Paper Lights!

Paper Lights are probably one of the best indie bands of this decade. They have a great sound. The first time I heard their tracks I compare it to watching a beautiful sunset as stars start to appear one by one. Really atmospheric and dazzling! The beauty of their every song leaves you breathless. I have not heard that kind of thing in other bands except Coldplay, perhaps. Songs like Always In My(2014) Head and Caverns(2015) are memorable. There are alternate vocals of male and female and this kind of arrangement adds to the expressive power and diversity of their every release.

They’ve just posted their pledge campaign this week called Great Escapes, via YouTube, and I think that is something that indie music lovers should check out. I’ve been listening to their music for weeks but I decided to forgo writing an entry to let their art soak up in my head. And think their sound is at home anywhere. I bring their music when I go to the gym or when I go on a picnic with friends. I think it’s also due to the beautiful rendering of the keys and the beats. They this huge sound when it comes to bass and percussion. That is my kind of style.

I would describe their lyrics as introspective with bouts of melancholy and strong emotions. Although I am not really a lyrics guy so they can sing about anything and  the music would still grab me.

An Observer’s Tale:Emberibb Maszk( Human Mask) by Koryan Daniel Csernei

Emberibb Maszk is a new EP by Koryan Daniel Csernei Showcasing Hints of Alliance to Sophisticated Rock with Symphonic Flourishes. 



Album artwork by the artist himself

Hungarian musical artist Daniel Csernei(more known as Koryan Daniel Csernei) is an observer and story teller of the human condition.He takes two identities -as the one who revives his personal experiences and sculp them through the process of poetry and music, and then as someone who has a keen eye of a surgeon. Combine those with the musical eloquence of composers from bygone days, and you got a musical force to be reckoned with. I think he is the best his country has to offer today. Listen to the EP below this entry and you’ll know what I mean.

The songs in Emberibb Maszk ( there are 5 songs and two of them are instrumentals)  are in Hungarian and you might need Google translate to decipher their lines. But I have been talking to him for a few years now and he would explain the process and also the meaning behind the songs. Upon hearing his tunes, the prose becomes secondary as the melody takes center stage-at least that is how it always works for me when I listen to music. And when you let the melody speak, you can get an idea that he is continuously influenced by Hard-Rock, Post-grunge and symphonic metal.

Emberibb Maszk is about the breakdown of humanity, the loss of values and hope. It is an elegy for things that could never be. But it is also a please for things that haven’t happened yet, if we can help it. There are symphonic tracks as in the case of the Intro bearing that mournful melody. Other songs are aggressive like the title track which is definitely a tune that has a global appeal in terms of style and craft. It is something that radio stations will pick up if more people get to hear it and recommend it. My personal favourite is Álmodj which means Dream in English. Csernei has a textured way of composing songs that they border on the symphonic. Adding piano over thundering drums, soft choral voices and electronic strings. Simply fascinating!

The artist in his studio.

The artist in his studio.

You can download Emberibb Maszk for free via SoundCloud. According to Csernei, this is an EP of things to come. I am sure what ever musical output he makes in the future, will be worth the anticipation. This EP proves his amazing talent for songwriting and performing. Just to show how important he is, I posted this entry on my Facebook status :

I have been contemplating if I would still continue as a music blogger since they indie landscaped has changed. Musicians now run their own blogs and they now do their own interviews. 

They are self-suffecient and I don’t see my relevance in the big picture. I’ve also been maintaining a ‘health and fitness’ blog for a year now and also another one devoted to tech. The latter has been getting positive responses from the 15 to 20 age group and that is something that I’ve always wanted! 

But today, while I was chatting with Daniel, he told me about his new EP. I met him a few years ago and he’s such a kind and open fella. We clicked and the rest is history. He has this impeccable taste for detail and this way of playing borders on the Classical/Romantic period of music. Yes he plays everything here. The guitars, the bass section, the drums and they midi keys. He also got himself a new keyboard which he will be using in his future recording. 

I actually referenced composer Franz Liszt, a composer from his own country. So this is one of those days when you are about to throw the towel and something unexpected happens. And yes I also got another recommendation from an American pal about a new Scandinavian artist. Life indeed plays tricks on your when you are about to let go. 

So I encourage you to check his music out, download it from Soundcloud(it is for free) and share it to your friends. I think he is the best that his country can offer today.


Pledgemusic with the March Violets: Mortality Tour and Album

One of the influential bands in the darkwave genre, the March Violets have an album coming out. And this is possible because of your help. There are many things coming up from this beautiful band. There’s the Mortality tour(which happens to be the name of the upcoming album) and also goodies that they are giving out when you make your pledge.

October is a good month for this type of music. The Goth in me loves it. And I am sure the children of darkness out there are going to like the new album, Mortality. Here’s the message from the band:

The ‘Mortality Tour and Album’ is the new Pledge from the March Violets. Throughout October pledgers get to experience a month of touring around the East Coast, with Backstage Action, Road Movie high jinx and other Purple nonsense. The Violets will be playing classic tracks live, then recording them in November in Chicago. With exclusive daily footage and a virtual Access Pass pledgers will be able to participate in the highs and lows of the entire Tour and Studio Saga. The involvement continues right up to Xmas, with an Advent Calendar with interesting Violet goodies behind each door, culminating in the Album download on Xmas day! 
Physical ‘exclusives’, that will be shipped after Xmas, include a Double CD, a Vinyl LP and a double DVD with a full concert, a road movie, and footage from the entire life of the band, right back to the early Eighties. It’s a new way of touring that DOES come to your home town, social media at its rocking best. Support the Violets, Pledge Purple! Many Thanks.

The link is here:

Snake Dance is one track that introduced me to their music.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer-Songwriter Johnny Gwynn

Johnny Gwynn Guitar/Vocals/Piano

It is past two in the morning. My back hurts. I am exploring the website of this young singer-songwriter by the name of Johnny Gwynn. His last name is striking. It sounds Welsh. He is from Nashville(originally from Boston), the home of great American music.  So I cranked up the volume of Midnight Oil with my Apple in-ear headphones. The energy blew me away. I wanted to jump up and down if not for my back pain. Gwynn has a good vocal range and a guitar wizardry that’s warm and entertaining. There are several songs in his website. Midnight Oil , Calixta, Let Your Love Take Off My Edge and Barcelona(there are more). The latter is a funky guitar driven song that describes his relationship with a ‘mischievous Spanish girl.”

It looks like he is still in the process of developing his website. Hopefully his Bio gets updated or else he will remain mysterious. He has performed in front of the audience based on the ‘bio pics.’

Some of these songs are also available in his bandcamp album called A​-​Sides​-​EP released in 2010.

More from his links:

JR Richards of Dishwalla goes Pledgemusic for the Upcoming Album.

JR Richards Original Singer/Songwriter of ‘DISHWALLA’

 is releasing a New Album through Pledgemusic!

Times have changed.

There’s no label, there’s no record deal. -JR Richards

Yep, I learned this via the post of Glen Phllips on Facebook(as a loyal follower for years) and the video is insanely amazing. I love Dishwalla as they helped shape my growing up years. JR Richards has a mellow voice which is a surprise because he always belts out those intense songs.

So if getting into the pledge means having access to the recording, the production and the completion process(including the making of the music video) then I wanna be rich! To comment on the quote from JR Richards above, yes times have changed. It’s because record labels are supporting terrible music that sell millions.

It seems JR Richards has done ok after Diswalla. The life of a rock musician is challenging. I learned that after reading the book of Kim Gordon called Girl in a Band.

Here’s the page: