ALiEn TriBe Talks About The Beautiful Wordless Language of Electronic Music

LiaPatra aka ALiEn TriBe

ALiEn TriBe

I met Lia Shapiro aka ALiEn TriBe through ElectroCelt. At that time I was doing a story about Geoff and he recommended that I should check out his friend who was about to do a collaboration with him. I said absolutely! I am very visual when it comes to knowing people so I am very observant about what they have online or offline. The clothes we wear, the things we say and the music we listen to, tell strangers bits about us.

I noticed stacks of digital equipment in her photo albums. I have this thing for studio equipment. I miss the days when I used to be part of a band. I miss the feeling of being inside a shed with all the musical equipment and just playing music. It doesn’t matter what kind of instrument you have but as long as you know how to play them, then you are interesting in my book. So my curiosity about Alien Tribe’s music eventually led to this interview.

I’d describe ALiEn TriBe’s sound as mesmerizing ambient/dance  with the tendency to lean on mid-eastern melodic style. Her use of exotic scales and bundles of voice layering make you think she’s channeling Lisa Gerrard. There is something very primal about Alien Tribe. But don’t let that overwhelm you. In the end it is all about the universe of sounds and the different sensations one can experience listening to music- the language behind the swirls of wordless vowels and consonants. I am sure you will enjoy  this interview and the detailed answers of Lia Shapiro a.k.a ALiEn TriBe

Hi Lia. I guess I need to start the ball rolling and send you a few questions:

  1. You have a global outlook when it comes to music. How has collaboration affected you creatively?

LiA –  Concerning my global outlook, it probably results from having lived, traveled and worked around the world combined with the

ALiEn TriBe and ElectroCelt Eck combine musically on the AlienCelt Project.

ALiEn TriBe and ElectroCelt Eck combine musically on the AlienCelt Project.

good fortune of having been exposed to many different kinds of music. In essence, I think this has contributed greatly to my overall musical sensibilities. At this point, I seem to merge and mingle all sounds in my head, everything I’ve ever heard and uniquely make it my own way and my own style. I believe that having experienced so much of the world’s culture has enabled me to create music that is vast in scope and varied, while also throwing in bits of random American elements. Because of such an extensive global background, starting from the day I was born, my music is permeated with sound bites for everyone. I believe global hopping also lends itself well to working and getting along with others outside of my own American culture.

Delving into collaborations beyond my borders and boundaries excites me in that it brings an extra special challenge to merge my stuff with other stuff to come up with new stuff. That’s always exciting, like adding an extra special layer of intrigue to my creations, something new and foreign. I find I really enjoy collaborations, but it has to be right, not only musically but personality wise. Merging music and personalities is like any other business, partnerships or relationships. It either works or it doesn’t and sometimes it can even be a disaster if not thought out carefully. Right now I’m involved in an ongoing, permanent and immortal collaboration with Geoff Keogh. Together, we are called AlienCelt. We took a part from each of our band names and came up with that. Alien from ALiEn TriBe, my band name, and Celt from Geoff’s band name of ElectroCelt.  Geoff  is from Dublin, Ireland, but lives in Australia for now. As an American in Southern California, somehow we’ve brought both our talents together from two different continents and are busy building songs that I’m quite proud of. We work equally, both of us making the music, mixing and producing, while I add an extra element in the vocals.  

2. What do you think electronic artists can do in order to up the niche a bit and also gain more listeners?

LiA: Technically and accurately, much of the music we’re hearing now is electronic. People tend to think of electronic music as spaced out weird stuff created on equipment with cables and wires protruding and hanging all out. These days, any instrument or sound can be represented by playing it on a keyboard. Inside our keyboards and specialized programs, we have banks of sounds and musical instruments and even voices that are all programmed into our music gear with great accuracy. These instruments sound just as real as the original instrument, and in fact are real.  I can play any type of guitar, or stringed instrument on my keyboard or any kind of horn and so on and you could not tell the difference. I also have the ability to electronically re-program any sound to make it my own sound, even the original sound of a physical instrument all within my keyboard and programs.

