A Wonderful Moment with The Ged Brockie Band

Ah, jazz music is fun. It is that joy of visualizing instruments chasing each other in a carousel of sound. I am a type of listener who stops everything when I need to listen to music. Listening to The Ged Brockie Band, I had to close my eyes and let the smooth sound of his guitar wash through me. The other instruments create  a silky blanket of sounds that perk up the  soul into a pleasant rhythm. As a solo artist, Ged Brockie has already established himself among the best jazz players of the world. According to his website:

Ged Brockie is a Scottish jazz and contemporary guitarist who has gained an international reputation, recognised as a performer, composer and educator; his work has taken him across Europe to the west coast of America. His unique and powerful compositional voice has led to the use of his compositions in many media and educational works as well as several feature films.

Check out their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGedBrockieBand

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/577448391

And of course the band sire: http://www.gedbrockie.com/the%20ged%20brockie%20band.htm

GED BROCKIE BAND: Ged Brockie (guitars), Andy Mitchell (bass), Bryden Stillie (drums), Euan Stevenson (keys)…other members to be confirmed.