Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with “No One Is Like Everyone Else”

No One is Like Everyone Else….

This song title keeps playing in my head as I start my morning coffee today. It is kind of fantastic when you think about it, that not all music is about references to sex, violence and hate. There’s still good music out there. You just need to look for it.

Alex Pardini has just released an album called Walk Laugh Live Die and No One is Like Everyone Else is the second single. The first one( Live to Live) is a catchy chill beat track that incorporates the use of rnb, soul, funk and pop to create a stylish tune that’s radio friendly and memorable. This one is more blues oriented with a nod to classic rock. If you are keen on hearing the lyrics behind the melody then you will realize that this Swiss artist is not your typical pop master. He is a musical philosopher with a zen disposition.

In a world where people are hurt due to hate crimes. Where kids are harassed for being different, this is a comfort song to have. And yes no one is like everyone else and that is why life is precious. I like the concept of the video showing people wearing shoes. “Walk in my shoes” is a catchy phrase that is really all over this video. People from all walks of life showing different outlooks and fashion sense. Shiny happy people you meet everyday. Wonderful people that make this life worth living.

I think many should hear and share his music because what he does is really amazing. His outlook is fresh. His style is exquisite. Listening to his songs is like stepping into this colorful city. Where life is fuller and richer. For me music is an escape from reality. It might not be real but it is a good vision of what reality should be. I love this tune!

Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with

Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with “No One Is Like Everyone Else”

Don Beekeeper Releases His Full-Length Album Slave

Slave by Don Beekeeper

The Brother found me
in the tall trees
I was finding a way
out through the other side
He asked me my name
I told him I was a slave
and he gave me his bread
and walked away-Slave

Don Beekeeper and the term ‘relaxing’ are never really at home with each other. His songs might not always be comprised with loud instruments and screaming but they aim to provoke. And his lyrics promise to move regardless of the subject. Dramatic, scalding but at the same beautiful. Everything in Slave, his full-length album is filled with emotional complexity and dynamic sounds that defy categorization. It seems like punk but not really. You can say it’s more like folk music but then again it’s not. It is everything and yet neither. “There are characters in the album. They are analogues of one another. It’s probably not gonna be that obvious, really.”

Don is a master story teller sculpting narratives in fluid style that draws you in a punishes you with something you are aware, be it the memory of bad relationships, pathetic personalities or nightmares or existence. Slave comes with a PDF as liner notes. The lyrics are placed along the pictures that Don made himself. I have to say the album design is impressive considering that he never got any help putting everything together.

Slave eleven tracks. It begins with the title track .

Your impulse
like the waves of the ocean
is crossing the world
away from everything..

Don’s poetry shines in every track as exemplified by Slave which is just a taster for what’s to come. The dense poetry and emotional catharsis are all over this album. Coupled that with music that has the dramatic intensity of any Hitchcock movie and what you get is something that flaps, kicks and rolls on your dinner table as you watch open mouthed at such display of something that’s hard to define. And yes very much alive.

Mardi Gras follows. His voice takes an eerie ululation during the chorus following the narrated verses. In The Fall is a bitter-sweet ballad. He paints life’s terrible blows as they are:

” I know the way
Is filled with pain and loss
But life don’t give you tickets
To a ball. “

Answer the Phone Denise is a lover begging for forgiveness in a sarcastic tone:

And I know you’re better – and you know I’m worse.
I pushed you but never made you fall….
So, I’ll try once again, harder than before.
And when I call you, please answer the phone, Denise.

Catch and Release reminds me of the Beat Generation. I don’t know if Don finds this flattering but his narration sounds a bit like Kerouac reading from On the Road or the Dharma Bums.

This street is endless
The naked light breaks through the noise But can’t turn the corner And I have to find a
place to sit for a while……

Solo piano and voice give way to Bound. Don’s voice become deep and reminds of Leonard Cohen. There’s percussion used occasionally to add to the eerie atmosphere of the track. Like the album’s title, there is a recurring theme running all over.  Only A Slave continues the theme which begun with the first track.

Night is Falling Fast is another piano and voice track. This is the side of Don’s songwriting and arrangement that I am getting to love.

And I wait that the day of ascendance
As surely as rain
I’ll knot the hair on your face
And colour your eyes with lavender.”.

……Goes the second to the last verse of Savior.  Brother showcases nice harmonica parts which Don plays well. This is the kind of track you would love to play as you watch the clouds move by above the Canadian prairies. Free closes this album perfectly.

“It’s always gracious
How life can be a nuisance
it’s always making demands of you.”

Slave is a collection of songs that makes you want to listen because of the sentiments that’s universal. It is like a novel apart form the fact that it is a musical effort. Each song is a story that is connected to the rest of the tracks. Slave is a must have if you into intelligent lyrics, interesting arrangements and yes distinctive strong male voices.

You went your own way
Leaving me here with the dogs
And the dishes are broken on the floor

But I know what went wrong
And it won’t take me that long to
Clean this mess and start again
Time can leave the windows open to the rain -Not part of any song but an extra writing.

