The Jazz Man called Alex MacNeil


Before Alexander B MacNeil embarked in a serious Jazz career, he was part of the local creative scene in Pictou Nova Scotia. They are talented young men who are film makers, singer/songwriters, painters and just every creative kind of job you can think of. Some are still in college, some have already graduated. But they get together every now and then, to make good music. My friend Layne Greene introduced me to the music of MacNeil. They both collaborated on various recordings which can be summed up through this video.

There is that sunny air around him. He is friendly and supportive of other musicians. A comedian at times. He fronts a jazz quartet that plays all over eastern Canada. There is that wildness in his style. And take a look  at him when he plays. That facial expression alone is priceless! I am really excited to introduce you to someone as talented as MacNeil. Hopefully we will get more youtube uploads from him, a website or perhaps an EP (if a full-length album is too much at this early stage of his promising musical career).

I bet my blogging fingers that he has a bright future ahead. He has the looks, the flair and most of all the talent to captivate listeners.

Pitch takes the Chapman Stick to the Next Level.



Album: Conquistador


Bruno Pitch : Chapman Stick
Syloë : Vocals
Guix Huré : Drums

Location: Moulins, France

This is my first encounter with the Chapman Stick instrument. Although this has been constructed in the 70s I’ve never heard any band who takes the usage of this unique instrument to the next level.  Pitch is a band based in France. The music grows on you at first listen. It’s probably the stings which is rare in a jazz/prog rock band. It must be the vocals of Syloë. Or probably the driving beat of Guix Huré. But whatever it is that makes Pitch a fascinating band, it’s something to do with their musicianship.

Magellan’s Dream has that adventurous flair that calls to mind Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I love accent in Syloë’s voice. She also has a perfect Jazz voice. There is that part of the track around 4:00 where the strings make an Irish jig sound.

In Easter Island, I like how Syloë”s emphasizes on the sound of the vowels “Easter Isllllllaaaaaannnnggggddd.” The instrumental solo that starts before 4:00 is electrifying. More notable tracks are Land of the Pirates and Cap Horn.

Pitch is an exciting name in progressive rock that is courting mainstream fans due to the beautiful melodies and excellent musicianship of the members. When you are on a cruise, play this music and by the time you get back you will be anticipating their next album. That’s how addicting Pitch is!


Formed in 2009 under the name of ‘Bruno Pitch’, this french band from Moulins city was an instrumental project based on Chapman Stick compositions, in 2010 the first album was made : Crystal Garden.

In 2012 the new band was born with the singer Syloë, the project changed is name to ‘Pitch’.
A new album was realized in summer 2012 : Conquistador, composed of 9 songs and an instrumental track.

Music video by Pitch performing Easter Island
Music : Bruno Pitch, Syloë, Guix Huré
Lyrics : Bruno Pitch
Movie by Charly Picciocchi – Mertz-TV



Metamorphobro by Jork

Elder studio performance for RTE digital radio
— with Jork on drums. Photo courtesy of Alexis Nealon

Hellloooo indie fanatics. Today is another great day for music. I want to bring this great guy to your attention. He has a new track out called Metamorpho bro. Jork  explores musical realms very few artists would. I mean just listen to this track and you will know what I am talking about. It will rearrange the way you think and listen to music. I love how he puts so much effort in the production of his tracks. But let us be honest here. This isn’t something that anyone who is into mainstream would really dig. It takes repeated listens until it grows on you. And when it does, expect roots and branches…and even flowers. I know I am hearing two musical ideas in this track but I just want to be sure. So I asked Jork a.k.a Lee Tobin.

According to Jork:

I wrote two melodies and two harmonies. I wanted to make the two work together, or at least change a little to fit together.

Bingo!That explains why I think I am hearing two tracks at the same time. Clever.

A Wonderful Moment with The Ged Brockie Band

Ah, jazz music is fun. It is that joy of visualizing instruments chasing each other in a carousel of sound. I am a type of listener who stops everything when I need to listen to music. Listening to The Ged Brockie Band, I had to close my eyes and let the smooth sound of his guitar wash through me. The other instruments create  a silky blanket of sounds that perk up the  soul into a pleasant rhythm. As a solo artist, Ged Brockie has already established himself among the best jazz players of the world. According to his website:

Ged Brockie is a Scottish jazz and contemporary guitarist who has gained an international reputation, recognised as a performer, composer and educator; his work has taken him across Europe to the west coast of America. His unique and powerful compositional voice has led to the use of his compositions in many media and educational works as well as several feature films.

Check out their facebook:


And of course the band sire:

GED BROCKIE BAND: Ged Brockie (guitars), Andy Mitchell (bass), Bryden Stillie (drums), Euan Stevenson (keys)…other members to be confirmed.

New Track from Jork

Chinese Whispers for Drunk Assholes…kind of a tasty name for a track that combines elements of Jazz-very progressive though and scales that approach atonal elements. Jork has mastered the sense of atmosphere and textural beauty. Is this going to be the new direction for a new album after the two offers: Uneasy Truce and Superanuated? In terms of the revolutionary chiptune genre,  Jork a.k.a. Lee Tobin is the man!