Parts of Me – Madison Park & Beechkraft OFFICIAL Video

i mentioned a couple of days ago that Madison Park and Beechkraft are releasing a new single called Parts of Me. This time the video is available for your viewing pleasure. I like the direction of the video as it reflects the tranquility of the music. Madison Park brings class and artistic grandeur to pop music. I admit I am not the type who listens to mainstream music but this song is both mainstream and alternative. If you are a fan of trip hop groups like Mono, Portishead, St Etienne and The Pet Shop Boys then this is something for you.

I admire beautiful voices and this artist certainly has it. She should work with soundtrack producers and get her voice up there in the silver screens. But who knows? We get a taste of that one day. cover326x326
The video sees Madison Park stepping into a train in black jacket and blue jeans. She’s also wearing a cap over her blond hair. Then there are flashes of her in a stylish dress and boots walking on a field of white daisies. That bandana looks cool. We also see her in a black dress walking in the woods. Electronic music has always been identified with urban scenes in music videos. Or sometimes they can have a Science fiction quality. I am glad this one has scenes of nature which is really refreshing. That scene where she contemplates at the lake is very Zen.
If this is going to be the musical direction of the 2015 album then it is something to be excited about. I miss chill-out pop. I miss beautiful singing. I miss atmosphere and music videos without men or women getting naked and singing songs that have nothing to do with the music video. Madison Park really deserves much respect and praise for Parts of Me.
I learned that a new album is due early 2015. The single is now available for download  here:… or here:… as well as a number of digital download stores. Also listen on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and more.

Official Website:

Special thanks to Cool New Media, Katrina Weeks, Michael Weeks, Todd Klingenberg and a gang of sizeable mosquitoes for the production of this video.

Because out theme is chillout pop, let me introduce other artists who are also in the category. The first one is a Greek musician and this is his new single. Details below:
Artist : Whodoes –
Song : Memories
Album :Empirico
Editing : Aris Trianatafillou
Graphic Animations : Konstantinos Kefalianos
Special Effects : Taken by INK examples
Extra Help : Giorgos Belsis
Next, is a UK artist Paula. Details follow:
2014 Mix of my vox collaboration Dreams (Midsummer Night)
Music and spoken vox : Loic Rathscheck
Lead vox and melody : Paula
Lyrics : William Shakespeare
(Puck : A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Artwork : Arthur Rackham
© Copyright 2014Lyrics : No more yielding, but a dream, You have but slumber’d here.

LeVant – Sideways (Official Video)

LeVant – Sideways (Official Video)

There comes a point when music becomes too homogenized that breaking the rule of what music should be, comes to the fore. This is what I got when I listened to the recordings of LeVant( George D. Stanciulescu) and I tell you, his tunes can either be something you like right away or something that need time to proliferate themselves into your subconscious. One  example is the new single Sideways. It is a trip chilled out track with layered sounds and arresting vocals. It’s perfect to relax to after a long day but can also be a source of scrutiny if you want to know what it is all about.

I think his songs are snippets of 20th century music made into a delicious salad of beats and melodies, a witness to the evolution of musical styles. Such parts are distilled into a 4-minute song. Some of them approach the atonal realm of modern composers  Schoenberg. What made the complex parts cohesive are the rhythmic simplicity.

There is also something very Romanian about his music but this influence can be subtle. Now watching the music video made for Sideways, is such a treat. I don’t want to write spoilers so you better see it for yourself.

I asked him about the video. I noted that it really fits the music.  This was his reply:
“Well, the video was basically kind of indie filmed and it features one of the most known contemporary fringe performers in Romania, namely Irinel Anghel. A friend of mine filmed her perform, I did the editing & the montage, so probably that’s why the music & the visuals fit.”

Official video for LeVant’s new experimental electronica single, featuring an exclusive performance by multimedia artist Irinel Anghel.

Recitations by Nicoleta Lefter.

Music, production & video edit by George D. Stanciulescu.

Camera : Stefan Marginean

(c) 2014



With George D. Stanciulescu and LeVant at Train Delivery 2014.


Escape into the wind by Loic Rathscheck

About the video:

Loic:Thanks to Ives for sending me the Go Pro video mounted onto my dad’s vintage sail boat (Aile).