Many people are listening to electronic music, although they may not be aware of it or know exactly how it’s created in the studio. Pop songs, rock, hip-hop, any music at all can be created electronically, then reproduced on the stage for live performance by simply converting to physical instruments played by humans for the sake of visuals. What I mean is, I can play a guitar for example or a violin, even a whole orchestra of violins, all on my keyboard by simply programming it in, then playing. In a live performance, I might choose to hire a person to play a guitar or have people playing a whole section of violins. But, I do have the capability of designing my own violin section in my programs and playing it myself on my keyboard. It’s all really quite magic, what we can do now with music technology!

As far as gaining more listeners, this is easier now than ever before considering all the social sites. On the other hand, it can also be difficult for the independent artist as it requires constant work, long hours and the ability to promote without sounding promotional. It also requires the ability to socialize nicely online as a real human being without coming on too strong or being overly and musically aggressive.

3. What’s the best part of the world to be an electronic musician?

LiA: Hmm, well, if you consider that a lot of music out there is technically electronic music, then anywhere in the world would probably be a good place. For pure and obvious electronic sounds, probably anywhere beside America would be good. Europe seems to embrace pure electronic and alternative sounds more than the US.

4. Can you give us a bit of info about your studio gear?

LiA: I’m an all Korg kind of person and one of few females listed on the Korg website in a massive sea of guys. My main piece of equipment is a rather large sized Korg Keyboard called an M3-Workstation. Attached to it in true outer space style is a Korg Radius synth with lots of knobs, lights and endless possibilities for creating sounds. Also I have an old Korg Triton Module, again, endless sounds and the capability of creating my own sounds and reprogramming all sounds. Between these three Korg products, I have enough sound producing equipment to keep me busy for the rest of my life and into the next one!

5. How about a background concerning the collaborative work you are doing with ElectroCelt? How’s the production going?

LiA: Geoff Keogh is ElectroCelt from Dublin, Ireland now living in Australia. We met up on Facebook through a mutual friend who lives in Ireland. As well, Geoff first heard my music on a UK radio station presented by Terry James Hawke. He said when he first heard it, he went, “who is that?” I’m not sure if he heard my music first or if we became friends first through our mutual friend or maybe it happened both at the same time. It wasn’t long before he asked if I’d like to do collaboration with him. I was astounded because I knew of ElectroCelt and had heard his music as well on the UK radio station. Back then, I was in awe and thought of him as “The Great ElectroCelt,” so when he inquired about a music collaboration with me, I was amazed and very surprised.  We proceeded  nicely and found that we worked well together, very compatible musically and our personalities fit together as far as forming a musical collaboration.

I’ve learned over time that music collaborations are like any other partnership. Besides the music part, personalities and similar emotions are also involved and it either works or it doesn’t. The music started to flow between us as we passed tracks back and forth between California and Australia, each of us doing our part equally in creating music and doing the mixing and production.  Geoff and I work very harmoniously and somehow agree about everything. We also give each other space and freedom to each do our own thing within a piece of music that we’re working on. Amazingly as well, we seem to not only agree on everything, but we genuinely like what the other one does.

We’re finishing up a fourth song for an EP that will hopefully be released in 2013, then we’ll get busy on another one. We sort of decided to release shorter length EP’s, versus longer playing albums because people seem real eager to get their hands on the music as quickly as possible.   I think people will be surprised when they hear our music together.  Seems we bring in all the best elements of our individual music and when it gets merged and mixed up together, something new and quite exciting happens. What appears is a bit of Irish, a bit of Australian and a bit of American, even maybe certain elements of Native American, but also remnants of rock. It becomes just a big swirl of musical intrigue that meanders down a new and different, very international and diverse path, but one that will forge ahead and seems to make people perk up along the way and take notice. That is AlienCelt…and we’re really quite excited and proud of ourselves. 

6. You are good in engaging people in a conversation. And you are also involved with your online listeners as you try to accommodate questions, responses and even humorous topics. Is this an acquired skill as you evolved personally and musically?

LiA: Yes, it’s very much an acquired skill and one which came to me rather late in life. For the first half of my life, I was extremely shy and it was very painful being that way. With all my heart, I really did want to connect with others and to be comfortable in talking with them.  When younger, all through school, I was hardly able to talk to anyone. It truly felt like I was an alien and had dropped down in the midst of a strange and foreign world. Before the Internet, I’d be at the library pouring through stacks of books on the topic of “shyness.” They called it being “shy” then, but now it’s called “social anxiety.”

