Chosen Picks of the Day (6 Tracks)

Yes I said day because I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow, the day after or next week. All I know is that blogging need momentum to happen. I was stuck going to the gym for weeks and that took most of my passion. But after two days of resting I finally picked up my Macbook Air and started typing and here I am. Isn’t it great to be back? And also this time I feel easy. I don’t need to say something clever or wise. I am sounding like myself when I talk in real life. I can b;ab for hours if the conversation is interesting. Like when it is about music, art or other non mainstream issues.

So what do we have here? These are tunes I got from my SoundCloud stream. I like to lurk and listen to tracks published by friends or people I haven’t chatted with. But if they sound fascinating then I listen to them and then recommend them. It is great to be able to have a mix of different genres from hiphop to acoustic. Music is music in whatever form.

Don Beekeeper- I’ll Be Your Mirror( Velvet Underground Cover)

Don Beekeeper is a singer/songwriter/poet and photographer from Canada. He has a huge body of work from each one. He has released several albums. These days he is concentrating on raising his kid.This is a simple tribute to one of my favorite bands. Enjoy! And oh give him a shoutout via Soundcloud if you like this song.

Samrix- The One I lost Today

This is a read to lovers of #EDM. I love the instant appeal of this song. His voice is awesome. I love the production and the overall style of the song. It has a very stylish artwork. I get the feeling he is going to be HUGE one day. Listen and judge for yourself ūüėČ

Alex Pardini-I Feel Grey

This European artist has produced excellent body of works in a few years. He owns a label and creates music the indie way. He is also an excellent singer. I love his production techniques. His songs are slick and they have a natural elegance in them. Just like himself.

Anosphere/Paula- In A World of Love

Paula has that unmistakable vocal sound. I know right away it’s her even with my eyes close ūüėČ I love the electronic music of Anosphere. It’s slick, smooth and has that chill out vibe. Yes after a long day of work this is the perfect tune you need to listen to.

Altocirrus-Project Panorama – 2-2

This is a group composed of members from Ireland and New Zealand. They are seasoned musicians. They have great songs and I urge you to check out their other albums. All available through BandCamp and other outlets. I love how this tracks starts gradually, then builds up into an amazing cornucopia of instruments and harmonies.

Play-Jay- Of Time

If you don’t know yet, Play-Jay’s real name is Paul Jarvis. He’s the son of Clannad’s lead vocalist and harpist Moya Brennan, the sister of Enya. There, just to let you know how fantastic his gene pool is. This is his solo work. Looking forward to his full – length album in a not so distant future. His music is chill out and atmospheric. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. This is a mature sound from someone who has worked with music since his early teens.

I hope you enjoy this brief review of new songs. And please give me the mojo to continue blogging!

Summer sound- Lunavela

Ex- Colapsing Cities artist Steve Mathieson has a new project out called Lunavela. The new track is called Burn for You. And guess what? It’s a perfect summer track. The vocals are easy and the melodies glide like the smoothest Margarita you’ve ever tasted!

Burn for You has an 80s New Wave vibe. I love the chilled electro pop combination and I am sure you will too. Collapsing Cities were the same band that gave us Regrets. I think Lunavela has a distinct sound so different from its predecessor and that is good news! Check out the single below via Soundcloud:

Rusted Sounds hits Resonance 

 If you haven’t yet do check out the latest release from Resonating Wood Recordings called A Game With Masks by Rusted Sounds. The new album has 12 songs all written around voice and guitar. In The Air is a personal favorite because I love its arrangement. Everything about it has a cinematic feel. A king of song you would love to listen to while watching the rain or seeing the sun set. 

A Game with Masks has a light overall feel as singer/songwriter Philip Soanes prefers the bare acoustic feel as opposed to the basic guitar-drum-bass set up. A Game with Mask should be a perfect accompany to your languid afternoons.

I have to say I love the strings, glokenspeil and other instruments that color this album (especially in the song Lie Down). Every songs works and it’s the kind of album you can play again and again, as it gains resonance with every listen. 