The pictured crew members are my dad and Ives. The music is a joint track from Paula and myself.

The challenge here was to edit material that came from only one camera perspective.

The idea was to create a video that shows the little importance of time when you sail. Let the wind take you along! Don’t be fooled though, concentration and effort are still required.

I have spent some good times at the Yacht Club de l’Ile de France.

This video is dedicated to my farther for his birthday, the kind people at the Yacht Club de l’Ile de France and to all those who enjoy sailing.

Here is the link to the club’s page:


Icon by Nouvelle Electro

For those who haven’t heard yet, this was posted earlier this year. Nouvelle Electro as Paula(England) and Ian Henderson (Ireland)

This is a beautiful tribute to the late and great Marilyn Monroe.

Avonmore by Bryan Ferry

I am listening to Avonmore which is the new album from the frontman of Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry. Something happened in the course of the time I was listening. I am only halfway to the album and I can tell this is one of the best albums to ever happen in 2014. It is beautiful, advanced and electrifying. And how can you miss that voice? It’s been with us since the 70s and it shows no sign of surrendering to time. If there is something that happened to it, time only made it better. Avonmore

Of course I have my favourites like Soldier of Fortune and Driving Me Wild. I also love the title track Avonmore and the slower tunes. Ferry is a sorcerer of songs and he is dangerous because he makes you wish you can sing and write songs that way. I think the term ‘polish’ is what’s lacking in today’s young singer/songwriters. The polishing part is left to the producers or engineers. Hopefully this album will reintroduce that in the current scene.

Now that I have completed listening to the album, I have picked my favourites including the title track and the slower tunes like Soldier of Fortune. Everything was like a carnival ride from the opening track Loop De Li to the last song Johnny and Mary. Listening to an album should be, after all, a ride. It must fun! Check out his version of Sondheim’s Send in the Clowns. It’s epic.

You can buy the album via his official website:


My Friend Loic Rathscheck in a Commercial!

Loic Rathscheck is an electronic music composer but has also ventured in acting on the side. If you haven’t yet, please check out his website: You can listen to his music and watch the art videos he created. Great guy. Awesome friend!


Here’s his collaboration with English electronic singer/composer Paula:


Speaking of Paula, here’s her project for UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund. Buy now if you haven’t yet.

Hi everyone, here is the information about the Palestinian Tatreez piece on sale to raise money for the UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund. The price is £75.00 and all money raised after framing costs will be donated. Postage and packing extra, quotes can be given. Please help spread the word and pm the MOS page or myself if you are interested. Thank you, Paula
For a good cause! Paula from Nouvelle electro has personally hand stitched four traditional Palestinian Tatreez designs combined in one professionally framed picture. The cross stitch pieces have been sewn in bright red, dark red, orange, lilac and light green on navy aida. Available for the price of £75.00 plus postage and packing (quotes can be given). The work will be sent “signed for”. All money raised after framing costs will be donated to UNRWA Relief Fund (confirmation will be provided). Thanks for your support! Please help spread the word and share!-Paula

More info here:

Electronic Musician appears in Wladimir Klitschko’s ROCKY Commercial

What a fun video! It was a pleasant  surprise to see electronic musician Loic Rathscheck contributing his singing part in this video. It is a commercial for Wladimir Klitschko who is a  Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer. I know Loic as an electronic keyboard musician who already contributed music to films. He also released independent albums. This made my day.

Here’s the German description for the video since this is made for Hamburg:

ROCKY – Das Musical Hauptdarsteller Drew Sarich singt mit Wladimir Klitschko die Rocky Fanfare…und ganz Hamburg steigt mit ein. Hamburg ist bereit für ROCKY

Loic Analog Digital Shift

Just dropped by the Loic Digital Analog Shift  music page on myspace to listen to his latest tracks. Loic and I go all the way back when myspace was new and it was impressive to have around. Now it is not the same as before but the music space is still excellent. I get some of my blog ideas from myspace music and all the artists that inhabit the sphere. Loic is one of those amazing electronic artists that I got to interview and  know as friend. His music is embellished with beautiful melodies and textured synth harmonies; a wall of sound that owes its charm through atmosphere and grooves.

Check out the Oksa Pollock trailer here: