Duende by Calonego

In October he’ll be perforing live, his new (2) CD (Acoustic Guitar ) . He won the 2015 Atkins Dadì Guitar Players Association (ADGPA) Award in his country, Italy.Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.21.24 PM

Beautiful music. It is hard to find something like that in mainstream. But if you are persistent then you might stumbled upon instrumentalists like Calonego. Artists who make you feel and think differently.

duende is a fairy– or goblin-like mythological creature from Iberian, Latin American and Filipino folklore. Duendes may also have some traits similar to goblins and kobolds.

The word is often considered to be the Spanish and Portuguese equivalent of the English word “sprite” or the Japanese word yōkai and is used as an umbrella term for any fairy-like being such as goblinspixies and elves. I ripped this info off Wiki. Thank you music for broadening my mind!

It is also the title of his single which shows the energy and playfulness the duende. The piece has two parts: the tune starts with a playful tapping and then progresses into the percussive shower of notes. The second part is mellow and reveals the poignant soul of the artist.

Electric Sarajevo: Madrigals

Electric Sarajevo

Electric Sarajevo

Album: Madrigals

Hometown: Rome, , Italy

Style: electro/post-rock/new wave

Lost, Impero
A Revelation
City Dream
The Worst Lover
Teresa Groismann
The Sky Apart
The Madrigal
If You Only Knew

It seems nostalgia is the best thing these days. So tired of all the same ol same ol type of music that the mediocre artists put out there? And don’t even get me started with the autotune. Listening to Electric Sarajevo seems to have closed the walls of time and transport us to an era when electronic music was such a cool thing to explore. Everyone was wide-eyed and there were tons of records made in the name of sophistication and passion.

Madrigals is an auspicious introduction to this band from Italy. With full-bodied sound and interesting melodies, one has the desire to stay longer. if only the walls we build ourselves in the name of nostalgia would hold for a while and make us  satiated with electro and new wave experience. Musicians who are in the current lineup are : Massimiliano Perilli: Voice, Guitar /Paolo Alvano: Voice, Guitar / Andrea Borraccino: Bass /Stefano Tucci: Synths, Programming. And now you understand why the sound is fantastic! And  I love the Italian accent in the English songs.

Elaborated, disarming and mature, songs from Madrigals always inspire and enliven. Notable tracks are Lost Impero, Watercolours, Teresa Groissman and The Madrigal. Take note of the explosive avalanche of sounds in Teresa Groissman along with the sumptuous male voice. Check out their single If You Only Knew now available in youtube. The video shows the band singing in the movie theater against  a backdrop of what appears to be a fascist video during the second world war. The dark theme compliments the music which is melodic but has disturbing edge.

So what’s the idea behind the creation of Madrigals? According to the band: The theme behind those Madrigals is the love seen in the mirror, that cry out for revenge, the seek for a refuge. These are stories from different angles but always driven by that same strong and self-destructive feeling to the pursuit of peace in your heart!