Later on in life as a young adult and much to my dismay, I was still shy and could not get or keep a conversation going. I had read that for shy people to do well, just ask questions. I tried that approach, but once the person answered my question, I couldn’t think of anything more to say. Many years later, I don’t know what happened, but maybe with the experience of life and wanting with all my heart to engage people, things started happening bit by bit. I’ve always been involved with music one way or another, and it doesn’t really pay to be shy, so the music brought me out, as well as a lot more exposure to people through various activities. As well, I was online from the very beginning when a lot of people were not there yet.

My first online exposure was at the early Compuserve message boards.  After that I created my own website for a book I wrote, called, “Comes the Awakening: Realizing the Divine Nature Of Who You Are.” That book is still making the rounds and from that, I was known as LiaLight. For my LiaLight website, I made a message board and a chat room when many people had not yet discovered the Internet. I started to gain real skills in online communication and was very active for five years managing my website, message board and chat room. Eventually Myspace came along and I spent years there, uploading my music and talking to people. Finally a friend talked me into joining Facebook. For awhile, I was involved in both Myspace and Facebook until eventually I started to settle in more at Facebook. I’d say it’s taken me many years to gain experience in online communication, as well as “real life” communication.  When you think about it, being able to communicate effectively online is a fairly recent phenomenon. I’m not sure any of us start out as naturals without a few glitches here and there and misunderstandings. One thing I’ve learned is that written communication is an art form in being able to translate all we think and feel correctly into the written word.

When you have a product as well, such as music, art or a book, for instance, that’s another level of correct communication. Of course you want everyone in the world to know what you’ve created, but we can’t go beating everybody over the head with it constantly. It takes a lot of restraint, diplomacy and good manners to communicate effectively on social sites when you’re just about dying for everyone to know your product…and hopefully they’ll buy it when they do know it. I’ve learned through much experience that it’s better to hope for the best and in the meantime, just do your best. These days, that means being a warm, friendly person…just getting along with everyone is the key.        


August 1, 2013
Lia Shapiro aka ALiEn TriBe
Coachella Valley, Southern California USA
Electronic Musician/Singer-Songwriter/Producer
Writer and Author 

Lia Shapiro

ALiEn TriBe and ElectroCelt Eck

ALiEn TriBe and ElectroCelt Eck


Vasilis Chountas (a.k.a Whodoes) – Composer/Musician(Interview)

A different way of playing (ambient) guitars by Vasilis Chountas a.k.a Whodoes.

Sphere Music has a new featured artist. Let us welcome Vasilis Chountas known as Whodoes. He runs Whodoes musica which transcends genre and guitar styles. He has created a wall of sound by just the use of guitar. For someone who grow up with an ample dose of mainstream music, the guitar sound has been associated with loudness and intensity. All that has changed since I listened to Dolphins in the Sky, the debut album of Vasilis Chountas.

If you haven’t read my review please visit this link.

This interview was made possible through days of interaction in varying times. In between that I was listening to tracks off his albums to inspire me with the questions.

The earliest stage experience he had were several gigs in Italy around 2002-2003. He speaks three languages: Italian, English and Greek. He also contributed his talent to the band The Lost cargo as a guitarist. The band’s lead man Kostantinos Yiotas produced  the phenomenal Dolphins in the Sky.

A detailed bio can be found at the end of this interview.

Welcome Vasilis. You are Sphere Music’s Featured artist! For a start I want to know the earliest music performance you’ve been to. The thing that sort of started you to this musical path.

My first venture into concerts started in my teens. At that time I used to play covers of my favorite bands. Later in life, my first professional step came with the Greek-ethnic singer Yiota Vei. 

You do amazing stuff with the guitar that has never been approached by any guitar artist before. What made you to decide creating this style of music?

When I left my musical training to express my style freely, I realized exactly what I want as a musician and guitarist. This was my need to expand the sound of the guitar in the ichosynthesis using multi-effects pedals, and convert it into other musical instruments as possible, in a more natural way. For these reasons ,I also used other materials like violin bow, wood stick , slide ,e-bow etc and looper pedals for real time composition .As a composer over the years, i developed a personal sense of music ,combining different styles like post rock, ethnic, electro, soundtrack and chill out .

