A trip to other worlds with Mike Milan Dedic


According to Mike Milan Dedic “The guitar instrumental rock genre is very small at best, and is very difficult to garner attention to.”

Yes that’s perhaps true but man, listen to this guy play. Listen to the three YouTube clips I added below and tell me if this doesn’t sound BIG to you! I remember back in school- which was ages ago- there were friends who were crazy about Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. They spent countless hours dissecting albums and tracks (if they are not worrying about Chemistry and Physics projects) and sported long hair like their idols. I didn’t look like any of them but I hangout with them so I really love the genre.

I am glad to discover this gifted artist and talk about him.


Maddening beauty…

These amazing passages remind me of great composers like Beethoven and Rachmaninov on acid. Mike Milan Dedic who currently resides in Ontario has dedicated his musical gift to this, creating other words with his guitar and enchanting new listeners. His guitar solo track called “Zoom” is a total trip to outer space. You forget everything! It’s really remarkable how one instrument can do that to you. “Energy” is intoxicating with his clever use of arpeggios and varying scales.

He also released a brand new track called Escape, which I think sums up his music and the mood he is trying to create. Amazing artist. Check him out via YouTube and facebook!


Duende by Calonego

In October he’ll be perforing live, his new (2) CD (Acoustic Guitar ) . He won the 2015 Atkins Dadì Guitar Players Association (ADGPA) Award in his country, Italy.Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.21.24 PM

Beautiful music. It is hard to find something like that in mainstream. But if you are persistent then you might stumbled upon instrumentalists like Calonego. Artists who make you feel and think differently.

duende is a fairy– or goblin-like mythological creature from Iberian, Latin American and Filipino folklore. Duendes may also have some traits similar to goblins and kobolds.

The word is often considered to be the Spanish and Portuguese equivalent of the English word “sprite” or the Japanese word yōkai and is used as an umbrella term for any fairy-like being such as goblinspixies and elves. I ripped this info off Wiki. Thank you music for broadening my mind!

It is also the title of his single which shows the energy and playfulness the duende. The piece has two parts: the tune starts with a playful tapping and then progresses into the percussive shower of notes. The second part is mellow and reveals the poignant soul of the artist.

If You Haven’t Heard Of Ed Roman Yet…

If you haven’t heard of Ed Roman yet, then don’t be left behind. His music is the perfect soundtrack for summer and perhaps all seasons. His sophomore album Letters from High Latitudes has thirteen feel-good tracks. If you want to boost your endorphin levels then I suggest you play his album, crank the volume up and then party like you’ve never done before. IMG_0514

He is Canadian, and it’s natural for me to like Canadians. They are lovely and amazing people. The country has produced wonderful artists ranging from those you’ve heard on the radio already and those that you haven’t heard yet- but I did 😉 The first single off Letters from High Latitudes is Jamaica. What a perfect timing. I was listening to UB 40 before writing this review so I am in a reggae mood.

Jamaica is a global anthem that reflect’s the singer-songwriter’s sentiments. He took those experiences and also passion for travelling and distilled them into this song. Perhaps you haven’t heard of “Ed Heads” from around the world yet. Those listeners seduced by his music and became passionate fans. Once you hear Jamaica, you will also look for his other songs and then you will eventually get a copy of Letters from High Latitudes. Remember his name: Ed Roman.

You can but Letters from High Latitudes though iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/i-told-you-so/id849345060?

It’s Bryaaaaaaaan!

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

Yes that’s the name of Bryan MacDonald in Soundcloud. This dude is kind of laid back and shy but he has a good sense of humour. His guitar playing is a must-hear for those looking for unique styles. He has already collaborated with many musicians and among them is appearing in the new album of Layne Greene called “Everywhere Around Here.” You can’t miss his style. It has that spacey characteristic along with the gentle use of reverb. It is hard to compare him to other  guitarists but I recommend you hear him out. His sound is really different. It will blow you away.

If you are a recording artist or a band living somewhere in Nova Scotia, try to look for him and bring him along. I am sure he is going to be a great asset to your recording needs. He is always ready, all geared up to play his guitar. His many experiences in performing in front of live audience (busking and actual gigs on stage) have stood the test of time(and weather).

I am looking forward to hear more from this amazing instrumentalist. I hope to catch him in a new album by another brilliant musician.

Layne Greene’s Fantastic Guitar And Vocals

This guy continues to fascinate me. He is really taking his musical career to the next level. He is working on a debut album with a well-known Canadian producer. I heard many of his demo recordings and they are different from most of this internet uploads. He is also active in Eventide Art Hub which is becoming the fastest growing art community in Nova Scotia. You can catch him performing there and also helping run the show.

This is one of the recent recordings he did featuring that classic acoustic guitar which has a long history.

Layne Greene at Eventide: The famous glasses are gone.

Layne Greene at Eventide: The famous glasses are gone.