New Music Video from Alternative Rock artist Joey Smokes!

I think what separates greatness from mediocrity is not just a matter of opinion. It’s all about filling the plate by making the whole experience memorable. This is the kind of consistency I found in the music of Joey Smokes. He puts so much detail in his work. “Don’t FxxK With Me (I Will Find You)(Official w/ Explicit Lyrics) has already zapped more than 60,000 views in just three days! That’s quite a feat.

His style grows in you in a light speed. This is because of the clever hooks and dynamic structure in the music. Between splashes of guitar- driven choruses enters the quieter instrumental parts that convey atmosphere and thoughtful playing. He reminds me of Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and actor C. Thomas Howell. His energy as a performer is like a force of nature. He exhibits strong vocals with impressive range.

His other music video ”No Ending” (Our Night) attracted more than 474,000 views already. His songs are rooted in the Hard/ Alternative Metal/ Indie/ Punk category. The lyrics deal with revenge and falling into hard times. I think his appeal lies in his ability to captivate listeners in an audio-visual level. His renditions  have that magnetic core drawing listeners into the heart of his sentiments without being too ingratiating. During the last part of the song I’m Not Ready , he punches off that overwhelming vocal catharsis that you don’t really hear these days among other artists.

In this track, his voice has that slight quiver that displays sensitivity in the midst of the raging chorus. A song that really resonates these universal sentiments inside us. Joey Smokes is the real deal. He won’t take bullsh*t so you better not f**k with him!

You can buy this track from itunes.

Joey Smokes Newest Music Video Release "Don't FxxK With Me (I Will Find You)(Official w/ Explicit Lyrics).


EDA- They Could Have Everything.



Band: EDA

Album: Self-titled EP

Genre: Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Heavy Metal


Guitar: Jamie McNeil,

Drums: John Greensmith,

Bass: JP

Vocals: Chris Findlay

Hometown: Glasgow

It seems that Scottish rock band EDA (EDA (Eat Dr Ape)are gearing towards success in the States with their inclusion in the rooster of Alexis Records which is based in Los Angeles. They are included as part of a compilation  released on the 18th June. Critics likened them to Linkin Park but here’s the thing: They look and sound better. Ha! I might get into trouble for saying there is this special quality not just with their sound but also their image.

The single is You Could’ve Had Everything. It talks about this girl who could have had a great relationship with this guy. But she threw it all away for the sake of something mundane or superficial. Now she wants to go back but the guy says ‘ you could’ve had everything.’ Chris Findlay nailed the sentiments as a vocalist. His voice has an expressive quality on top of a wide range. And his presence is also magnetic.  I really appreciate the inclusion of keyboards in their tracks. It adds to the ‘cinematic’ feel of the music. Jamie McNeil is blessed with an excellent musical intuition providing the rifts and electrical vibes running all over the tracks. John Greensmith hammers those skins like there’s no tomorrow while JP keeps everything on the groove with his bass.

I think the band know what they are doing and what they plan to accomplish. Check out an interview with them via OnRed Season 3 Episode 1 where the band discuss their touring, how they met and also big things coming their way in the United States.

The bands’ tracks from the compilation are available via Millbury