 Dolphins in the Sky is the title of your new album which is out. It contains 11 interesting tracks divided into two parts. The first half deals with floating ‘space’ music while the second half is percussive in nature and very experimental. What made you decide to use Dolphins as part of the title? 

With this separation(in mood), I want to symbolize the difference between urban and natural environment. The first part is inspired of water element, the sea and the blue sky. The second part describes the desire and the search of the countryside, the journey of mental through the daily routine of man in the city. Also is inspired of moments before and after work with ‘’ I’m late’’ and ‘’Dismist’’ tracks. I believe dolphins have a very symbolic meaning because they are among the mammals, they interact with humans and they are also symbol of ecology. All this sensitivity functions of life focus on man, as an integral part of this world.  

Your career includes live performances and recordings, compositions for live orchestra and compilation recordings. What’s the next step for you? 

The next step for me, is to complete the distribution of my cd. In the meantime, I’m working on composing and recording my next album.

What’s the state of Greek popular music these days and what are the exciting things that are happening in your country musically? 

Actually Greek and foreign pop music influence the majority of Greeks. Nevertheless, there is also a small amount of new artists and bands, who gain ground.

You studied law in Italy before devoting your energy to music. How do your reconcile the two? 

The only common element of these two, is the mathematical way of thinking. Τhe difference is, that the mathematical result of the music is less rational than law.

Name the top 5 albums you listen to these day?

Dictaphone : vertigo 2 ,Cinematic orchestra : motion #1 , Mogwai: Rock action , Hidden orchestra: Night wallks

Why did you name your project Whodoes? Instead of just your own name? 

The project name comes from my surname, which is Chountas. My need was to find a way to facilitate the pronunciation for those who don’t speak Greek, and also express my inner aspects.

Tell me the process of composing tunes. How does a tune start and how do you record them? 

First I live, listen, feel and then I compose. My life experiences whisper melodies in my ears. A separation, anger, an afternoon walk even a discussion could be the subjects that inspire me .” Why?” track for example, was an inspiration that came out after the news for our entry in the I.M.F .The feeling of sadness for the future of Greece and the political-social situation worldwide ,was the key for my inspiration. Melodies that didn’t exist at that ,time flooded my soul and so within a week I had completed the production and creation of ’’ Why?’’, who also became a videoclip afterwards.

 What can listeners expect from Whodoes in years to come in terms of sound evolution? 

The artist has a specific aim in his life. And this is what nature intends him to do. The experiment of my artistic temperament with other kinds of music or art, is what the audience expects from me.


Vasilis Chountas (a.k.a Whodoes) – Composer

Whodoes is a self-taught musician, with professional experience in music compositions for theatre performances, documentaries and narrative acts. Whodoes has performed numerous solo live acts creating musical adaptations of speech and images and has participated in many concerts and festivals.

The term Ambient-Experimental-Looped Guitar is used in order to describe the use of various techniques and gadgets converting the electric guitar into other instruments such as bowed guitar(conversion in to violin,viola,cello sounds)e-bow,slide guitar,woodsticks(conversion in to traditional santouri sound).All this comes from ‘’one man solo performance’’ using abience,beat samples and looping guitar phraces on real time.

This is the first album of the artist “Whodoes”-Dolphins In The Sky. It contains eleven instrumental pieces of music a mixture of ambient, chill out, ethnic, post rock, electro and soundtrack music.

More material are available:  





Diploma in Music Technology                                                                                                2011   :   Vocational Training Institute of Athens, Greece


2011  :   Personal music project, New Album_Dolphins in the sky

Composition, recording, mixing and mastering

Project:Whodoes-Dolphins In The Sky

2010   :  Music Project _Lost Cargo

Lead guitarist

2010  :   Urban Shadow album Hope (Archangel music) track 6“Rif Sa Da



Theatre Performances and Narrative Acts:

2011:     Composer and Musician (live solo performances, music editing,covers, sound design)

“Heroes and Myths: Quotations from the works of Tenesse


A performance produced by actors with disabilities by the theatre group “THEAMA”