Slave by Don Beekeeper

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CD baby will follow soon.

Looking for the light of the world

In this edition: Layne Greene, Popsicle and Gen Hansard

I think something that gives you a big blow in life teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you caution and also what to expect. It can also be an experience that changes you into something else. Everything is Chemistry. We mix, merge and then we break apart leaving a trail of either good or bad results. We human beings don’t ever get to learn after all. But bad experiences can teach us what to expect or avoid. But like I said, we don’t learn from experiences. I think like the hunger for knowledge, stupidity is an itch we need to scratch. I also think that we only end up doing stupid things when either we lost the urge to do them or we just found another thing that will preoccupy us.

I experienced (and still experiencing) that feeling when you end up standing alone in the dark. As if someone pulled the plug of a light bulb from the source and everything is just darkness. In that darkness we become sensitive to small things. Maybe a hum or a source of light no matter how faint. Then we wait for beeps and flashes and we move to them. When you have undergone an experience where you have NOTHING left then you just take whatever you can.

I guess the best songwriters in the world know about this period where someone pulled the plug. Even those who don’t write lyrics seem to understand this. That is why there is more to music than just a sense of escape. A sense of understanding and connection are also what we look for. We can’t find that from everyday people so we look for the comfort of strangers who do great art. They are the only ones who aren’t afraid to bare their souls to the world to reveal the basic human experience that we all have. I think it is brave to be honest and to be vulnerable in the midst of danger.

This is the danger of being either typecast or misjudged. And we all have that. However there are those who go an extra mile to deny who they really are inside for fear of persecution. They deny to the point that they hurt themselves and those around them. And my topic about the big blow in life points to that. No calamities or disasters hurt more than relationships. And this includes betrayal from people whom initially called your friends. But do we ever learn?

Layne Greene. Artwork by Sphere Music

Disappointed (The Frames) covered by Layne Greene. He will be doing this kind of project until Christmas.

Today’s edition focuses more on songs inspired by these things and I think there are rising artists who are able to come up with their own interpretations of life’s disappointment. Ah that word. That is actually the title of a cover done by Nova Scotia folk singer Layne Greene. In this track, he did everything including the tricky guitar part. He has a knack for combining his classical background together with jazz styles.

He also did a bit of vocal experimentation here. Not the kind of thing he did since he focused more on the instruments and arrangement in his previous projects. He recorded this track in a small room and he said he had to step back  or walk to the other side of the room for the parts where he has to raise his voice. This is the start of his many interpretations of the songs of Glen Hansard. This one is taken from the album For the Birds by The Frames.  He credits the artist as one of those who influenced his song writing. I think he made a great choice emulating the right guy since this world is really in need of people who really write songs form the heart and know the human condition. When I listened to the lyrics of Disappointed I swear Glen could have written that song for me. I am sure there are those out there who can relate. We need a message in a bottle. Someone to tell us that we are not alone in this. And whatever sufferings we have, someone is there to share the burden. Sometimes we don’t need ‘help’ to get through this. All we need is understanding.

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Flasback: Popsicle – Histrionics

These guys helped defined the 90s music. Very melodic noise pop.


The Soundtrack of your Life: Glen Hansard – Bird of Sorrow

This is the fifth track off  Rhythm and Repose and I find myself listening to it everyday. His words are comforting and his voice is like a hug in the dark. Life is hard but we just have to get up and get going. There is hope out there. I am sure you believe this. Let this song help you find your way.

Glen Hansard Bird Of Sorrow Lyrics

Songwriters: HANSARD, GLEN
Even if a day feels to long
You feel like you can wait another one
And you’ve slowly given up on everything
Love is gonna find you again
Love is gonna find you, you better be ready then
Well you been kneeling in the dark for far too long
You’ve been waiting for that spark but it hasn’t come
I’m calling to you please get off the floor
A good heart will find you again
A good heart will find you just be ready then
Tethered to a bird of sorrow
A voice that’s buried in the hollow
You’ve given over to self-deceiving
You prostrate bow but not believing
You’ve squandered more than you could borrow
You bet your joy on all tomorrows for the hope of some returning
While everything around you is burning
Come on we gotta get out get out of this mess we’ve made
And still for all our talk we’re both so afraid
But will we leave this up to chance like we do everything
Love is gonna find us again
Love is gonna find us you gotta be ready then
Tethered to a bird of sorrow
A voice that’s buried in the hollow
You’ve given over the self- deceiving
You prostrate bow but not believing
You’ve squandered more than you could borrow
You bet your joy on all tomorrows for the hope of some returning
While everything around you is burning
But I’m not leaving yet
I’m not leaving yet
I’m not leaving yet
I’m not leaving yet
Yeah I’m not leaving
I’m not leaving yet
Yeah I’m hanging on
I’m hanging on
Oh what’s gonna come
Oh I’m hangin on
Hangin on hangin on hangin on hanging on hanging on hanging on
And the fateful with the faithful I’m hanging on
What’s gonna come oh, what’s gonna come
Hanging on hanging on with the faithful the faithful