post by following his soundcloud page.

The Messiah of Blues and Gospel : Mark Handley

Handley’s Messiah is his latest album.

Mark Handley is a folk singer who sings about the times we live in. He sings about people in humorous situations. ” Are you nameless, are you blameless, are you shameless and brainless..would you sell your soul just to be famous”-so he sings in Celebrity Russian Roulette. He accompanies his songs with an acoustic guitar and harmonica. He also adds sound effects. There are tracks with a full band like in the bluesy Hallelujah Boulevard. He currently resides in Windsor, Berkshire(UK) and does gigs locally.

One of the tracks you have to listen to is the reggae inspired Peace and Joy. I found myself warming to his tunes right away. He has the gift of telling stories through his verses. His voice is supple and has a wide range.

To keep track of his music and gigs, like him and his band through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markhandleyboneidols The current line up include: Mark Handley. Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica… Kevin Mee. Drums, Backing Vocals… Matthew Bailey. Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and  Tony Storey on Bass.

More interesting news can be found through his official site: http://www.markhandley.co.uk/

For press contact: http://cheekypromo.com/CheekyPromo/markhandley/markhandley.html

Missing: Sacha Talens

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

One of the mysterious things that happened to the indie music sphere lately is the disappearance of pop rocker Sacha Talens. His whereabouts is unconfirmed. He was supposed to release his second album The Divine in the middle of September. Many big plans were on the way. Then all of a sudden ‘puff!’ Just like that. He disconnected from all his social media sites including twitter which he was very active with.

Instagram is another site he like posting to and that is also a dead zone. What happened? I have no idea. I don’t claim to be the closest person to him but we used to exchange messages every now and then. We even made two memorable interviews for this blog. We were talking about having him as a guest on my online radio show. He is a fun guy to talk to. Always sensitive about the feelings of others. Yes he is quick to react sometimes and does not keep strong opinions to himself. He has been an avid supporter of vegetarianism, gay marriage and free speech. And that makes him a very important artist.  That is why it is disturbing to go to the internet and notice that difference.

I have no idea if he is just having one of these burn out phases while extensively working on a three-album deal with a major publishing company or he just feels frustrated with the state of the music industry. I wish I know but like I said I am still yet to hear from this Canadian singer/songwriter who released the beautiful Bathurst Moment sometime ago. If you know his whereabouts you can contact me through my email and it’s in this site.




Dance 4 Syria Compilation Vol. 3

Dance 4 Syria

Damascusby night

Album: Dance 4 Syria vol.3 Compilation

Artist: Various Artists

Style: Trip Hop, Ambient, Electronica

Release date: 2013

A total of 23 songs.

One of the most amazing compilation albums that came to my attention lately is the Dance 4 Syria vol. 3 compilation. It’s a series of projects compiled by J/Producer Marc Hupkens. He also runs the music prod company PJSM Productions.

What has drawn me to this album is its diversity in terms of styles and moods. Sure it’s an electronic compilation featuring trip hop and EDM artists but there is that unifying theme that runs in the entire album. This also goes for others in the series.

Why did this came to be? Perhaps it’s a call to pay attention to the issue in Syria putting a political theme to the fore, or perhaps it is something else entirely? Here’s the answer I got from the official website of PJSM Prodictions

PJSM Productions is proud to announce that we are sponsoring and supporting a world-wide campaign to raise funds for the desperate families that have been displaced and dispossessed as a result of the ongoing onslaught on the Aleppo region. The campaign is a humanitarian effort to provide financial support, food supplies, and medical care for the people of Aleppo, who have been badly affected by the current crisis. Please visit the campaign’s Facebook Page  for more details. We have set up a special Indiegogo Crowd funding Project for this campaign, which you can use if you wish offer us your support and a DONATE button if you wish to donate any sum.

That answers my questions. I think this is an amazing project with a big heart behind it. After all we are all the same regardless of race and culture. What happens to the people out there also affects how we see ourselves in the bigger picture. We are human beings. We deserve something better than being abused, bullied, tortured or killed. Those are our brothers and sisters!

The album cover of vol 3 shows an urban portrait during the rush hour. That time when people leave their work and start commuting home.

