I can feel the tidal wave of Pressures by Avid Light



Pressures is the new album by Avid Light available now.

Avid Light releases an irresistible new album Pressures. 

They grew up playing together in their church. And now they have a new album out. Pressures was released late October. Their sound is wrapped in beautiful melodies and anthemic harmonies. It is alternative rock in the style of bands like Muse, Coldplay, The 1975, Switchfoot, and Radiohead. In their quieter moments, their atmospheric sounds is comparable to Sigur Ros.

Pressures opens with Fear with sweeping chords and the tidal waves of sounds in the chorus part. Singer Chase Castleberry has awesome pipes especially when he hits the high notes with intensity and also sing in heartbreaking nuance. Fade Away is a potential radio hit as it is great to sing to. I found myself singing along and even though belting is not my strong point, it is really fun to do it with this song. I noticed tal-pressures-album-cover-hi-res-1024x1024that the guitars have luminous sound courtesy of Tanner Terhune. Strong Enough to Last is another fave ballad. I like the robust drums of Colton Baum. Journey has that soft intro that sounds like church bells but the beats catch you by surprise. It’s really awesome. It’s a nice track move your body to. And yes once again Castleberry steals the show with his amazing singing. I don’t know how they make it, but every song is catchy. I think you can play their record everywhere and get a positive response from people. Like they would say ” hey I just listen one time and I already memorize the melody.”

Walls has an operatic rock quality. It is due to that melodic line from the guitar that repeats all throughout the song. 110 has a warm cello and strings. The song is wrapped around the acoustic guitar. The poignant subject is further enhanced by the melody that reminds me of the sky lightening after the rain. This is the band’s masterpiece in my opinion. Ethereal instrumental sounds gather in Dream of Fire. Like wading a pond steeped in flowers under the noon sun, this song shines brightly with each listen. Rise and Fall is typical mainstream rock. Not really my favourite but I am sure it will appeal to people who are into complex rock melodies.

I like this band. Next assignment is to listen to their Christmas album!

Download Pressures via iTunes.


If You Haven’t Heard Of Ed Roman Yet…

If you haven’t heard of Ed Roman yet, then don’t be left behind. His music is the perfect soundtrack for summer and perhaps all seasons. His sophomore album Letters from High Latitudes has thirteen feel-good tracks. If you want to boost your endorphin levels then I suggest you play his album, crank the volume up and then party like you’ve never done before. IMG_0514

He is Canadian, and it’s natural for me to like Canadians. They are lovely and amazing people. The country has produced wonderful artists ranging from those you’ve heard on the radio already and those that you haven’t heard yet- but I did 😉 The first single off Letters from High Latitudes is Jamaica. What a perfect timing. I was listening to UB 40 before writing this review so I am in a reggae mood.

Jamaica is a global anthem that reflect’s the singer-songwriter’s sentiments. He took those experiences and also passion for travelling and distilled them into this song. Perhaps you haven’t heard of “Ed Heads” from around the world yet. Those listeners seduced by his music and became passionate fans. Once you hear Jamaica, you will also look for his other songs and then you will eventually get a copy of Letters from High Latitudes. Remember his name: Ed Roman.

You can but Letters from High Latitudes though iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/i-told-you-so/id849345060?

Stumbling upon cool tracks with iTunes radio.

Ok I am taking a break from introducing bands for a while, and give way to the techie side of my interest. But don’t worry because this is still about music. This time it is about music apps. Yes I love apps and I love technology. I don’t mind if it is iOS or Android because I have used both and each has its own strong and weak points.

I love listening to iTunes radio when I am not perusing my Soundcloud or Mixcloud feed. What I love about it is the experience and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. It even has a Celtic music station which I like because I am a big fan if Celtic music.

The other positive aspect of iTunes radio is how it is a breeze to just add stations based on genre. It is easy to use than Tunein. I tried using Spotify but the issue with that app is how it takes a lot of storage space from your iOs.

As an indie music lover, I still prefer Soundcloud, YouTube and Mixcloud when it comes to discovering new artists. But when you are looking for mainstream music as well as oldies, then iTunes radio will do. You can always stumble upon something exciting and unique using iTunes so I can say that I am hooked on the radio. Right now, 80s alternative is playing Til Tuesday with Voices Carry. One of the best tracks from my childhood. Do you also listen to iTunes radio? Do share your thoughts.


