Watch!!!aero. – LOVE (Official Music Video)

I think Tippy’s Bistro will be part of our local history as a place where it all started. I am talking about Indieka Bacolod, a collective of bands that are making music independently.  Having attended a few gigs, their musical styles have solidified in my mind and it is easy to describe their individual  sound and what to expect when you go see them.

When they get to the stage, they really deliver the goods with gusto. All the musicians and singers take pride in what they do and I think that the belief in one’s craft is a fuel that can inspire listeners. So perhaps the trick is to be passionate, to persevere while also create something that you believe in. Truth in your art will always resonate with the audience. As a ‘sound’ guy, I am more into the quality of the music whenever I go to concerts. But these artists have proven that lyrical talent is very important because when it is true then it will touch you.

  The night was about the launching of Aero’s new music video called ”Love”. Sound check was done earlier but the show started later to accommodate more people. Events like this make remind me of the approach that Aero takes with his music: as a tool to unite people and create artistic communities. Spaces like these can everyone an oppurtunity to get together, share ideas and then BOOM! Something amazing happens. Creative people make the city and perhaps it can be the other way around. 

  The Pedal Community rode to the venue with their cruiser and fixed gear bikes. It’s been their vision to make Bacolod a bike-friendly city. So they are hoping to get more people to join them. Everyone found a seat and ordered beers. Several bands performed. They all gave their best. 

A few minutes before the launch, Christer Isulat walked near the stage with his Macbook. The Tippy’s crew helped him in putting up the projector screen. Aero explained the process and the people involved in the making. He thanked his family and friends and soon it was ready. 

  A celebration of life and love.

  Love opens with Aero rapping while riding a tandem bike with his son. It was a composite of several shots(I know because we were there as part of the Pedal Community) mainly in the NGC grounds. More scenes follow breaking in and out of the visual dialogue seamlessly. There are cool cars, a dog riding a skateboard(no kidding) and it closes with him around his friends and family. The sunny filter and fluid shots are due to the style of director Chrisler Isulat who will probably direct music videos of other bands in the future. 

  It looks clean and sophisticated but no so slick in a Taylor Swift kind of way if you know what I mean 😉 It is something that MYX or MTV would really play. So hopefully it will get a good reception out there and many people will get to see it. And maybe it will boost Bacolod tourism in the process who knows eh? I mean, a friend who now lives in Manila used to call this a ‘quiet’ town. But it isn’t so quiet anymore because there now more to see. I can talk about my own interpretation of the music video but I will give you the space to talk it out amongst yourselves and decide if it we should see more like it. 

  You know what’s a total trip? It’s going to these gigs using the bicycle. By the time you get there, your endorphins are high. You can wrap it up with a bottle of beer while listening to live music. And this is all over the music video of “Love.” 

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 9.25.28 AM

Drip Lines: A(nother) Failed Attempt at Closure

A(nother) Failed Attempt at Closure by Drip Lines touches on the realm of symbology, in an aesthetic and psychological level.

Everything we do can be symbolic. For instance, pouring yourself a cup of tea while listening to Gregorian chants before sunrise can be a symbol of welcoming spirituality in your work. Or having that moment of silence is symbolic of purifying your sphere so that creativity can enter. So is undressing. Which is the center of this video by Electronic indie pop band Drip Lines. It has an interesting background:

Jake O'Neal a.k.a. Drip Lines

Jake O’Neal a.k.a. Drip Lines

The video, originally silent, was created by Megan St. Clair as part of her BFA thesis at the University of Colorado Boulder in May 2014. The description read: if an act of undressing a new lover creates a beginning, does the act of dressing an obsolete lover create closure?

The piece inspired Drip Lines to compose a work of the same title which ultimately led to the concept and creation of his debut EP “Evolution of a Love”. As an artistic experiment, the two pieces were later combined.

So what do I think about the music? I like it. It’s in the style of bands I listened to when I was exploring alternative music in the 90s. I love the atmospheric style. The layered vocals and space guitar style work well. The drums sound as if they were recorded on a tape and played back. Actually everything sounds like they’ve been played back and recorded underwater. How did Jake O’Neal did this?

This is a kind of song I would listen to if I want to stay in my bedroom the whole day and read. Oh yeas there are moments when being in a bubble can be total bliss. The artwork for Evolution of Love is also fantastic. The psychedelic flowers remind me of the early days of the hippie counter-culture and all people want to do is believe in love and be a fruitarian. I think O’Neal has embraced a bit of these qualities, though I must say he is very much in the ‘now.’