Watch list: Rachael Mc Cormack – Under The Bullet [4K | Music Video]

Hot Press promo shot.

Hot Press promo shot.

When was the last time you’ve seen a high quality video in youtube? I give my vote to this one as it is shot in 4K. You know those high definition videos made for retina iMacs that have vibrant colors.

Under The Bullet showcases the amazing vocal range of Irish singer/songwriter Rachael McCormack. She’s been giggling all her life and supporting local bands before launching her own solo career. Seems like good karma is on her side. This song/music video represents what it is to be a strong Irish woman in the midst of a destructive relationship. It is not about crying but getting back and kicking someone who has wronged you. What a good thing! This video has also been featured in Soundfeed:

This is also accompanied with a good Hot Press promo:

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Florescent by Protobaby addresses our generation of excess and isolation

The video starts out with a paranoid guy walking down the narrow street then getting harassed by a couple of bystanders. He gets into his place then starts putting on that virtual reality glasses. Now, I gotta warn you. You need to have a strong stomach to finish the music video because the scenes that follow are graphic.

Man, that is one hell of an actor. A good one. I would definitely refuse the part(unless it’s from a favorite band and knowing my track record I can be easily seduced). Now I know the video is going to shake the indie scene. It has made a huge impression. It is hard to ignore. I think a lot of netizens out there think so too! It’s taken from Protobaby’s debut album ‘Spark.’ Flourescent is directed and edited by Shane Serrano. Starring Adam Traynor.

…..Which leads me to the music of the band. I love the name. It sounds cute even though the music hardly sounds the same. Think of Joy Division and old Cure. Now you get the picture. They have another awesome track called State of Affairs which finally cements my liking for this band’s music.

Protobaby are a four piece band with members Colm McGuinness, Tony Monahan, Bryan Ronan and Aidan Graham. They are from Limerick Ireland. The same place that gave us the Cranberries.

The team:

Colm McGuinness: Vocals-This guy’s got amazing pipes. I love his style of singing. It has a dark beauty and can be quite expressive.

Tony Monahan: Electric Guitar-Now that’s the kind of playing I miss.

Bryan Ronan: Drums-He is pounding those skins with gusto.

Aidan Graham: Bass-He’s got the groove and he is the reason why I got to know this band.

Check the video out and if you like Flourescent then do share it.


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Cormac O Caoimh the alchemist


There is no denying that in the Moon Loses Her Memory, Irish singer/songwriter Cormac O Caoimh has taken his musicality a notch up. Compared to New Season of Love which is insular, this one sounds expansive. An album exploring the outside world. There is this undeniable explosive nature in every track(even the quite ones). Having a mastery of Jazz Bossa and Irish folk, he uses these influence to create an upbeat album that goes down easily like awesome coffee. Maze of Your Heart, Yellow Crumbs, the title track The Moon Loses its Memory, Thirst and Water and Solid all take you to a jazzy and poppy ride. You Stole December and the tracks that follow exude a different mood. These songs are meant for sitting down.

His voice is smooth as always and he sometimes reminds me of Sting. But he really sounds like no other. Place a Letter on My Front Porch is one of the sweetest pop songs I’ve heard in a decade. There are also other tracks that sound like a fusion of different styles like in the case of Basement. I think the funky guitar rifts and sense of suspense in each verse are clever. I think the positioning of the tracks works in a sense that he placed the ‘pop’ songs in the first half of the album and leave the ‘ experimental’ ones on the second half.

Vocalist Aoife Regand also contributed her smooth vocals in various tracks including the hypnotic Lay Low for Awhile. I admire the violin of Clum Pettit as well as the percussion works of Cormac O’Connor. And lastly, the liner notes are beautiful courtesy of photographer William Crowley.

Róisín O: Urban Beauty Meets the Mystique

Roisin O

I believe in the saying that if you want your message to be heard successfully, a whisper is more effective than a scream. Even in movies, nothing draws more reaction than something that’s implied. It gives the viewers the chance to fill in the blanks. I think Hold On is a video that’s cleverly executed in its sense of control. It reminds me of the Irish film Garage(2007). But Hold On is a song about palpable hope, about two people trying to stay real in a world that tries to kill the fire inside us. I love it when a director is able to tell so much in a video that spans only more than four minutes.

I am sure Róisín O is used to the reaction of listeners calling her voice: haunting, beautiful, captivating and ethereal. Of course! It’s the Irish in her. I haven’t met an Irish person who is out of tune or who doesn’t have a good voice. I know that everyone in Ireland plays at least two instruments. It’s part of their genetics-the musicality.

A talent like this will open doors to her. Perhaps one day she will find herself singing in a movie. The possibilities are wide. She has the ‘it.’ Her music fits in urban setting but doesn’t fall short of mystical qualities. It is a tune that you listen to when you are driving home from work.  I for one would like to listen to this when it rains. I treasure sadness in songs. I think it is a natural affinity. Life is sad. But like what the song says: Hold ON. Because tomorrow is another day!


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Video directed by Simon Eustace (, and features Aaron Heffernan, Mirjana Rendulic, Geraldine McAlinden and Colin Condon. Special thanks to Dogpatch Labs Dublin.

DP – Arthur Mulhern (, shot on RED Epic.

A small spark can ignite the
light and hold it in your heart,
But a small thought can put
it out and hold you in the dark.
When you feel, you can’t figure
out what’s real, When you’re losing
grip and your fingertips are
Screaming let go…

Hold on, please, hold on.

When you find, When you realize you’re
Not the man you want to be
Please come see me, pour me out your
heart and tell me

When you’re tired and lonely, I will wash away your day
When you’re falling and the darkness is taking hold
You can’t beat this, this feeling, any day you’ll be dreaming
And I’ll be there, I’ll be there.

Just Hold On.

Dennis McCalmont certainly has it.

Dennis McCalmont


Dennis McCalmont has the kind of music you want to keep around in case you need some feel good atmosphere. His music has the combination of chill out, folk and heartfelt ballads. It is something that goes down easily. He is very professional and the recordings are carefully crafted.  His vocals are smooth and a fine instrument on its own. He is one of the contemporary artists who give Ireland its own brand of chillout pop with folk flavour.

I can listen to his songs any time of the day. Especially when I am stressed and I just need something that isn’t intrusive but at the same time a better mood enhancer. So yes check out Dennis McCalmont. And if you listening to his music, buy his tracks too. It will help him create more albums in the future. I mean think about it. Why donate funds to artists via kickstarter etc just because the media tells you these artists are cool right? A beautiful music should stand on its own even without the media hype. Dennis McCalmont certainly has something beautiful in his songwriting.Please support him.

‘Take A Breath’ a Track from the New Album ‘Nature Of Life’
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