Sphere Music Podcast #4

Peter Chains

Here’s the result of this Saturday’s podcast with special guest Peter Chains.

Farewell to Childhood- Eternal Keys 
Matchstick Girl-Joel Sarakula

Interview with Peter Chains:

Days Long Gone-Peter Chains
Reflection-Peter Chains 
Mistress of Death-Peter Chains 
Miss Razorblade-Johnny Normal 
Sweet Sweet Super Sweet-Happyendless 
Digital Fields-ElectroCelt 
Trainbridge-Eternal Keys 
Self Realization-Korien Daniel Csernei

Sphere Music Podcast #3


Hello indie fans. At last a podcast taken from my radio show on http://www.radio-happy.com.  This is the first so expect awesome bloopers hahahah. I enjoyed playing tunes from these wonderful artists. I am always excited when something new comes up. So yes, enjoy these wonderful tracks.

Alex Pardini-Live to Live
John Munnelly– We Should Go Blind
Under the Wire– We are Infinite
Eric McGrath-Lost Romance
Alien Tribe– Alone in the Unknown
Dephorix feat My.Cosmo-Karma
Johnny Normal-Miss Razorblade(live version)
Alex Pardini-Make me Feel this Way
Layne Greene feat Bryan MacDonald-Inflation
Korien Daniel Csernei-Stand Firm as a Rock
Alex Pardini-Trouble in Paradise

A Week of Great Music

Cool December winds are blowing and I am warmed by the beautiful music flowing all over. So what do we have for this week? A lot actually. There is a jumble of ideas and sounds but I will just pick a few to make it coherent. I just had a terrific time listening to Danny Coleman’s Rock on Radio with the gang tuning in. We had a great time chatting. I will post a picture here to give you an example -even my typos which I am NOT ashamed of hahahaha.


So let’s start the ball rolling.



Benny Pedersen a.k.a. B3nny

Always so pleased to be updated with the works of Benny Pedersen who recorded this performance as a front act for Mike Sheridan. Benny is in the process of further improving the musical project he is doing.


Dave Martin

Scottish musician Dave Martin created this amazing dance track. He also plays the bodhran, drums and other instruments for The Big Fat Eclectic Ceilidh. Now Dave stands alone on this one showing his prowess for great melodies and big beats.


Tiger Darrow

Been following the music career of New York based actress/singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow. Normally she plays the cello and piano but this one she stands all by herself with her Aimee Mann inspired vocals.


Sacha Talens

Canadian artist Sacha Talens is going to release his debut LP this January. He is busy recording additional tracks for a possible b-sides and also doing production work and mixing for other artists. This one is a song about sex and feet-only when taken literally 😉

And this video merits an attention:


MC Amalgam

French rapper based in Reading England has released an EP called RED IS NOT DEAD. What to expect? Awesome beats, eccentric instrumental arrangement and French vocals. Don’t worry if you don’t understand French. His performance is hypnotic that will get you into the mood. He also contributes his talent to Celtic Punk/Ska band Will Tun and the Wasters which is a regular in my Celtic music blog. MC is emerging as an artist giving something new to the hip hop scene!

B3nny: Opengl and Ursonate

Also in this edition: Picture of the day and Aphex Twin

Benny Pedersen

Danish electronic composer  merges visuals and music, with dada poetry.

A great middle of the week wish for you dear readers! I am in the middle of chronicling the musical lives of interesting artists that you are now starting to hear when you go to this site. It is important to me to be in depth when I write something about a musician because it can be a meditative work and also an engaging one. They put many hours  on the task to bring out an interesting kind of music. This isn’t something you hear every day.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted something about Danish electronic composer B3nny. These days it’s hard to catch up with him because he is very preoccupied with the project he is doing.  But he left a lot of musical materials for me to explore.

One of the compositions he just made is this  audio version of the  dada poem called “Ursonate” by Kurt Schwitters. The poem doesn’t make sense..well it is not supposed to make sense anyway! It’s Dada. What he did was this: he recorded a few readings of the Ursonate and then edited it into an audiomovie. He stated: “The development goes from chaotic to relatively structured and back again …sort of like the development of sounds and noises surrounding humans since the beginning”. Here is the link to that composition: http://remix.emix.dk/files/bennybomstaerk/721

He is also in the middle of working on an Open GL project. This is one of the graphics/music he mastering in the course of a few years. This is also a part of his artistic development. Other artists would just be contented doing music. This man has a LOT of things in his mind and he has new ideas coming up. I saw a sound animation he made where the cubes explode. I think it is fascinating to create something like a computer game only that it is Art. It is still in its early stages and B3nny feels that it is too soon to upload it anywhere on the net:

“ Well opengl means open Graphics Library and its made to draw those boxes or cubes in the video. This file I sent you is graphics and music because the cubes react to music…because I made them do that. Those percussive sounds make the cubes “explode.”And accentuation in the mid-range changes the camera position, and acceleration in the treble range changes the lens angle. I still think it’s pretty basic but I am just getting into it. Hopefully I will be able to make a cool display for the music.”

To give you an idea of something he already did, here is the link to a visual/music project he created using java script. You need to wait a bit to let the browser complete the loading process. There is a ‘start’ icon that you need to click and you will see it:


His secret in making these things work? A combination of Mathematics and Acoustics.

Here are the good examples of his other projects via soundcloud:



Picture of the day:


Featured Video : aphex twin – come to daddy

Aphex Twin introduced me to a ‘new world’ of electronic music.

Art, Music and Magic!

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Rennes Les Bains Clan  What You Fighting For
Flowers In The Dustbin records

These guys have the kind of music that grows on you. Really feel good stuff with amusing lyrics!

What You Fighting For is the debut release from the Rennes Les Bains Clan. They are a coalition of artists from a community in the mountains of the South of France. Clan instigator Woody Saunderson originally resided in the UK, with a colourful music history which notably included putting on a Solstice party in the Duke of Westminster’s back garden. The download single is out 29th October.


Rory Breaker (rapper), Paula Banks (vocals),
Chris Baker (sax / snakecharmer), Woody Saunderson (guitar / bass /

1. What You Fighting For (radio edit) 2. What You Fighting For
(uncut original)


Stephen McKee, Flowers In The Dustbin
07766 134 269

NEW documentary here:


Check out the new track of thaKOZfather here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/13733190


Our pic of the day: Painting by Donie Ryan

Donie is from Dublin Ireland. This is taken from one of his pastoral collections. Really feel good visuals and a sense of what Ireland is all about.

Visit his website: http://timberartist.blogspot.com/