Athens Festival – Technopolis Gazi
Contemporary Theatre Festival

2010:               Composer and Musician (live solo performances, music editing, sound design)

“The Mediterranean Myth of Lamia”

A performance produced by actors with disabilities by the     theatre group “THEAMA”

Acharnes Festival

2009:             Composer and Musician (Live solo performances, sound     design and musical adaptation of speech)

“The Crete of Nikos Kazantzakis”

Screenplay by Rena Venieri (actor) and direction by Manolis Mavromatis (journalist)

A co- production of the Greek broadcasting company

Technopolis Gazi

2008 – 2010:  Composer and Musician (live orchestra performances, solo musical adaptation of speech)

“Women through time: symbolizing women from Ancient Greece to the present”

Performers: Yiota Vei (singer) and Rena Venieri (actor)

A production of the European Theatre Group of Literature

and Arts

Athens Festival
Acharnes Festival
Festival of Marathonas

2008:               Composer and Musician (live solo performances, sound design, musical adaptation of speech)

“Vine harvest representation in ancient Greece – acts of wine”, Cretan Theatre Group

2008:               Composer and Musician (live solo performances, sound design, musical adaptation of speech)

“The Lament of Greece” with the participation of Yiota Vei

Ancient theatre of Acharnes, Mycenaean tomb archaeological site


2011:   Urban Shadow “Hope” presentation, Guest performer

2010:   Support Zion Train at An live club (May 21st), Athens

2009:   Music Gravity “Experimental music and improvisations”

2009:   Mama Africa Arts Festival 3, Athens


Performed solo and composed the music for the following events

2010:               Book Presentations

2009:               “Yiorgis Varlamos Engravings Exhibition”

2009:               Embassy of Iceland – own album (Whodoes: Dolphins In The Sky) presentation

2002 – 2003: Several gigs in Italy

Fresh, Unique and Hot!!!

In this edition: Erotic Market ,Whodoes album review, B3nny(past recordings) and Sacha Talens.

Write about what you know. More writers fail because they try to write about things they don’t know than for any other reason.

—William S. Burroughs, “A Review of the Reviewers”

Album Review: Dolphins in the Sky by Whodoes

Dolphins in the Sky is an ambient album composed of 11 instrumental tracks that soar (and swim). The project is composed/performed and recorded by Greek musician Vasilis Chountas (under the moniker Whodoes) who spent ample time mastering the craft of expanding the sound of the guitar using multi-effects pedals, and convert it into other musical instruments.

The album is divided into two parts. It is space music sans the percussion in the first half. The tracks have this maritime feel hence the theme of the album. It is more like urban meets nature kind of concept. I usually play the album and let the time pass by watching the ceiling oblivious to the comings and goings of the world outside. This is the recording you’d want if you are avoiding the intrusion of songs with lyrics.  He doesn’t make ‘sweet’ tunes. These are the kind that you hear being played in TV shows when cars or trains depart under the rain. They maintain that balance between sci-fi and the realistic. More like Blade Runner by Vangelis with faint traces of Pink Floyd.

5PM is probably one of the standout tracks in the first half of the album with its gradual change of chords and build up of instrumentation. The cello-like sound you hear all over is due to the use of a violin bow over guitar strings. The tracks gradually build up into pulsing beats with occasional striking guitar wails. There are times you hear sounds of the ocean like in track 5 called “Waves.” Vasilis did this sparingly as rhythmic beats and gossamer layers of instruments are given more emphasis. “Why” Has an ethnic feel to it. This is one of his compositions that is very Greek emphasizing on ancient scales.

There are surprises here. It starts with track 9 called “Looking Around” with its radio friendly beats and melodies. Track ten has a near industrial rock feel but still wrapped in the atmosphere that is all over the album. Whodoes will appeal to collectors of instrumental music for its Greek spirit and also  for the ecological sounds in the recording. Dolphins in the Sky is an album that has the digital spirit of the future encoded into the protoplasm of ancient music that sloshes, pulses and breath new life into new ears. The album is produced by Kostantinos Yiotas. He also did exclusive mixing for the  tracks Looking Around, Drop in the Ocean and Intro.

