New Music Video by Country Wilma

Country Wilma (stage name of Wilma Roos) released her debut album in 1990. Probably not known widely┬áto her non-Dutch followers, she has hosted a radio show and worked as a taxi driver before devoting her life to music. The songs(coupled with her videos) are mostly parodies of American Country Music. She also appeared in numerous TV shows around Holland. In 2008, there’s a tulip by the name of Country Wilma as a tribute to her.

Country Wilma has a huge following in the LGBT community as she frequently appears and performs in pride festivals. The new video is called ALTIJD FEEST and like most of her songs it’s in Dutch. But that doesn’t stop you from appreciating the visuals and the music.

Country Wilma Roos: The Funky Mama of Country

Guess where I found Country singer Wilma Roos: At an Irish country music site. And no she isn’t from Ireland nor the United States. She is from Holland! It is amazing when an artist chooses a certain medium to deliver her sound and break stereotypes. And she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That’s what’s fun about her. If you have been paying attention to her facebook page, you will know that she takes social networking at heart. She also loves to interact with her fans. She is going to appear on a Dutch comedy movie. This singer is really taking Holland by storm.

When I am depressed I just listen to one of Ms Roos’ songs or watch her music video and the blues just go away.