Rogues & Blushing Virgins:Southern Gothic With a Touch of Burlesque.

Rogues & Blushing Virgins

by Christian DeArmond & Helena Berlin:

Southern Gothic with a touch of burlesque.


It would be unfair to describe the works of singer-songwriter in just three words: sex, rage and sorrow. Though I would say they do stand out in his his body of works that spawned many releases.However, he sounds gentler in this new release. More..friendly for lack of better words. The new EP is called Rogues & Blushing Virgins. Newsflash! Not everyone is feeling bright and bouncy this season. That is why there is always a room for this new release in the hearts of people like us!

Water is a dominant theme in this EP. Whether it is about lamenting a lost love under the falling rain or following a ghost to the river, Rogues & Blushing Virgins is a cohesive project. The airy voice of Helena Berlin is featured in all the tracks. The three songs are Dive, Dark Day Darling and Jericho River.

Jericho River reminds me of True Detective, the first season. And hey the producers of the show should spotlight this release for their future seasons. So yes please, give this EP a listen because it satisfies the reality hiding inside us…more than we want to admit.

Everywhere Around Here by Canadian singer-songwriter Layne Greene Is A Thing OF Beauty.

Recorded and Mixed at The Farm in Port Howe, Nova Scotia by Dale Murray
Mastered in Mineville, NS by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering
Produced by Dale Murray
All songs written by Layne Greene (SOCAN)

 Everywhere Around Here by Layne Greene

Everywhere Around Here
by Layne Greene

released 04 April 2015

Layne Greene – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Bryan MacDonald – Guitar
Alex Lank – Drums, Keys
Dale Murray – Bass, guitar, Backup Vocals
Christina Martin – Back up Vocals
Fleur Mainville – Fiddle
Devon Greene & Adam Johnson – Backup Vocals

Graphic Design by Kyle DeCoste
Photo by Kelsey MacLennan

I was so happy the day I received a copy of Everywhere Around Here by Canadian singer-songwriter Layne Greene. Instead of jumping in front of the computer and blog about it, I decided to hold the urge and go on with my life for almost two months to see if the novelty wears off. So these things happened along the way:
I take it everywhere.

I got two physical copies and one digital copy of the album. I am displaying the two copies in my book shelves because I love the packaging. But I take the digital copy where ever I go-to the gym, the beach and the park. Right now I am listening to it inside Starbucks while writing this blog. Lane Greene’s music has a way of soothing me when I am stressed. The songs also make me feel like I am in a safe environment. The drums, bass, guitars and other instruments have that sparkling but soft quality. I love the production as I think this is truly represents his music.
Every time I listen to it, I notice new things.
I love it when an album reveals to you something in pieces. Unlike most young singer-songwriters that sound generic, his approach is mature and diverse. Fiddles, glockenspiel and other folk instruments make themselves heard in Everywhere Around Here. This dude is really enlightening and you could spend hours and hours with his talking about genres and history of music and he has a lot to say about them. He loves what he is dong and he knows where he is going with his career.
He knows his assets and limitations.
He knows he is not Ryan Addams or Neil Young so he doesn’t try to be. When he sings, he does so within his range. He also uses his voice as an instrument, layering them, harmonising them making something awesome out of the ordinary. He is not a rockstar type but an artist who likes to make music as a lifetime career.
All nine songs are worth hearing.
The album has nine songs. Some of them already appeared in his previous EPs. I think he has more than five of them out before he was twenty-two. But these songs have undergone many arrangements. They have also experienced the stage as performing live is what he likes to do. I remember the many time he busked under harsh weather and people loved what he’s doing. My favourite is Quiet Places because the song has a good beat and it builds up this wonderful thing. But there are songs worth noting like Iron Town which has a special meaning to him. The current single is Look Out. You should see the video because it’s really amazing!
Layne is special.
He is a fantastic artist. He fascinates me endlessly and I love to chronicle his career. I think I will do so until I am old. I hope this post will urge you to listen to Everywhere Around Here. Get it and support this dude. There is no one quite like him.

Popes of Chillitown : An Interview


My approach in doing interviews for bands has not changed. It is still made in the spirit of spontaneity. You know, that moment when you meet your favourite band and you scribble questions in a piece of paper (or ask them impromptu) and let them answer it shortly. I think it also depends on the occasion. There are times when the interview is complicated due to the schedule or the availability of the artists. But I always try to strike at a moment when I can get my answer out. Because it is fun that way. And I am darn sure you my readers will enjoy it.

I want to keep it simple and that thought made me decide to have a brief chat with Matt, the singer from Popes of Chillitown. They are a 6-piece band from London. They play a variety of Ska,Dub and Punk. They’re originally founded in 2006. This interview is a continuation of something I’ve written a few weeks ago.

Enjoy the answers and explore the music!

1.Tell us about your new album To the Moon.

Our new album to the moon…it’s our journey through space (uk ska scene and dance floors) and time (a year of line/up changes and our first European tour) What we wanted to do with to the moon was give people something that they could either dance to or sing along to as consistently as we could across 11 tracks.

2.Your new single Wisdom Teeth is out how was the experience shooting a music video?

Doing the music video with Craig from the snare was jokes. We’re all mates so we just had a laugh and ate monster munch and drank red stripe. It was nice that he knew what he was doing too. Check it out on the YouTubes.

3.You’re touring Europe promoting your album. What keeps you all energize while being on the road?

I’ve already mentioned monster munch and red stripe so add ginsters and walkers sensations to that list of energy giving fodder. Not that we’re looking for sponsorship or anything…More spiritually it’s an altruistic Bill and Ted style vision of musical utopia that drives us on. That. And Munroe.

