James Bullard- One Man Show

James Bullard has a new beautiful song called One Man Show

Occasionally, a singer/songwriter arrives in the indie scene which makes you wish you can sing and write songs like that. One Man Show is his latest upload via soundcloud. It’s a dreamy upbeat ballad which modern Beat poets will really embrace. I love the way he makes complex songs sound really simple. He has a knack for catchy melodies that never leave you. As of this moment, I have played the same song twice and I am planning to play it again and again until I finish writing this post.iphone360_232807

He first broke into prominence as an actor in Ken Park. Instead of pursuing an acting career like his contemporaries, he decided to pack his guitar and pursued a musical career playing across cities and states. Now,he has earned loyal fans who will never trade him for anyone else because his artistry has captured the hearts and minds of thousands… eclipsing his former image as an actor.

Peter Chains and Athuja
In all my blog posts Peter Chains doesn’t need an introduction. He is a guy whose voice I praised in its emotional depth and beauty. Is it possible for a man to have a beautiful voice and be known for it? Yes. I would cite singers like the late Jim Morrison and Brendan Perry of Dead Can as the closest example. It is great to see him trying his voice on different styles. He is primarily a singer/songwriter but being with Athuja has proven that he can also do Jazz.

For now the band is creating new materials and jamming as they get ready for some serious live performance. I envision an album or EP next year. So far they have uploaded three tracks via their Facebook band page. Please remember that these are not studio quality recordings but they will give you an idea about the direction that the band is moving to.

If you like prog rock and jazz then I am sure you will follow Athuja. If not then I’d recommend you just follow them because it is not too late to reinvent your musical tastes!


Alex Pardini-Beautiful

Beautiful is a new single from European pop artist Alex Pardini. I love sophisticated house and chill-out music. That is why I am always enthusiastic with his every release because I am aware with the amount of effort that he puts in his craft. He is also a good acoustic and electric guitar player and you can hear his rifts now and then.

This is simply beautiful!

James Bullard has a Soundcloud Page.

The bluesy melodic rock guy  James Bullard from Austin, Texas has an official soundcloud page. I fondly remember the Myspace days when it James Bullardwas easy to listen to your favorite musicians as you have the option to put their page on your ‘top friends’ section. Now, myspace has a very uncertain future. But soundcloud is thriving and because of mobile apps available for Android, Mac or Windows phones keeping track of new recordings is easy. I hope they make improvements with mixcloud as this is another amazing site to upload your music and your dj mix if you have an online radio show.
If you haven’t read my interview with this amazing artist then try to read it here: https://spheremusic.me/2013/02/10/james-bullard-here-and-nowinterview/

be updated with his new post by following his soundcloud page.

James Bullard: Here and Now(Interview)

James Bullard

James Bullard

With his striking hazel eyes, dark brown mane and amiable personality, James Bullard is a fine example of a celebrity. But he took an alternative road which is music.

James Bullard starred in a controversial film called Ken Park. The film talks about the abusive/disturbing home lives of several teenagers,  in the city of Visalia in California. He plays the role of Shawn which is described as : The most stable of the four main characters, Shawn has an ongoing sexual relationship with his girlfriend’s mother Rhonda throughout the story. He casually socializes with their family, who (including his girlfriend) are completely unaware of the situation. The film was banned in other countries due to the graphic portrayal of sex and nudity.

One has an impression that James Bullard  has a kind of depth possessed by good actors. With more roles, he could have developed from that troubled teen image into complex characters on the big screen. But fame is fleeting. It is a very competitive world out there. But while other actors experience a sort of fame hangover, he found another way to express his artistry: Music.

From 2005 onwards he devoted his craft in honing his guitar and singing. He turned out to be good in what he does. In fact, his  recordings  through myspace attracted a lot of listeners and loyal fans. He has a terrific vocal range which makes him really good in covering a wide variety of styles. His guitar technique has developed that artful complexity as he dabbled with blues, funk and even jazz. But his main vehicle is rock and roll.

So what’s this artist who started along side James Ransone is really like? He gave Sphere Music the honor of having a one on one interview. He is actually down to earth and friendly. He proves to be a sport when it comes to answering any question.

I first saw you in Ken Park and what made you decide to stop making movies and concentrate more in music?

Music is what I’ve always known. Landing the role in Ken Park was just being in the right place at the right time. I never really pursued acting, but if given the chance to do more acting I’d take another stab at it.

You have a way with melodies. I heard your demos via myspace a couple of years ago and I am impressed with your style. How’s your career going so far?

It’s been kind of a roller coaster, but I think with this EP coming out, gigs will get better and so will my quality of life.

What’s your music forecast for 2013?

I’m really not the guy to ask, as I don’t really keep up with trends lately but, I think people are really starting to wake up and not be fooled by smoke and mirrors. I think people are really drawn towards artists that not only make good records but can actually deliver the goods live.

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve ever done?

Most memorable gig I’ve ever done…hmm…there’s been so many that have had their own special moments…really hard to choose and also remember. (laughs)

How do you describe your music?

I guess I would call it garage rock/singer-songwriter…I’m influenced by just about every genre…if it makes my ears perk up and it feels good, then I’m sold.

Top 5 musical influences?

Top 5, sheesh…that’s so hard to nail down but I guess right now I’ll go with…Beatles, Rolling Stones, Shuggie Otis, Jeff Buckley and Bonnie Raitt…remember that’s just off the top of my head!!!

What are you listening to right now.

Right now I’m listening to Bobby Mack’s, “The Bravest Man In The Universe”.


Eye color: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Favorite time of the day: Midnight

Favorite childhood memory: Building forts

Best lesson learned in life in your 20s? Moderation. Quality not quantity.

What are the qualities in a person that attract you the most and why? Takes care of themselves, listens to you when you’re talking and loves great food!!

the most expensive thing your purchased so far? Tweed 1×12, Fender Blues Deluxe.

Places you have been to and want to see again: New York City and London