The Versatile Luke Minx

Music Video Cover by Luke Minx Performing “Thinkin’ Bout You” by Frank Ocean.

Download: Thinkin’ Bout You :

Photo: John Mediana

Photo: John Mediana

Recorded by Eric “E” Surratt of MR3 Studios

Video Directed and Edited by John Mediana…

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I stumbled upon this pop artist via Instagram. He is an actor model and yes, singer/songwriter from Kansas. I don’t know if you will agree with me if I say that people with acting and modelling backgrounds have the gift of charisma. As when they know how to develop this gift then I think they will really become famous. It doesn’t matter if you are not into pop music. This artist is excellent in guitar and piano. In fact, his Instagram posts have short videos featuring him doing covers. His falsetto is so clear you’d though he is not human. I am not a huge fan of r&b but Minx knows how to reinvent the genre making it accessible to many people.

I will keep my eyes and ears on him and see how he climbs the charts sooner than anyone can expect. He gives off an aura of kindness and sincerity which are probably just my subjective observation but I can’t deny there is something about Luke Minx. And we will all know that soon.


New Album: “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation.


The electronic music community has once again shown solidarity by getting together and record their own tracks for this compilation album. It is called “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation. I know that this is going to be a great album in a sense that the theme is all about that longing for peace and also the love for humanity. I think the merits of this album go two ways:

1. To show awareness about the ongoing situation on Gaza. How millions of lives are torn apart; and children who have nothing to do with war that is created by adults, have to suffer.

2. Fundraising is another purpose of this compilation. All proceeds to UNRWA. Even if you are not an electronic music fan, supporting this album also means that you contributed to our desire for peace.

Here is the facebook page for those who want to be updated about this recording. Simply lke or follow the page then watch out for announcements.

There are 34 tracks in this compilation. The tunes are calming, spiritual and beautiful. This album will appeal to lovers of New Age and Contemporary Instrumental Music.In this age of distraction and information overload, I think this album stands out as a great companion to your meditation and soul-searching. All the 34 bands/artists have their own style. Some go for more electronic approach while there are others who incorporate acoustic instruments. The styles vary from Jazz to World Music. I have my own favorites. One of them is Feeling Free by Paula!

So what’s the story behind Moments of Silence? According to Brad Zacharias:

“This past summer, I was overwhelmed by the news about the fact that Israel was sending bombs to Gaza and killing so many children. Having a small 3 year old little girl it broke my heart knowing how helpless the families were under such horrible conditions. I felt helpless as I know that we should all protect our children – no matter what. I was shocked and saddened. So I composed a song to help release my feelings. And knowing other like-minded musicians out there were feeling the same emotions I was, I decided that raising money through a compilation to help benefit these kids and families would bring me as close as possible to extending my hand among others in helping benefit these children and their families.”

Listen to the tracks below:

Here’s the description taken from the bandcamp page :

Moments of Silence is a diverse community of ambient music artists from around the globe whose mission is to raise funds for children affected by war.

The atrocities of Israel bombing the Gaza Stip in recent days has shocked everyone on a global scale. The death-toll is rising and many souls, including children, are falling.

“Moments of Silence” is a charity compilation organized by Brad Zacharias (Carbon Sigma) where talented ambient artists throughout the world have submitted a track to help relieve the tension of innocents affected by this Israeli strife in Gaza, though the UNRWA.


For more information about the UNRWA, please visit

Families devastated by heavy shelling and violence in Gaza are in urgent need of safe drinking water and food. And as always, children are suffering most. Our aim is to help raise support for the rebuilding of schools and provide clean drinking water. With your support, every little counts. #SaveGaza #ChildrenOfGaza #UNRWA


released 23 September 2014

Moments of Silence Compilation – 2014

Produced and Directed by Brad Zacharias
Mastering by Andrew Klimek

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Chad Paquet and the nifty tunes. Sometimes it is great to take a break from life and examine the bigger picture. A few years ago, Canadian musician Chad Paquet was putting an album together. He had everything figured out only to change his game plan. Perhaps this applies to all of us. Nothing is what it seems. Things can happen. Sometimes you invest your time and effort on a wrong person. Sometimes the situation doesn’t work. All it takes is a blind leap of faith and believe that things will work out in the end. These tracks posted on his myspace page reflect the things be had attained as a human being and as an artist. His instrumentals are wrapped in jaw dropping complexities. Pretty Glenn and Sometime in Smarchie’s are original compositions I heard few years back before his accident, which horribly rendered him incapacitated for more than a year. He is more of a jazz guy but his love for rock tunes makes his music eclectic. He is trying to collaborate with local vocalists who will sing his tunes. 20140709-103738-38258579.jpg 20140709-103738-38258631.jpg 20140709-103738-38258508.jpg