4. How do you decide that the song is ready for recording?

When we finally get round to recording stuff we’ve usually tried and tested every could-be song at live shows. We feel that is the test of whether it should go on a recording. And that’s what we’ve done with this album. Other songs maybe fun to play or whatever but we were only after dance music on this one. Aside from that when a song is ready is a weird concept as some things burst into existence and some things linger and fester so you have to sympathetic to this and adaptive in the creative process.

5. What can the audience expect when they go to your gigs?

At live shows we try to bring as much energy as possible to the entire time that were on stage. We want people to dance so we have to take the lead in it, innit. We have sing along bits and we try to get people moving. Sometimes me and Tom go wandering on the wireless. Which is fun. Especially at festivals when you go too far from the stage and you’re trying to sing in time with an echo.

6. Are there other bands you hangout when you have the time?

I said The Snare and Millie Manders. We hang out with any of the bands we play with around the country. There are loads of safe people in the ska scene. People who have recently been safe; Tree House Fire, Riskee, Call me Malcolm, Stiff Joints, Cartoon Violence, Mad Apple Circus and Counting Coins.

7. Can you list down the band members and what they play?

Popes of Chillitown are:

Popes of Chillitown:Attitude, melody and energy- the reasons why I like these guys.

Popes of Chillitown:Attitude, melody and energy- the reasons why I like these guys.

Jck – drums / vox

Arv – Bass

Tom – Electric Guitar / vox

Jimmy Pingu – Trombone / vox

Classic Trev – Sax / Melodica / vox

Matt – Vox / Acoustic Guitar

8. What’s great about being in Popes of Chillitown?

Being in Popes is great because we get to live the glamorous life style of eating shit, driving all day to Germany and then sleeping on a strangers floor. We get to listen to a lot of music in the car though. We just love gigging and playing shows with other bands we like and can have a laugh with. We’ve had a really fun time this last year making the album and we’re enjoying playing it – as well as a few of the dancier tracks from the first one. We’re still exploring the continent one gig at a time and that’s fun too.

Yes, these fellas are fun. Be sure to visit their official links below:

Popes of Chillitown are Spicing Up Britain


Popes of Chillitown

These guys are about energy and fun melodies. You know, you tend to discover music in many unexpected situations. Sometimes, you get it from a friend of a friend, sometimes in a conversation. I get mine online when I talk to random people. Someone mentioned Popes of Chillitown to me and that’s how I was able to Google them and liked their Facebook profile.

Wisdom Teeth is their official music video released last month. If you haven’t yet you better check this video out and the music/graphics will leave a lasting impression in your  mind. The band is currently touring over Europe. You can get their latest updates by liking/following their official pages:

Why Rock Back for Nepal is an important release of 2015

Rock Back For Nepal is another spine tingling compilation album from Patetico Records. Let me list down the points why this is a good album to own. But before that you might ask what is this compilation for. 

Patetico Recordings Rallying for Nepal Disaster Relief Fund 

Music Artists Coming Together For The Good People of Nepal 

There you have it and it is for a good cause. I will discuss the key points why it is important to have this album:

Only the best- the bands involved in this project have given their best tracks. There are 17 of them and this is the fifth time I am listening to the entire album. Yes, in a gloomy afternoon which makes it a personal and euphoric experience.

For a good cause- as mentioned proceeds go to the people of Nepal. If only major labels did something similar. I guess they are just busy fattening their wallets instead of caring for people in need.

Good introduction to new artists- this album brings you bands you are probably hearing for the first time. And their music have stood the test of time. These bands have been around and have recorded or performed in many venues before being showcased in this collection.

Rock Back For Nepal covers many genres. From the slick electronic grooves of SPC ECO to the Dream Pop inspired Arirang, all tracks were carefully sellected and sequence to suit the universal mood of how genres should be played in particular order.

If you are a hipster and you want to impresse your friends about sounds they haven’t heard yet, then go get this album. If you are like me who is looking for beautiful tunes just to make  it through the  work week then yeah we should enjoy this together.

I am including the lengthy press release here for your information.

The brilliant Patetico Recordings Record Label/Promotional Company hailing stateside out of Philadelphia (eastcoast city) is putting together a specially needed/very worthy music cause on a CD compilation series for The Nepal Disaster Relief Fund. ‘Patetico Recordings’ have very recently asked for FORKSTER to be involved and without hesitation I immediately come to you all here today in providing/making you all aware here at FDBR of the details for its arrival in raising money for the good people of Nepal. The artwork is still in progress with tracks still coming regularly and they are definitely planning on releasing ‘Volume One’ by the end of 2015’s MAY Month. You will certainly be seeing FORKSTER throughout with there as many necessary releases for it in providing indepth coverage on each compilation album’s contributors and promoting it mighty for charitable donations for the humanitarium needs for the people of Nepal. 

Patetico Recordings rocking good people are no strangers to producing heartfelt music projects needed in raising monies for people/countries in dire need due to catastrophic occurrences. They released back in 2011 “Rock Back” for Japan’ in providing music money relief for the horrific earthquake/Tsunami that was thrown on the countries innocent people. The project went on in being a very successful contributor in raising monies for Japan’s 2011 disaster. 
Postive details BELOW on the projects results & proceeds: 

8 Disc Compilation with 100 Music Artists Involved 

They were able to raise money and 100 percent went to the relief efforts 

ROCK BACK for Japan Compilation Series Hit The TOP TEN and Certain Volumes Hit #1 on the Indie Rock Chart for Amazon per sale.- Timothy Forkster see less