The first track  Bastilidad by Addictive Fuzz Conspiration  sets the mood of what’s the come. There are over twenty songs in this album. So it’s like buying two albums for a price of one.  The production quality is also excellent and it reminds you that a lot of hard work has been put in this album before it got its release. Other songs have ambient styles like the tune Are We by Balkansky. Almotahalik Aljanobi by Hullabaloop is something I’d recommend for those who are into world music-particularity Arabic tunes. It’s like the Gregorian chants of the Muslim world.

Except for dance inducing tracks like The Worst in Me and The Final Point , every song sounds like dance music in a chair. You get that groove but it is cool enough to just let you sit down and relax. A truly good album to beat the rush hour.

To sample the music, simply visit this link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dance-Syria-Vol-Unclassified/dp/B00DJB4TUY

The Electronic Symphony of Korien Daniel Csernei

Korien Daniel Csernei

They say that great things happen in the universe by chance. It was about that incident when I discovered the music of Korien Daniel Csernie via Google +. I don’t really interact with a lot of people there because my main source of communication is facebook. But when it happens the interaction always proves  to be meaningful and fruitful.

We started talking about music and life. The latter took most of our time. I did ask him during the course of our conversation if he has a tune he would like me to hear. After all, when I go online it is always to  do research and hear new tunes. He gave me the astonishing Self-Realization(see video below). This surprised be because he is in a metalcore band. This is electronic symphony. He can compose complicated tunes on a spot. This man is a walking musical gold mine! I was also chuffed when he said he composed a tune for me. The tune is called Stand Firm as a Rock which I attached here, down at the end of this interview.

I said hey, I am going to conduct and interview with you. What do you think? He agreed but he said it would take time because English is not his first language but he studied German and got bored with it. Right now, he is trying to absorb everything and go with the flow. And yes, create music.

1. What’s the history behind the formation of Healinfect?

Originally, the band was called Forthright Scream. This formation was broken after three years. Then the Healinfect was created by Alex, Bence and me. Later, Balázs joined to us.

2. Why did you choose the band name Healinfect?

Actually, It was Alex’s idea. We wanted a name that has no meaning in itself, but it sounds good and has something to say. Healing and infection. Both are true of all music. Ability to infect and heal at the same time

3. How many of you  are in the band and what instruments each one performs?

There are four members as of the moment. We need a bass guitarist and a solo guitarist. Apart from this, we are recording songs in the studio. Alex Mihályfi-Tóth is the drummer and our designer.

Bence Molnár plays on the keyboard and he is more of a “studio man” Balázs Bíró is the guitarist.

I am the singer and the composer. But we can all play instruments that are used by the band.

4. How do you describe the music of Healinfect?

T hat’s good question. Our core of style is Metalcore with hard and complex guitar themes, tuneful refrains, screams and vocals, but we like lots of styles, so we will play other kinds of music too.

5. Where can listeners  go to listen to your music in the internet?(website:facebook,youtube channel,soundcloud etc)

We have the official site: www.healinfect.com, we are on facebook, youtube, twitter, and G+.

The recordings are still ongoing, they are not downloadable audio yet. But I have a solo project that you can to listen on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/KorienFS/videos

6. What is the sequence when you start writing music?

It’s spontaneous. It has no sequence. It just comes. When I have the urge to create, I just go with it. It is something that comes out like it’s a natural body function like shedding tears or sweat. Sometimes I put  my own feelings into music, sometimes it is to fill that space or emptiness inside.

  7. How’s the general music scene in Hungary?

Unspeakable. Sometimes I feel like people do not need music. Too many bands there. Talented and untalented, all the same. Unsupported. And I am not even talking about the underground styles.

8. What are the bands/musicians that influenced you.

There are so many.  I cannot list them all, but will mention a few in Rock/Metal.

All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Demon Hunter, Threat Signal, Trivium, War of Ages, Desturbed, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace, Two steps from hell, etc… but many others too are mixed.

9. What are the top 10 albums you are listening to these days.

I have 4 GB music in my phone. It’s mixed, soundtracks, electronic music, rock, metal..

I listen to them, and I change but Baxter, I can recommend this music, and  you will like it.


Hey that’s a beautiful tune! Ok. Where can people buy and download your music?

You can download it from youtube. But I will make a compilation when there are many.

So follow me on Facebook, Youtube and G+


Healinfect — with Alex Mihályfi-Tóth, Bence Molnár, Korien Daniel Csernei and Balázs Bíró in Eger, Heves, Hungary.