Total playing time:51:08

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Initiate
  3. 5 P.M.
  4. Dolphins in the Sky
  5. Waves
  6. Communication is Difficult
  7. Why?
  8. Drop in the Ocean
  9. Looking Around
  10. Dismist
  11. I’m Late

More music are available on:

Album : Dolphins in the sky
Music Composed by Vasilis Chountas

Sound Engineer : Fanis Maragkos & Sotiris Laskaris
Camera : Vasilis Karachoutis
Motion Graphics : Konstantinos Kefalianos


Digging up: Old recordings by B3nny.

I am chronicling the work of Danish artist b3nny who goes by  a lot of monikers including Benny Bomstærk. His real name is actually Benny Bondesgaard Pedersen. He is still wired after The Festival of Good Music this September 28.  Since I am given access to his chest of compositions dating back to as early as 2004, I am taking the liberty of introducing them to you. He has other projects in soundcloud: datamatician, my potential of Hydrogen and faux pas pire.

He mentioned that maybe he should do a new soundcloud page for those… He has 3 generations (both in the generator sense, and in the evolutionary sense), and maybe it would be nice with some sort of audible history of how it evolves. A few days ago he stumbled upon a collection of lyrics he’d written as well as drawings he scribbled. I am curious about the next direction for his work.

B3nny’s work is influenced by composers like John Cage and Morton Feldman or the so-called proponents of Indeterminacy. He mixes them with sketches taken from Math rock, prog rock and space music.  What you get is a crazy salad of musical ideas.

One of the tracks here called  Gowun. It is taken from Noise Decay – Noises And Such From Denmark Vol. 1  Here is the soundcloud sample:

The rest are my own favorites.

He supplied vocals (in French) in this track.

He has been drumming since the age of 7. This one has actual drumming.

Thule Nebula is something he is really proud of. I think it is amazing as well!

I am reminded of Aphex Twin. This is one of his cooler chillout tracks.


Erotic Market – Rumblin (Official Video)

Talk about a stylish video geared towards those with 60s fetish. The erratic percussion and unique melodies can be quite erotic at times. Check them out and decide of  you think they make erotic music or not.

Erotic Market – Rumblin
Directed by Siegfried Marque
Making up : Alexandra Manai
iTunes :
Erotic Market sur Facebook :
Echo Orange Records



Sacha Talens album release announcement

I just receive the news that the album by Sacha Talens might not be released on its scheduled date which is the middle of October. He said “Actually BMG are trying to push the release date and change the album title so it MIGHT not be released on October 15th, or be called Zazaza bummer! but, business is business.”

I have the feeling that this is probably for the best. After all the songs have potential to appeal to a wide array of listeners. So careful planning and promotion are still needed.


By the way…

I think I capitalize on emotions because people like me can’t write when we aren’t emotional about certain issues. There is however the danger that too much emotional exploration can lead you somewhere dark and scary. Especially when you are the type who locks himself in his bedroom for hours every day while wrestling with personal demons. Others could not hear your struggle since you turn the volume of your music up.

I am starting to go out these days. I apologize to my readers if my blogs have gotten a bit personal and has taken the light away from the topics I am posting about. But do know that everything is connected. Like I said I can only write when I feel passionate about certain issues. In this case, music since that is what I am passionate about. But I also advocate things that I consider important. I might not be too vocal about them in this blog but people in my networks especially in facebook know all about them.

In my previous article ‘Looking for the light of the world” I mentioned about the state where someone took the plug out. That is such an awful feeling. I am sure you will agree especially if you have just come out of a really destructive romantic relationship. Or the betrayal of friends whom you want to mark for life and wish they undergo a horrible disease and suffer excruciating pain before they die. Sweet 😀  People like us usually take what we can. And let things happen when they come along. Beggars can’t be choosers.

This edition is both about looking back and at the same time looking forward to the future. We have no choice when fate takes people we love away from us. All we can say in the end is: I guess that’s how it should end. But this isn’t the end. There will be days of overwhelming anger and pain. There will be days of confusion. I don’t have advice for that. But I think we just have to take what we can.