Captivating Blues Guitarist Chris King Robinson

Nineteen –year –old British blues guitarist Chris King Robinson caught Sphere Music’s attention to the max.Chris King Robinson

His guitar playing taps into the synapses like lightning. Blues remind me of something burning. In the hands of an expert like Chris King Robinson, this will ignite your mind like cinders. His Psychedelic Blues/Rock Jam led me to other tunes. Most of the time he plays alone. Sometimes with a partner or a recorded track playing in the background.

He covers artists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Rolling Stones and a lot more. His youtube channel has around 60,000 views per video on an average. He is approaching 800,000 likes in his twitter page. He started playing this style of music as a child and chronicled his progress as early as age thirteen.

I see that he is also a gear head. He usually plays the following:

Fender Strat USA 97′ Custom Shop 69′ Pickups

Laney Vc115 amp

Oxfuzz II Germanium

Sabbadius Funky Vibe

Robert Keeley Modded Tubescreamer

George L Cables

Flatliner SIX Power Supply

Sound s like a good handful huh? Chris King Robinson lives in Peterborough , East England. You can follow his music through the following:



You can download hi latest single  Lipstick on Her Cigar via iTunes: http://t.co/WyGxBz4nLz



Lead Man Paddy Talks About Von Shakes

Finding My “Bohemia” With Von Shakes

Happy, wacky, philosophical, inspiring and rambunctious! Take your description but there is no doubt, Von Shakes members are making waves across two sides of the globe: Ireland and The United States. And their fame is spreading across Europe as fast as their single Robinson Crusoe!

But don’t let their huge personae cloud you. Deep inside they are good-hearted Irish lads who miss their friends and  home. But I guess like any band who is climbing the charts they have to do what they must for the music and also the fans that are embracing the music. Here’s an interesting interview with lead man Patrick (Paddy) Brazel.

    What is the unifying theme that holds the album Bohemia together?

That on every song all you will hear is vocal, guitars and drums. Nothing else. It’s that simple; we hate synths and want to bring back indie rock.

Patrick Brazel - Vocals/Rhythm

Patrick Brazel – Vocals/Rhythm

Ryan Besch is responsible for that over at Your Cinema. He’d worked on some BRMC and Kills stuff that we loved. Then we found out he was friends with the owner of the studio we recorded in, so the stars aligned. We told him the title, gave him the songs to listen to, and he nailed it in one attempt.

 I have several favorites, including Robinson Crusoe. What’s the inspiration behind this track?

This is a track about longing for something or being confused etc. Like most songs I write, they come from the subconscious so you never are entirely sure what you are on about haha. I guess the metaphor to Robinson Crusoe being the fact that he’s in a dire position, isolated and alone.

   What’s the selection process in the final track order of the album?

No secret that we drove ourselves mad trying to pick one. But then we said, ‘fuck it.’ Let’s list the album them way we would play it live and boom. After all the album was trying to capture our like show anyways.

   Why ‘Bohemia?’

Why not? 

  How was the experience working on your debut album?

Awesome. We’d wake around 10/11. Fall in to the studio. Makes music, drink beers, tell stories and have fun. No stress and no time pressures. If the magic wasn’t happening then we’d take a break. We recorded it to tape, live, all together with only a handful over overdubs so it was a nicer process.

   Can you describe each band member in one sentence?

Hugh is Lazy and lacks punctuality. Cillian loves food and Howth, our hometown. Ryan is confused by daily tasks.

   Where can fans buy the album?

It drops 11/19, but iTunes for purchase. Cd’s and Vinyl from our shows or website. Listen on Spotify.

   What’s great about being in the music business?

There is no such thing as the music business, so I wouldn’t know, but playing music is pretty fucking great.

 What can you see the band doing in two years?


  From Dublin to New York. How does it feel being in both worlds now?

We miss home. We miss our friends. But it’s not a place you want to be in right now especially in your early 20’s. New York fills our voids and has the energy we need. 

 Your message to new fans?  

Go see Rush the Cinema. Sickest film of the year.

“Bali II”  premiered on MTV Hive

Visit http://www.vonshakes.com/