Imagine: Hip Hop and Space Travel, Why Not?

Merging synthesizer sounds inspired by Astronomy and robust hip hop beats, The Liftoff is an album that is exciting and original. You can hear samples from NASA space travel,snippets of conversations, as well as captivating chords that will surely open your mind.

Who is Imagine? Well, for starters he’s an MC based out of Covina, CA; about 20 minutes east of Los Angeles. This past year, he released his most ambitious musical project to date, The Liftoff. It has twenty tracks:

The 4th mixtape sees Imagine scratching the surface of fine tuning his original approach to his music. Playing with the theme of space travel, he expands upon his interest of varying music styles, bringing them together only as he can- Band Camp.

By the third track “I Am’ I can say I am completely hooked. I think this is an exciting decade for hip hop. There are many interesting artists blooming out from all over the West Coast and he is one of the few who is able to craft a unique sound.

I guess the reason why I like his approach is because I also like Ambient and New Age music. And he sort of bridge that gab between that outer space feeling and robust beats grounded on urban soundscape.

The Liftoff contains explicit lyrics so I just want to warn those who might get offended by strong languages. I don’t mind. This is an awesome album!

Buy the album here: