Loic Rathscheck – Midnight Journey

Music, traveling, Photography and Acting-just a few of the many things that Loic Rathscheck does. This is his latest video-one that took months to assemble. Now it is out! Thought it is only few minutes, it took countless pictures he took through his travels. According to Rathscheck:

With “Midnight Journey”, I wanted to capture the magic of feeling free when travelling around. All frames are long exposure shots taken at night. Morphing effects were also used between pictures. These were taken in Paris, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Prague, Mexico, the French Alps, the south of France, Hamburg, etc… The photography is mine other than the rotating earth taken from a NASA website and picture of myself at the end. Yes, I am the kid at the very end of the video! 10931090_10205842185196731_8270993709536200144_n-2

I would like to thank Emma Giacomoni for the lovely vocals and the following people for assisting me with my photography: Dimitri Rathscheck, my parents, Olivier Altit, Bill Hansen, Laura Ziegler, Noal Stayner and his kids, Adrien Chauveau and Lional “Brother El” Freeman.

Some sources of inspiration were: 2001 A Space Odyssey, Inception, Jean Michel Jarre, The Art of Noise, Depeche Mode and the record cover artwork of JM Jarre’s Les Chants Magnétiques.

Enjoy and please share!

Should you have any questions or would even like a similar video for your company, band or whatever project you are working on, feel free to contact me at my gmail address displayed at the end of the video.
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Fresh Music Video – Justin Griffith(GOAT) “Hands Around My Throat”

Stand up against the struggle , Time to make a few changes.

These are the lines that are repeated throughout the song. For Justin Griffin a.k.a Grades of Absolute Truth, the message is important as the music. The aggressive sound is more Nine Inch Nails than say, Bone Thugs and Harmony. A new video debuted just a couple of hours ago and is now available via YouTube. An interview with this groovy alternative rock artist will be out soon. So watch out for that one. For now enjoy this wonderful song. And drop him a line when you can!


Walk Laugh Live Die by Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini gives us slices of life though Walk Laugh Live Die

My idea of  good music is something that  becomes part of your life. I think songs become part of our existence because we listen or use them to convey different things. We play songs to tell someone what we feel inside, especially when we can’t say it. Songs are time machines that take us back to that  time when we felt safe and loved. It could also be for dancing or relaxation. We also use songs  to channel whatever negative emotions we have inside. With their different uses in our lives, musicians are magicians casting spells to transform our reality into something bearable if not totally beautiful.

Walk Laugh Live Die by Alex Pardini is like a musical essay about what life is all about and what it should be. This isn’t just your typical funky lounge music. This is an album of songs that challenges listeners to either agree or contemplate. What I admire about Walk Laugh Live Die is this sense of cohesiveness that embraces the ten tracks. He is a great mix master and producer. The overall tempo seems to melt into each track and yet the individuality is preserved in terms of styles across songs.

The vibe is for slow dancing. It’s easy but not slow, elegant but has rugged edges courtesy of the funky guitar embellishments.  It’s an album of urban landscapes. That moment when you are done with work and you hangout with your crew and party the night away. My favorite tracks are Unknown Girl and Make Me Feel This Way. The former reminds me of Suzanne Vega’s Caramel (from Nine Objects of Desire) due to the classic synth sounds. Make Me Feel This Way gives me the feeling like I’m  floating at dusk.

Walk Laugh Live Die is a stylish album with a stylish music video. This is expected from an artist with photography as his other passion. This is an album that will linger in my playlist for a long time. Official release date is September 30.

Track listing:

Live to Live

Trouble in Paradise

The Storm

Beautiful Liar

No One is Like Everyone Else

Make Me Feel This Way

Unknown Girl

Sad Little King


You can buy the single from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-to-live-single/id684958332

As for his complete catalog: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/alex-pardini/id269952993

Album notes:

 Promo Text

Alex Pardini’s album “Walk, Laugh, Live, Die“ starts where “Made of Diversity“ ended a little over two years ago (2011). Though, it creates a world of it’s own by fortifying old paths and discovering new ones.

„Walk, Laugh, Live, Die“ is a colorful musical journey that will make you travel way further than from a to b.

Hop on!

About Alex Pardini

Alex’ musical world is a living and breathing playground of magic and surprises. His wide musical output is astonishing, but more importantly, a personal necessity.  A philosophical approach to music – a metaphor for his life.

