Mary Fahl Is At Her Most Theatrical With The Great Valerio (Official Music Video)

When Mary Fahl fronted the October Project, she was the force behind the band. According to her contract, she was not allowed to write music or do anything besides singing. With these limitations, she used her hands to convey the power of the songs like an operatic diva. After the band broke up, she had to do things independently, including playing the guitar and writing songs. It is great to see such self-reliance, but I think she is at her most arresting when she sings, using her body language to amplify the heart and soul of the song. The Great Valerio is the first official music video from Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, the just-released album of her favorite songs. I had no idea she likes ELO, and this is a great surprise. 

So what’s the story behind her decision to cover this song? Here’s the little info:

Directed and edited by Lisa Hancock, Mary Fahl reimagines this personal favorite by one of her greatest inspirations, Richard and Linda Thompson. She brings “The Great Valerio” to life utilizing archived footage of a tightrope walker to put a face to the name of this fictitious character made famous from the original recording off the album “I Want to See Bright Lights Tonight” originally released in 1974. Mary stays true to the beauty of the original recording while transforming this beloved cover into her own version with soaring #chamberpop vocals and a unique, haunting arrangement.

Indeed, her version is fascinating. I just have to write this blog because I am so pleased and have big hopes for this album.

Happy Birthday to Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project)



Photo courtesy of her official Facebook page.

Though life is a battle of wits and constant threat to all types of stability (financial, health and emotional), it is always great to have a beautiful sounding singer in our midst.

Fahl came to prominence as the lead vocalist of New York-based band October Project (who were compared to the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Renaissance, Concrete Blonde and Clannad) in the 90s. The band broke up an she pursued a solo career singing in films like Gods & Generals and The Guys. She continued to tour and release albums. Her song ‘Exiles’  was featured an audio book by Anne Rice(who is a huge fan of hers) called Wolves of Midwinter. I also read that book  and love it! A TV series based on The Vampire Chronicles is currently on the works and there is a talk about her being involved in the soundtrack.