Alex Pardini “So Easy”

The king of funky house music is back with an uplifting track called So Easy. This one has layered vocals.He’s been working on new music lately. I am really looking forward to his upcoming releases. He makes fusion music so easy. As the blurb says:
“It all looks so easy in the movies” – it says so in Alex Pardini’s charming new single called “So Easy”. But of course we all know, things are a little more complicated in life.
Enjoy this lovely and bittersweet song and forget about your troubles for a minute or two…

The Coronation of RAKANS

The Rakans, Pop,

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

Music:Electro pop.

Plays: Bass and synths.

RAKANS is a Palestinian- born artist. He was raised in Lebanon although his ethnic background casts a German heritage. He fronts a musical project called “RakanS” which can be collaborative. All his life, a plan was laid out for him to be a ‘responsible’ adult until music found him. The rest is history. His song Jesus Kinda Likes Me is getting positive reviews in Europe and is slowly seeping into the US territories. The popularity is brought about by the remixed version. The original one is more hard hitting with almost industrial intensity but still fascinating in its way.

So what is exactly the message behind the song? I asked the artist himself to tell us more about JKLM:

“It is mainly about the contrast of good and evil. It’s quiet a weird story but I was sitting on the balcony one late night and I saw the light of the moon. It was so strong so I imagined how would it be if Jesus was there at that moment looking after me and saving me from all the things that surrounds me , the things that want to hurt me or control me! Its all about trying to resist the evil urges we all have. For example, when I said: kinky master you’re my guard, I was referring to the dark urges  and by saying: Jesus kinda likes saying good is on my side.”

This style is melodic dance pop with few shadings of Euro trance and house. He also makes use of his perky tenor voice on top of a cute accent. The bass guitar was the first instrument  that he bought from his own savings. He further stated ” After buying my bass guitar, I bought a midi, and then a keyboard piano. I now play the bass parts of my songs on the keys.”

When asked about the top 5 albums in his collection. He stated:

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Rihanna Unapologetic
Queen – Made in Heaven
Lady gaga – Born This Way
Marilyn Manson – Born Villain

Type of music:

“I label it as pop since its very diverse and experimental….for example I’d put a harsh beat on an organic sound such as a trumpet, or violin, or synth and electronic sounds.”

More surprising detail:

“I have a BA in Graphic Design.”

To learn more about this artist, visit:

VERTIGO by digital organics

To sin with indulgence… 

Like anyone who is undergoing a malady, a fix is needed. For others like me, we write to keep us alive. Because it is the only thing in the world that moves forward…the things we write about -while the other part of us is stuck in the past haunted by demons only we can know about.

Digital Organics make music that move forward. It is dark, sensual and it drives itself into you like a devil’s hot fork. The stabs of drum beats and corroding bass lines churn your insides making you want to move or run.

Vertigo has been uploaded 20 days ago and I hope it finds its ways into more dance clubs. Music this tempting should be treated like a piece of very dark chocolate cake. It makes you want to sin with indulgence.

I am also including AD’s former project before it evolved into Digital Organics. Here’s Beaks.

ScubaVision-Pure Aural Assault

Anyone who is in the mood to party tonight will love the remixes of  ScubaVision . Steve Simpson is the man behind the pulsing sound. Other than music, photography is one of his passions. He is currently involved with IT work and is furthering his experiments into sound. Although he does a lot of remix tweaking he also writes music and this is the collection you are hearing now. You won’t hear anyone sounding like ScubaVision that’s for sure. According to him: “I am hoping to further improve dance music by learning more music programs and integrating my own unique flow of sound into it.”

I’d never find my way
don’t let me go

A million tears I’d cry
A million tears
(yeah yeah yeah yeeaaah)

I’d never find my way
(yeah yeah yeah yeeaaah)

I’m sure I got you baby
Got your love
Never Would, Never would, Never I will give up
I won’t give up

Let the rain fall, don’t let the sky come down
Don’t let this glass around me
Make this storm, make this storm clearly…

I’d never find my way
Don’t let me go
I’d never find my way

Under the moon, without you
without you without you, without you

A million tears

A million

Don’t let me go, don’t let me go
don’t… (a million, a million tears I’d cry)
Don’t let me go
When I’m feeling blue, I’d never find my back home
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

I’d never find my way

Without your light I’ll never shine
I’ll never shine at all
I would walk it off, walk it off til’ I got you baby
got your love

Let me down…

(|Recalled Trend|)

Please don’t let me go,
please don’t let me go
Don’t let me down
I’d never find my way

You can check more of this works here: and please don’t forget to follow him or post comments. I will keep you updated about his future projects here.