My Interview with Sound Maniac:Multi-genre group from Irkutsk (Russia)



Hello friends! I have another article about the fabulous electronic duo Sound Maniacs. They are good maniacs though because they make good slick electro music.  Guys you have to know there are questions here that didn’t come out of my mouth. That bit about music education sounds snobbish! But what the two did was to combine my questions to those that have been published in Russian. Oh yeah they are from Russian. Can you believe that? Sphere Music goes Russian woohoo! I hope you enjoy this piece.

Sound Maniacs BIO

Multi-genre group fromIrkutsk(Russia). Collective Sound Maniac’s been in existence since 2008. Writes music in the next lines: House, Pop,Synthpop, Chillout, Downtempo, Psychedelic. The group of two people: Roman Fomin and Vasily Berdnikov. In 2012 the band signed its first contract with the American label ofMiami«World Media Alliance Label »and released their first official album «Loneliness» (Loneliness). Now the group is inMiamiand is working on the new album.

I happened to have a chat with guys and here are the questions I’ve asked them.


How did you both meet and start Sound Maniac?

–          We know each other for a long time and it was a long way for us to become Sound Maniac’s. We didn’t study music together but about a year ago we realized that we should take a name and start working in team, otherwise it would be worthless. That’s how Sound Maniac’s had been started with our first collective album.

How long have you been making music together?

–          If I’m not mistaken, our first tracks were recorded in 2004.

How long do you know each other?

–          Yep, we met a long time ago. We attended the same school – a usual one – situated in suburbs, where students are smoking right around the corner, nothing special. At school we haven’t been familiar for a long time moreover once we were about to fight each other (smiling). Studying at high school we found that both of us love music. Since that time we become great friends.


How do you describe your music?

For us, it is a reflection of our souls, first of all. Each track is connected with our life experience, with events that we passed through and happened to one of us. It is hard to tag our music with one genre because we just didn’t find it yet. Speaking about what highlights Sound Maniac’s, I can say that it’s all about attention to melody and epic sound. Almost all of our compositions are composed in minor key…somehow.

What are the instruments you use in making music?

–          Everything is created on computer. In the very beginning we started with creating music in Fruity Loops Studio, but now we are using higher quality professional software. It takes time to learn how to use it. Speaking about musical instruments, we use the guitar and piano. But it is mostly used for composing and never had been participated in recording tracks. We are going to reduce the role of synthetic sound and start using more live instruments in our compositions – it’s just a matter of time.

What are your steps in composing music?

–          Everything starts with idea. Usually, it’s a melody appeared in our heads. We collect these ideas on the computer. We choose the best ideas, take them to the studio and start working with one of them. The next step is about the creative process: working on melody, instruments choice. Further starts routine process of working with track sound and mixing.


What will happen to the band this year?

–          This year we are planning to release a single and, if we are lucky, we’ll release more than one single. Speaking about our plans for the nearest future, all our energy is going to be concentrated in our new album. We’ve got a lot of ideas and material for new tracks. There is a lot of work to do. Among all this work with new album we have plenty of organizational and financial issues. For now, we are looking for partners inUSAwho would help us with finding our listener, so we are waiting for worthy offers. Now we are busy with finding money for new stuff to improve our studio. Also we started searching for a girl-singer, so we have a great intention to record the full vocal compositions in new album. Hope, that all of these plans will come true this year.

What are the bands that influenced your music?

–          Almost all of the music we listen influenced on us. It would be a long story if I started listing all of our favorites, but some of them I want to mention: all the classical music and especially Mozart, Ray Charles, Delerium, Enigma, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Parov Star, some things from Russian rock, not so long ago we got hooked on Infected Mushroom and Sigur Rose. We do listen really tons of music.

Do you have musical education?

–          We don’t have a music education and we are not ashamed with it. We know lots of guys who lost their intention to make music because of studying at music school. Of course, it takes more time to compose music without music education but it doesn’t limit us. It’s all about hearing.



Which track is your favorite?

It’s hard to say which track is our favorite but I can highlight the most heartfelt: Snow and Agony of Angel. Also there are some tracks that worth mentioning but they are not familiar to the world =)

What should your listeners expect from your next album?

Wow..eeeh..frankly, we don’t know what to expect from it with ourselves )))

Do you want to say a few words to your fans?

–          Yes, it goes without saying! We love you!

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