Afterthem: Electro Grunge Funk

Artist: Afterthem

Album: Electro Grunge Funk

Personnel: Dave George

Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Style: Experimental R&B

Ever wondered if you favorite Grunge bands in the 90s ever take a dive into the electronic zone? Well, Afterthem    is your answer. Afterthem    is the brain child of  Dave George who is based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. Now for those who are acquainted with this kind of combination, you may explore the musical merits in terms of songwriting and production. For those new to this kind of mix, you have to let the dust settle and then go ahead and take a closer look/listen.

Musical purism and elitism always exist and it is sad when people start to take sides and then dismiss those that don’t belong to ‘this side.’ Dave George did a great job of re- aligning our brains and explore what we don’t normally hear. Now, this isn’t just an Electro/Grunge mashup. Electro Grunge Funk also explores music associated with Blues, Jazz and Funk. The vocals even remind me a bit of 50s funk papa Howlin’ Wolf.

Standout tracks off Electro Grunge Funk are: Nonchalant, Starlight Scope, Outside In and Deal. In between downbeats, syncopation and aggressive sounds characterized by Grunge, this is an album that highlights a kind of fusion seldom found in today’s music. So have  a listen, absorb and then enjoy Electro Grunge Funk!


Bio (In the words of Dave):

Greetings from Afterthem Our music genre is experimental electro grunge funk/ R&B
We have free downloads available at
We are also building a hip hop following…(Who would’ve thought?)
These songs have been tested on Jango…(to a hip hop audience)
with favorable results.
Check out our fan page on Jango!!
We hope you will enjoy our music and tell your friends
Dave / Afterthem