Sarakula: IQ VS Aesthetics

They say blonds have more fun and that looks don’t go with brains. Well Aimee Mann of’ Til Tuesday has proven it wrong. The second person to prove it wrong is the man behind Sarakula. Joel Sarakula -yes the last name is catchy, combines rock, retro and soul. His voice is also beautiful. He is young, talented and plays the keys. He got me through his song City Beats.

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Turbogeist Making Waves With Debut Single ‘Alien Girl’

I heard the track and it is amazing. It’s more like surf music in acid. Recalls to mind the music of The Amps (with Kim Deal) and UK band Ash merged together. I love the guitars-very powerful but never losing the melodic and dreamy touch.

The lyrics for Alien Girl is kind of funny but this is OK since the music of the band should be about fun and good times.


Turbogeist was formed in 2009, consisting of former members of; Jamie T, Loverman, The Eraserheads and Mutant. They combine their love of 80’s alternative music and 70s rock, creating their own distinct sound. The band draw their influences from bands such as The Replacements, Pantera and Prince.

Since playing their first show, a sold out show at Soho’s St Moritz Club, the band have gone from strength to strength, and have just returned from their first visit toSXSW, playing sell out shows with the Chapman Family and We Are Scientists. As well as many impromptu house shows. Recent success has seen them gain interest from producers and A&R reps from both sides of the Atlantic.

Going Indie: Shirley Manson

The sexiest female rocker in the world does it in her own terms…

Ha! And you thought you’ve heard the last of her. Recently she resurfaced in the media playing a CEO in the Terminator TV series. Shirley Manson is pushing into her 40’s but whatever she is doing, she can still carry wearing pink or orange. This former Garbage lead singer and daughter of a Scottish Geneticist (responsible for the Dolly experiment) has taken all that she can get and it looks like she gets what she wants. She does have daddy’s genes.

New Music from Banter Media & Management

Mutual Benefit aka Jordan Lee

Mutual Benefit aka Jordan Lee

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My friend Loic Rathscheck sent me this wonderful link to a video. He now has two analogue synths. This guy makes amazing music.

The Final Year’s Silence and Reflection

If you love being in indie heaven and want only the freshest music then you gotta check  the debut EP from  The Final Year. Amazing  tracks recorded for your listening pleasure.  My review is coming up soon so stay tuned.