Recorded at home in Kraków, Poland and Bratislava, Slovakia in 2014 / early 2015.


released 18 May 2015 
Cover art by Graham Hutchinson 
Insert Photograph by David Soanes. 
Yulia Tsidylo – backing vocals on The List. 
All songs written and recorded by Rusted Sounds (Philip Soanes). 
2015 ¬© Rusted Sounds 

GOAT: The Power of Music, Causes and More (Interview)

Following the release of the senseless ep, Justin Griffith a.k.a. GOAT took my request for an interview. I admire how he handles his musical career and how he inspires other people to be passionate with what they do. His music is a fusion on Hip Hop, Alternative rock and Pop. Other than giving us tips on how to stay buoyant in the seas of challenges that face  independent artists, he also gives us a glimpse into his project H4. You will learn about it as you read along. 
1. How did you come up with the moniker GOAT and what’s the meaning behind it?
When I was around 8 years old, a childhood friend gave me the nickname GOAT. After watching¬†Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, there’s a part where they say something about a “gnarly ole’ goat dude.” We started calling each other that and it stuck to me. For a long time, my friend Brent was the only person that called me that. I began playing in bands with him years later and the name spread.¬† Back in probably 1998, I came up with an acronym for it – Grades Of Absolute Truth. So I didn’t choose goat, it was given to me and I gave it meaning later. Within the last few years, I noticed how many people think of evil things when they think about goats, which is completely deceiving regarding my music. That’s when I really started pushing the branding of Grades Of Absolute Truth more.
2. Can you tell us about your latest release and video?
Our new project,¬†the senseless ep, is almost anaural social experiment. After recognizing my life was out-of-control and unhealthy, I decided to design a customized 40-day cleanse based on my weaknesses. I committed to specific diet restrictions and water intake, but also refrained from touching people, intimacy, listening to music, watching TV/movies, documented how many times I visually admired women, and more.¬† I needed a change for myself and I wanted to build an inspirational bank to write from.¬† We‚Äôre constantly on sensory overload and things bombard our senses every minute ‚Äď marketing, advertising, entertainment ‚Äď all targeting your cravings. I wanted to cleanse myself of some of that.¬† I wanted to get back to the roots of what I feel like lifeshould be about. Less clutter, more substance minus substances.

Photo by Danny Duran

Photo by Danny Duran

After I completed the senseLESS Cleanse, I designed five 48-hour self-induced experiments aimed to deaden one sense at a time. For example, I blind-folded myself for a weekend. It helped me appreciate my blessings more.  The songs from the senseless ep are directly inspired by these experiences.
Our new video, “Hands Around My Throat,” is a story of struggle and addiction.¬† Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or whatever…we all have vices. ¬†Once something has you by the throat, you’re finished until you make a decision to fight it.¬† If you defeat it, you can’t ever let that issue out of sight because it‚Äôll sneak back into you. ¬†“Lost in the darkness” is a phrase repeated throughout the song and Director Teddy Cool played with lighting and shadows to back that up.¬† Glimpses of hope appear in the lyrics and the occasional shots with the bright white background drive that home.¬†¬†Roger¬†Charo¬†was in charge of editing and special effects – his post-production work blew me away.¬†¬†Lourdes¬†Mabel¬†did an amazing job of personifying struggle.¬† We’ve heard several people comment on how creepy she played her role and that’s exactly what we were going for.¬† If you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss Double J sporadically appearing in the shadows behind me.¬† I also have to give a shout out to Jordan Palmer of JP2 Photography for makeup and Joel Salazar of Too Fresh Productions for putting in work behind-the-scenes.
3. How’s the music scene in Dallas these days?
It’s on a slow and steady incline. There are struggles like anywhere else, but the talent is thick here. I’ve read and heard that many critics feel like Dallas doesn’t have a¬†sound.¬† I see that as a strength. ¬†On the other hand, I’m definitely not a representative of mainstream thinking.¬† I want diversity and multiple flavors to taste.¬† This is my home, so I fully believe in what it can become.¬† On any day of the week, there’s multiple shows to choose from.
4. You also play the guitar and other instruments, right? What other musical things do you do?
Yep, my first love was the guitar.¬† I grew up listening to and idolizing musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Slash from Guns-n-Roses.¬† That’s where my passion for music began.¬† Then it slowly progressed into learning more about writing, singing, bass, piano, drums/percussion, sequencing, and production. Honestly, I’m just attracted to anything that has to do with music…it’s my life.
5. How challenging was the recording of the new EP compared to the rest?