Alex is constantly perfecting his art, experimenting and expanding his musical diversity, in order to find that all-embracing and unifying golden middle.
His photography takes his music one step further and extends his creative work into the visual realm.

A true one man operation flourishing in his cozy apartment studio. From the first shy sparkle of inspiration to the mastered song – always accompanied by his visual art.





New Music Video from Alternative Rock artist Joey Smokes!

I think what separates greatness from mediocrity is not just a matter of opinion. It’s all about filling the plate by making the whole experience memorable. This is the kind of consistency I found in the music of Joey Smokes. He puts so much detail in his work. “Don’t FxxK With Me (I Will Find You)(Official w/ Explicit Lyrics) has already zapped more than 60,000 views in just three days! That’s quite a feat.

His style grows in you in a light speed. This is because of the clever hooks and dynamic structure in the music. Between splashes of guitar- driven choruses enters the quieter instrumental parts that convey atmosphere and thoughtful playing. He reminds me of Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and actor C. Thomas Howell. His energy as a performer is like a force of nature. He exhibits strong vocals with impressive range.

His other music video ”No Ending” (Our Night) attracted more than 474,000 views already. His songs are rooted in the Hard/ Alternative Metal/ Indie/ Punk category. The lyrics deal with revenge and falling into hard times. I think his appeal lies in his ability to captivate listeners in an audio-visual level. His renditions  have that magnetic core drawing listeners into the heart of his sentiments without being too ingratiating. During the last part of the song I’m Not Ready , he punches off that overwhelming vocal catharsis that you don’t really hear these days among other artists.

In this track, his voice has that slight quiver that displays sensitivity in the midst of the raging chorus. A song that really resonates these universal sentiments inside us. Joey Smokes is the real deal. He won’t take bullsh*t so you better not f**k with him!

You can buy this track from itunes.

Joey Smokes Newest Music Video Release "Don't FxxK With Me (I Will Find You)(Official w/ Explicit Lyrics).



Featured songs: Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper), Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells cover by Layne Greene) and Dancing with tears in my eyes by Ultravox

Song artwork by Don Beekeeper

Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper)

Collaboration is an amazing thing between musician. It is a unifying force that creates alchemy and making even two opposites unite. This happens to friends and it makes you realize that no one is an island not only socially but also creatively. We all got through the process of meeting and creating something during that meeting, be it thoughts, lessons or works of art. This week, two Canadian musicians ‘sat together’ to create a song. Don Beekeeper wrote the song and Layne Greene added the guitar lines. It works! According to Don : “I wrote and recorded this with just acoustic guitar and sent it to Layne – he did the rest.” I know Layne likes to experiment with sound recording and yes, his pedals which he obsess about. Mary Arrive on Sunday is a poignant track that expresses moments we have captured as if in camera. Don uses his voice as an emotive instrument. Think of  Neil Young.


Ultravox Weekend

My two friends Loic and Paula were in Paris. They went to see the Ultravox concert. Ultravox is one of the bands that awakened me to the beauty of New Wave music as a kid. How can you not respond to Dancing with Tears in my Eyes? The video of a nuclear meltdown is also amazing!

Music video by Ultravox performing Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2009 Digital Remaster).

Speaking of Paula, she has a new collab album with My.Cosmo . Futher details from Cosmo Simnovec:

New collaboration with Paula (UK) – Falling from the sky
EP with 4 versions (Electro, Ambient, Acoustic & Demo)
Release date: November 01, 2012

Check out the album art:


Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells)

Layne Greene was responsible for my conversion to the music of Hurricane Bells. I love their sound and the production techniques they use in their recordings. One of them is the ample use of reverb. Layne provided his own reverb and slight echo in this cover version. This is the third of the series he is making until Christmas. I mentioned that I love the chord structure of this song so I asked what he used. He said:

C#6, C#maj, C#sus, C#maj

For his guitars:

“I’m using my ibanez EW acoustic for all the acoustic track, and my godin freeway classic for all the electric stuff.”

He also added:

The guitar was fun to record  one take, start to finish , nothing planned out except for the intro.The intro bit is the slide part he plays, but done without a slide, after that I just played it reallllly safe until the solo kicks in then I just threw everything I had at it without ruining it kinda let loose so to speak.

*The word collab is not really in the English language. Paula and I got the hang of it after talking about different musical projects she has with other musicians.