Song for the Ocean by Kristin Hoffman

Song for the Ocean by Kristin Hoffman. Classically trained New Yorker contributes her talent to raise environmental awareness.
We are all connected by the ocean. Our everyday actions affect the world in which we live, and all creatures sharing our planet. I wrote “Song for the Ocean” so that, through singing and watching, we can all raise our awareness and get involved in creating positive environmental change.
Sing Brave. Sing Strong. Sing Together. Sing Now…
Song for the Ocean: written, produced and performed by Kristin Hoffmann
Videography and images: Colin Garland and Global Classroom-Kristin Hoffman

It is amazing to see artists contributing their talents in raising awareness about the environment. What is exciting is when these artists possess both the heart  and artistic gift as trained musicians. New York based instrumentalist/singer Kristin Hoffman is like a rose among the thorns of young and beautiful singers of today.  She really takes her art and her cause with such unwavering passion that landed her a spot in TED TV, as well as raves from various music and environmental publications.

In this video, Kristin Hoffman is raising awareness for our world’s oceans with her stunning “Song for the Ocean”. She channels Gaia through her voice. I’d call her vocal style as partly Classical and part Pacific Islander. There is that balance between the delicate and the primal.  The video has gained close to 40,000 viewers and counting. It is through you my readers that will make her cause your cause, as you spread the message of her music to the world.

My special thanks to Alice Braga of

for recommending this artist.


In today’s musical climate, there’s nothing quite like a genuine artist. While recording her Interscope Records debut Real in a remote studio in the middle of the woods, Kristin Hoffmann and her musicians had to get creative during their downtime. They would all choose an inspirational card every day. “The authenticity card kept emerging, and no matter how many times the deck was shuffled, I picked that card,” recalls Kristin with a laugh. “So when I chose to name the album Real it just seemed right.”

And you’d be hard pressed to find an artist quite as genuine as Kristin Hoffmann. Over classically-inspired piano and guitar parts, Kristin weaves her vocals through tales of life’s many journeys. “The whole record is about being true and real to yourself,” says Hoffmann. “It’s about the real human emotions that we all feel and ultimately finding light, peace and balance.” At just 26, she’s an old soul with a knack for musical storytelling.

At four years old, Kristin began playing piano, and before long, was writing her own songs. And from there on, she never stopped, taking classical piano and voice lessons through her teenage years and then picking up the guitar somewhere along the way. Eventually music became a way of life for her. Hoffmann was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music’s pre-college program and began studying opera, secondary composition and classical composition; she became influenced by Samuel Barber and French Impressionists like Ravel. “Opera training really molded my voice into what it is today. Once you study classical voice you can go anywhere with it,” says Hoffmann, who also found inspiration in popular artists like Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. She soon realized she could marry the two, creating her own unique blend of classical and contemporary music. “I got a lot more joy out of creating my own music and having it touch people. It was just an unmatchable feeling.”

After Juilliard, Kristin spent a year at NYU and her songwriting evolved as she combined her classical roots with accessible pop sensibilities. She was briefly signed to Capital Records, but ended up self-releasing her first album Divided Heart, which she not only wrote, but co-produced, engineered and recorded. All the while, Kristin continued to hone her performance skills with a residency at Café Vivaldi in Manhattan’s West Village. Along with playing some 200 shows, selling 3,000 copies of Divided Heart and securing a loyal local following, As the buzz grew louder, Kristin was discovered at Vivaldi by Interscope and soon after signed to the label.

After enlisting her longtime musical collaborator Darian Cunning, along with producer David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool), Kristin escaped to Longview Studios to make the album she’d always dreamed of. “I really had a very special, deep experience writing this record,” she explains of her time in the converted farmhouse studio in the middle of pretty much nowhere. In all that quiet open space, and with the help of a great piano left behind by Keith Richards, Kristin’s songs evolved with love and care.

Using her piano as a vehicle for her voice, Kristin keeps her instrumentation simple, so the gorgeous melodies and lyrics resonate with the audience on songs like “Home,” which is about finding inner-strength, “Bittersweet,” a song about choosing to follow your dreams over taking the safer path and the title-track “Real,” a song about being true to yourself.

Of her live performance, Kristin muses, “I hope to stimulate my listeners to go deeper within themselves to places they may be reluctant to go. I’ve come to realize that my greatest challenges have emerged from my mistakes, and that they were really blessings in disguise.” Through her gift for songwriting, Kristin illustrates spectacular sonic stories. “My music can reach across a lot of generations,” says Kristin of her varied audience. “Connecting to people by creating music is my contribution to the world.”

“Ain’t Got No Clue” (Why I Got The Blues)

 I was working on my project before lunch yesterday. The sun was up but there were clouds and occasional drizzle. Layne and I were chatting about recording gadgets and mixers-the technical aspect of music when he popped this guy up. I didn’t know that he personally know this guy as a friend. Don Coleman has been introducing him to record producers from all around(since our topic focused more on recording studios and record execs). A totally cool musician from New Brunswick.  Ain’t Got the Blues is a tribute to that guy in white beard who passed away. We would like to highlight Don’s kindness and musical talent  in this little tribute.