The most challenging part of recording¬†the senseless ep¬†was the fact that Double J & I are both crazy perfectionists.¬† That’s a blessing and a curse.¬† It’s a blessing because now that it’s complete, it’s exactly how I envisioned it to be.¬† It’s a curse because it took so long for us to agree that it was finished.¬† With that said, I’ve never been so ready for that release date.¬† With past projects, there were always things that I wish I had done.¬† Not with this one, it was time.

6. You are also doing merchandising. I have seen the T-shirts and other things. Do you think this is necessary for artists in terms of propagating your ideas, style and brand?
Yes, I absolutely think it’s necessary.¬† When someone believes in what you do enough to wear it across their chest, that’s powerful. That’s always been one of the coolest things people can do to support us.¬† Because of that, I make it a consistent priority to release fresh and comfymerch – baseball tees, hoodies, thermals, t-shirts,racerback tanks, boy shorts,coozies, stickers, and more.¬† Plus, it has opened the door to collaborate with visual artists and pushes usto be creative in another way.

7. What are the causes that you are passionate about?

Overall, I feel like we all need to lend a hand when we’re able to.¬† Back in 2008, I foundedH4 (Hip Hop Helps Heal).¬† It’s a non-profit collective built on the love of hip hop culture, where egos are left at home and the people involved become selfless.¬† With close partnership with The Intelligent South, BumTheary,ArtLoveMagic, and more, we pledge to throw benefit shows annually to aid specific concerns of the community.¬† We’ve raised and contributed thousands of dollars to organizations, such as Genesis Women‚Äôs Shelter, Toys For Tots, American Lung Association, National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Salvation Army, and Children‚Äôs Medical Center.¬† No one involved in our shows gets paid a penny and all profits go directly to the charity we chose.¬† Hip hopfrequently has negative connotations attached to it, but we try to disprove that mentality the best we can.

8. What’s the best thing about playing live and meeting your listeners?
Playing live is an addiction and I go through withdrawals when I go long periods of time without it.¬† Feeling the energy and connecting with people in the moment is amazing.¬† When a listener tells me that a song has helped them through a tough time in their life, that’s one of the best feelings in the world.¬† Music has always been a form of therapy for me.¬† So when someone can relate to something I went through and it directly helps them, I think of it as turning something negative into a positive.
9. Who is your mentor?
I’ve never had anyone that I’d call a musical mentor.¬† There are people that I’ve learned from, but only for short periods of time.
Dr. Paul Tucker and¬†Dr. David Schwarz were two professors I learned a great deal from while studying music at UNT, but I’ve also learned from collaborating and consistently working with other lyricists and musicians.¬† The internet is something that’s really contributed to my growth, but it’s probably stunted it in ways too.¬† Tom Jackson, Derek Sivers, and¬†John Oszajca are a few industry leaders that I’ve been following online for a while.¬† They put amazing info out for indie musicians.

10. What’s your message to your readers?
I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to hear what I’m about.¬† Please feel free to hit me up anytime, it’s always cool to connect.¬† You can also sign up to get 7 free songs on my site.¬† Check out the LIVE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM page while you’re there too!

Instagram – @musicbyGOAT
Twitter – @musicbyGOAT
Thanks for the invite Baxter!
There you go. Another inspiring interview. Check out his links and give your support. This artist is amazing!

New artist to watch out: Courtney Fortune

instagram is great in sharing interests when it comes to music. Courtney Fortune is a fan of Diana Krall and that’s how we interacted. She happens to be a Jazz singer, gifted with a beautiful voice. In this times of too much bubblegum, she’s a deluxe alternative. Watch the link to the video below of Chris Walden featuring her beautiful singing style. That’s Courtney Fortune, a new Jazz diva in the making!


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