Sphere Music Podcast #4

Peter Chains

Here’s the result of this Saturday’s podcast with special guest Peter Chains.

Farewell to Childhood- Eternal Keys 
Matchstick Girl-Joel Sarakula

Interview with Peter Chains:

Days Long Gone-Peter Chains
Reflection-Peter Chains 
Mistress of Death-Peter Chains 
Miss Razorblade-Johnny Normal 
Sweet Sweet Super Sweet-Happyendless 
Digital Fields-ElectroCelt 
Trainbridge-Eternal Keys 
Self Realization-Korien Daniel Csernei

The Electronic Symphony of Korien Daniel Csernei

Korien Daniel Csernei

They say that great things happen in the universe by chance. It was about that incident when I discovered the music of Korien Daniel Csernie via Google +. I don’t really interact with a lot of people there because my main source of communication is facebook. But when it happens the interaction always proves  to be meaningful and fruitful.

We started talking about music and life. The latter took most of our time. I did ask him during the course of our conversation if he has a tune he would like me to hear. After all, when I go online it is always to  do research and hear new tunes. He gave me the astonishing Self-Realization(see video below). This surprised be because he is in a metalcore band. This is electronic symphony. He can compose complicated tunes on a spot. This man is a walking musical gold mine! I was also chuffed when he said he composed a tune for me. The tune is called Stand Firm as a Rock which I attached here, down at the end of this interview.

I said hey, I am going to conduct and interview with you. What do you think? He agreed but he said it would take time because English is not his first language but he studied German and got bored with it. Right now, he is trying to absorb everything and go with the flow. And yes, create music.

1. What’s the history behind the formation of Healinfect?

Originally, the band was called Forthright Scream. This formation was broken after three years. Then the Healinfect was created by Alex, Bence and me. Later, Balázs joined to us.

2. Why did you choose the band name Healinfect?

Actually, It was Alex’s idea. We wanted a name that has no meaning in itself, but it sounds good and has something to say. Healing and infection. Both are true of all music. Ability to infect and heal at the same time

3. How many of you  are in the band and what instruments each one performs?

There are four members as of the moment. We need a bass guitarist and a solo guitarist. Apart from this, we are recording songs in the studio. Alex Mihályfi-Tóth is the drummer and our designer.

Bence Molnár plays on the keyboard and he is more of a “studio man” Balázs Bíró is the guitarist.

I am the singer and the composer. But we can all play instruments that are used by the band.

4. How do you describe the music of Healinfect?

T hat’s good question. Our core of style is Metalcore with hard and complex guitar themes, tuneful refrains, screams and vocals, but we like lots of styles, so we will play other kinds of music too.

5. Where can listeners  go to listen to your music in the internet?(website:facebook,youtube channel,soundcloud etc)

We have the official site: www.healinfect.com, we are on facebook, youtube, twitter, and G+.

The recordings are still ongoing, they are not downloadable audio yet. But I have a solo project that you can to listen on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/KorienFS/videos

6. What is the sequence when you start writing music?

It’s spontaneous. It has no sequence. It just comes. When I have the urge to create, I just go with it. It is something that comes out like it’s a natural body function like shedding tears or sweat. Sometimes I put  my own feelings into music, sometimes it is to fill that space or emptiness inside.

  7. How’s the general music scene in Hungary?

Unspeakable. Sometimes I feel like people do not need music. Too many bands there. Talented and untalented, all the same. Unsupported. And I am not even talking about the underground styles.

8. What are the bands/musicians that influenced you.

There are so many.  I cannot list them all, but will mention a few in Rock/Metal.

All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Demon Hunter, Threat Signal, Trivium, War of Ages, Desturbed, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace, Two steps from hell, etc… but many others too are mixed.

9. What are the top 10 albums you are listening to these days.

I have 4 GB music in my phone. It’s mixed, soundtracks, electronic music, rock, metal..

I listen to them, and I change but Baxter, I can recommend this music, and  you will like it.


Hey that’s a beautiful tune! Ok. Where can people buy and download your music?

You can download it from youtube. But I will make a compilation when there are many.

So follow me on Facebook, Youtube and G+


Healinfect — with Alex Mihályfi-Tóth, Bence Molnár, Korien Daniel Csernei and Balázs Bíró in Eger, Heves, Hungary.

Djos Kast Livens Up French EDM

Djos Kast

Artist: Djos Kast

Album: Still Alive

Name: Nicolas Castillejos

Location: CALLIAN, PACA, France

Beats that pull you into the dance floor-that’s  the DJ Djos Kast (real name Nicolas Castillejos) signature. The electronic music scene is ever changing, with new faces, new sounds and new way of creating beats coming along. But with the many young artists out there, it is hard to filter the best from the mediocre. But this talented DJ Producer is making a huge impact in the EDM scene. So remarkable that the coals left by  his blazing trail never stops burning.

Still Alive is an amalgam of euro trance and unique beats, an album that dances in both your awakened and subconscious mind. It is something that you no longer hear in our dubstep infested airwaves. It recalls the awesome tracks made in the 90s by artists like Darude and Paul Van Dyke. Have you heard of them? If not then you better Google the names and learn from the maestros. Djos Kast is continuing the legacy and in his own way, he is creating beats for everyone to enjoy and dance to.

