Sphere Music Podcast #6 With Layne Greene as Special Guest

Layne Greene and Bryan MacDonald during the skype interview for www.radio-happy.com

Layne Greene and Bryan MacDonald during the skype interview for http://www.radio-happy.com

Hello listeners of my radio show in www.radiohappy.eu and readers of this blog. The sixth podcast is out and this time I have a special guest, Canadian singer/songwriter Layne Greene( Interview begins at 29:45 of the show). A cool interview where he performs three original tracks accompanied by guitarist Bryan MacDonald. There are also great artists you will hear when you click ‘play.’ So listen to this podcast and if you have requests feel free to tell me on the comments section.


Sugar Man by Sixto Rodriguez 
The Rock by Eve Williams and Dominik Boncza-Skrzynecki
Robinson Crusoe by Von Shakes 
Only One Still Dancing by Joel Sarakula 
Disappointed Me by John Munnelly
Broken Wings by Chemical Sweet Kid
Cliffs Along the Sea by Layne Greene 
Interview with Layne Greene 
Talk Dirty and Work by Black n White
Energy by My.Cosmo 
Speeding Train by Dennis McCalmont 
Homesick by Western Skies Motel

Sphere Music Podcast #5

Dance 4 Syria

Last Saturday’s playlist is here. But due to unfortunate circumstance (the computer did not record my stream) I had to reconstruct the playlist track by track and in order that I played them. So it’s the still same. Only this time you can’t hear my voice.

Antarctica-My.Cosmo (feat. Paula) 
Both Sides Now by Mary Fahl 
Carrion Crows by Peter Chains
A Million Stars by Christian Bookshop 
Don’t Blow It-Alex Juno. Feat Johnny Normal 

Featured albums:

Dance 4 Syria vol 3

Addictive Fuzz Conspirations-Bastilidad
Hullabaloop-Almotahik Aljanobi
Syrian’s Dream-Peter David Anderson
I’ll Look for You-Subliminal Noize

Don Beekeeper (Sunday Morning Tambourine) 

Shake the Tambourine
So Forgotten


Take me Home
Wake Up
My Time

Roisin O( The Secret Life of Blue) 

Here We Go
Climb High
Hold ON
Find the Light

Listen every Saturday 3 to 6 pm (with 1 hour auto dj) German time @ www.radiohappy.eu


What Numbers Say: Interview with MY.COSMO’s Sascha Simnovec

” Those low notes really go right through you!”

-Layne Greene (Actor and lead singer/guitarist of The Tea Kettles, talking about Antarctica solo piano version)


I like collaborations. In this interview, British musician Paula(who wrote the article about Shakespeare) helped me in bringing the questions over to German musician Sascha Simnovec-the guy behind MY.COSMO. It is fun to have a friend  offer you a helping hand. I  also get a kick  getting opinions from other musicians of totally different genres doing the commenting.



“I am a Music Worker…I make Electronica…Feel free to follow me and my machines.” ☆☆☆ (Sascha)


1.How long did it take you to finish making Numbers?

A very long time…about 10 years…I recorded more than 50 demos…made remixes and remixes…changed beats and vocals…deleted synth and fx…and finally (in january 2012) I thought “Wow, this sounds like MY.COSMO”…!

2.The song Virus seems to address the alienation people feel in the age of social networks. What made you write this one? I love the synths.

Thank you…Virus is just a self-ironic homage to my youtube channel MyCosmoTube…I started sharing my songs on youtube…I made friendships with only a few mouseclicks…I got mouseclick views for my songs…I got comments for my songs…I´m still loving my showmanship on youtube…that´s my message in the song…nothing (or a little bit) more…nothing less…!

3.Why do you call your project MY.COSMO and this album Numbers?

COSMO is MY nickname…I am a COSMOpolitan…!
Numbers rule our life and our social system…as cosmopolitans or consumers…or musicians…!

4. Is the electronica scene in Germany really booming?

Boom-boom…I don´t know…but I know that I love the work of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Alphaville, ATB, Kalkbrenner and Digitalism…!

5. Tell us about your collaboration with British electro musician

Paula and MY.COSMO…a digital electronica-romance…started with two mouseclicks…followed by agreements referring to key and bpm…ended with at least one song…I´m looking forward to my collaboration with Paula…!

6.I heard two versions of Antarctica. The album version has full- bodied arrangement. Then there’s the solo piano version which is beautiful in its simplicity because it highlights the basic structure and melody. How do you go about composing your tracks?

Thank you for your beautiful words…My songs or melodies basically start unplugged….at the piano….in order to save electricity…but Antarctica started with my full electric orchestra and a lot of energy for a long time…I´m so sorry…!
7. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist when it comes to your craft?

Absolutely…10 years for Numbers…ohmycosmo…a f*****g perfect album…but now I´m old and deaf…!

Hahahahaha. I find this funny.

8. Do you have plans to tour your music all over Europe?

My management has some plans…but I decide later…maybe a small tour in Antarctica for penguins and scientists…!

Penguins! The are so adorable. I know Layne will love this answer.

9.What are the albums you listen to these days?

I´m listening to WKND (2012) by Ferry Corsten, Come Around Sundown (2010) by Kings Of Leon, La Revancha Del Tango (2001) by Gotan Project and Le Chants Magnetiques (1981) by Jean Michel Jarre…! And what about you?…Please say Numbers Numbers Numbers to me…!

Me? I listen to a lot of stuff…acoustic as well as electronic. And yes Numbers is definately one of them!

10. Message to the listeners?

Dear listener…My name is Sascha…I am a Music Worker…I make Electronica…My avatar lives in Antarctica…So cold…Please follow me and my machines…Energy for you…!

More about MY.COSMO  in the following:




Sascha Simnovec’s MY.COSMO

My friend Paula is working on a collaboration with this German musician Sascha Simnovec . I have to say that after listening to Numbers the entire album, I am convinced that he is a sonic goldmine that should be discovered!The track Antarctica is my favorite.