EDM is about the spirit of getting together and celebrating one of the most ancient thing about humanity-our love for dancing. When the troubled world has left you nothing but disappointments, when all hopes and dreams die and the future looks bleak. Just remember that like dancing, you control your happiness. So stop thinking too much and dance!


DJOS KAST’s big passion for EDM started when he was 10, and is still intact. He was creating his own music when he was 15, for fun at start, and since 2009 in a more professional purpose. Maybe you’ve heard his tracks “It’s Over”, “Get Freaky”, “My Music”, “Bad Way” in the clubs and on web radios. In 2013, he released its first video, with a very promising title « Still Alive », on which he puts all hope. He’s working now on more productions, and is very happy to make remixes for other producers.




The State of EDM: Interview with Carlos Barajas

Carlos Barajas, the man behind Wave 5 in Motion is not much into written interviews but rather he answers questions spontaneously through Google hangout. Here’s my initial questions and he answered the rest during our conversation.


Electronic Dance Music Composer, Producer & Computer Musician.

How/why did you become a musician/producer?

I’ve never thought about this, good question. I was introduced to electronic music at a very young age (thanks dad), ever since been into the electronic dance music scene. Producing my own music just naturally came to me. Never did I imagine or called myself a producer, I produce because I find it interesting and fun, it’s something I really love doing.

What’s the main reason why you created Google communities devoted to electronic music?
I love the electronic community and I felt that google+ could use a place for electronic musicians who have original music to share, can now share their content via this community.

Can you cite your main influences and how they shaped your way of making electronic dance music?
Magik Series and In Search Of Sunrise Series 1-5

Have you played a live set and how’s the EDM scene in California these days?

No live sets, yet. A buddy of mine and I figured out that the crowd in the Central Valley of California are not into the “Trance” scene. The EDM scene is growing, and I do see more and more EDM event’s being held more frequent, that’s good thing, I think.

Is there a plan for an album?

No plans for an album, yet,  all in good time. Maybe an EP.

How do you make clear crisp recordings. What’s the process?

I’m not going into details on this subject, but I will say this, give each track space and room to breath, spacial balance, EQ, compression then add sweeteners like reverbs or delays.

Where can listeners reach you other than the obvious?

For now, Google+ is the best place to reach me.

“One interesting about the electronic music community is they way they support and stick to each other” noted Carlos Barajas who is a 23 year old music producer/artist who is also majoring in music. He formed Google communities devoted to electronic music and its artists. Having friends with electronic musicians since 2006, I agree with his statement.

He told me about this one discussion he had with a musician  in a band. The guy made it clear that real music involves only the guitars, bass and drums which are thought of as ‘real instruments.’ Carlos defended the idea that electronic music is still an art and is still real music only it makes use of electronic equipment and computers. And there are electronic musicians who even go to school to study music and theory. Which brings us back to the argument: is real music only involve playing 4 chord patterns, shouting your lungs calling it art because it is emotional? Or could it be the combination of both emotion and discipline? Yes?

” I picked up a copy of Tiesto when I was around 15 and that got me started into music.” He further stated. In return mentioned that Tiesto has this big fat sound that dominated his earlier records and you can hear this in Wave5 In Motion which is his current project . He replied that he also thinks that Tiesto’s sound has evolved and it more or less sound sterile compared to his early albums. He noted that Armin Van Buuren(who is also one of his influences) has maintained the kind of sound he had since 2005. I noted that in my opinion, Tiesto is more of a rock star. I mean you can see that when he greets his thousands of fans in the arena. Armin van Burren on the other hand seems to be just concerned about crafting his style. But that is just my opinion.

We both agreed on the fact that electronic music has come a long way. The arena used to belong to the band musicians-the hair rockers and pop singers. Now electronic musicians have taken a huge bite out of the pie.The mainstream now realized that EDM is a marketable kind of music style. However, he stated that the kind you hear mainstream is not really what electronic music is all about.  He also noted that most of the newbies in EDM got into dubstep first. But it is not the kind that really showcases what dubstep is. He recommended I take a listen to Submotion Orchestra to get the feel of what Dubstep is about. And I did and I kind of agree with him on this, especially after comparing it to others in the genre.

Carlos wants to see the electronic music community expanding and getting more artists to interact with each other. I think that interaction is always amazing because it brings out something new. While writing this, my other friend Layne who writes acoustic music has just collaborated with an electronic musician. And like what Carlos said, EDM is a form of art like any other.



Carlos Barajas and Wave5 In Motion


Carlos Barajas:Electronic Dance Music (EDM) composer, producer & computer musician from Atwater, California. He’s been composing and producing Trance music since 2010

Wave5 In Motion:Sophisticated Electronic Dance Music for discriminating ears.

Carlos Barajas is a young musician/producer who moderates the  Electronic Music community in Google+. More and more musicians and listeners are joining the music communities in Google. I see the advantage. Not only that this is a and  hangout for listeners and artists, posting also helps you in terms of traffic and interaction.

Carlos Barajas is  an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) composer, producer & computer musician from Atwater, California. He has been composing and producing Trance music since 2010. His current project is Wave5 In Motion. The first thing you will notice listening this one is its clean and melodic style.The emphasis is the beats but it is also a kind of music that’s elegant and you can just chill out to it after a long day’s work. Those who love the music of Paul Van Dyke will like this one.

Listening to one of the tracks off Wave5 In Motion makes you wish for a full bodied album . I hope it is soon because I want to take to with me where ever I go.

Like him on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Wave5InMotion