It’s Bryaaaaaaaan!

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

Yes that’s the name of Bryan MacDonald in Soundcloud. This dude is kind of laid back and shy but he has a good sense of humour. His guitar playing is a must-hear for those looking for unique styles. He has already collaborated with many musicians and among them is appearing in the new album of Layne Greene called “Everywhere Around Here.” You can’t miss his style. It has that spacey characteristic along with the gentle use of reverb. It is hard to compare him to other  guitarists but I recommend you hear him out. His sound is really different. It will blow you away.

If you are a recording artist or a band living somewhere in Nova Scotia, try to look for him and bring him along. I am sure he is going to be a great asset to your recording needs. He is always ready, all geared up to play his guitar. His many experiences in performing in front of live audience (busking and actual gigs on stage) have stood the test of time(and weather).

I am looking forward to hear more from this amazing instrumentalist. I hope to catch him in a new album by another brilliant musician.

Why Rock Back for Nepal is an important release of 2015

Rock Back For Nepal is another spine tingling compilation album from Patetico Records. Let me list down the points why this is a good album to own. But before that you might ask what is this compilation for. 

Patetico Recordings Rallying for Nepal Disaster Relief Fund 

Music Artists Coming Together For The Good People of Nepal 

There you have it and it is for a good cause. I will discuss the key points why it is important to have this album:

Only the best- the bands involved in this project have given their best tracks. There are 17 of them and this is the fifth time I am listening to the entire album. Yes, in a gloomy afternoon which makes it a personal and euphoric experience.

For a good cause- as mentioned proceeds go to the people of Nepal. If only major labels did something similar. I guess they are just busy fattening their wallets instead of caring for people in need.

Good introduction to new artists- this album brings you bands you are probably hearing for the first time. And their music have stood the test of time. These bands have been around and have recorded or performed in many venues before being showcased in this collection.

Rock Back For Nepal covers many genres. From the slick electronic grooves of SPC ECO to the Dream Pop inspired Arirang, all tracks were carefully sellected and sequence to suit the universal mood of how genres should be played in particular order.

If you are a hipster and you want to impresse your friends about sounds they haven’t heard yet, then go get this album. If you are like me who is looking for beautiful tunes just to make  it through the  work week then yeah we should enjoy this together.

I am including the lengthy press release here for your information.

The brilliant Patetico Recordings Record Label/Promotional Company hailing stateside out of Philadelphia (eastcoast city) is putting together a specially needed/very worthy music cause on a CD compilation series for The Nepal Disaster Relief Fund. ‘Patetico Recordings’ have very recently asked for FORKSTER to be involved and without hesitation I immediately come to you all here today in providing/making you all aware here at FDBR of the details for its arrival in raising money for the good people of Nepal. The artwork is still in progress with tracks still coming regularly and they are definitely planning on releasing ‘Volume One’ by the end of 2015’s MAY Month. You will certainly be seeing FORKSTER throughout with there as many necessary releases for it in providing indepth coverage on each compilation album’s contributors and promoting it mighty for charitable donations for the humanitarium needs for the people of Nepal. 

Patetico Recordings rocking good people are no strangers to producing heartfelt music projects needed in raising monies for people/countries in dire need due to catastrophic occurrences. They released back in 2011 “Rock Back” for Japan’ in providing music money relief for the horrific earthquake/Tsunami that was thrown on the countries innocent people. The project went on in being a very successful contributor in raising monies for Japan’s 2011 disaster. 
Postive details BELOW on the projects results & proceeds: 

8 Disc Compilation with 100 Music Artists Involved 

They were able to raise money and 100 percent went to the relief efforts 

ROCK BACK for Japan Compilation Series Hit The TOP TEN and Certain Volumes Hit #1 on the Indie Rock Chart for Amazon per sale.- Timothy Forkster see less

Madison Park is releasing a new album titled MIX



Madison Park is releasing a new album titled MIX with Dutch dance producer Beechkraft on 03.31.15! It will be her fourth release following her successful tunes that topped the Billboard Dance Charts. 

The new album by Madison Park will blow fans of electronic dance music away. Mix is beautiful, rich, vibrant and it is a perfect summer album. Mix has 14 tracks. Perhaps there will be a b-side. I am not surprised if avid collectors will want more unreleased tracks from Madison Park as her tunes prove to be irresistible. This partnership with Beechkraft is perfect. He highlights her strong points and also adds his technical savvy to the dance tracks. I think a song is just a song until two people put a twist on it, elevating it a work of art.

Her breathy voice works well with the chilled beats. There is a relaxed vibe all over the album. Her single Parts of Me is the third track. I am sure you’ve read my previous post about it. I assure you that most of the tracks in this album will be big hits in the dance floor. Especially in European countries like Holland, Germany, UK, France etc. Watch out for (Next Level Mix) upon the album release because I see this as a dance floor fire starter! Warm Me When I’m Alone, Tonight,Closer,Fascinated, Rain, I Am Your Beachbreeze, I Stumble and Let’s Dance(Cover of a David Bowie hit) are all fantastic. There is an irresistible vibe to them that it is hard to sit down and just listen.   They drive your body to move!

This is not entirely a dance album as there are ballads like Every Single Day, Rain and the chilled I Am Your Darkness.They serve as balance to the energetic beats of other tracks but they are valuable in a sense that MIX is a testament to the versatile artistry of Madison Park.

It’s worth noting that she makes music that’s not too mainstream but not too left-field. There is a sense of cool and chic but also accessibility that will appeal to the mainstream. If this is the new direction of pop then I am on it. Check it out and have a listen on the day of its release.

February 2015 Indie Music Updates

Hello folks! It’s a soothing weekend and I am bringing to you updates on cool music around the web. It’s amazing to know that 2015 is anther great year of music. We have electronic,acoustic and other types of music that’s ‘not radio.’

I discovered Alex Pardini more than a year ago when I stumbled upon his music on the web. Since thn we have kept a tight correspondent covering many topics including photography( he’s a pro). He gets better each year as he creates fantastic and elegant tunes. His music speaks to the side of me who likes finer, better and beautiful things in life. This is the first playlist I listened upon waking up. These are evening tunes but then again, beautiful music is always enriching any time of the day. So good, so rich!


If you like something acoustic and soothing then check this song by singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio. What I like about his songs is that, you can appreciate his songs even if you are not a fan of folk music. His recordings are always excellent in terms of clarity and balance. This is the kind of quality that I look for in any stripped down tune.


Whenever I listen to any Michael Stovall song, I get carried away. His emotional pieces always have a room for the ‘soundtrack of your life’ kind of moment. The depth of lyrics and beautiful singing are his strong points. The melodies are his gold.


Talents between New Zealand and Ireland have created Altocirrus. I feel so fortunate to listen to their latest album plus review it for this site!


This musical asset of Romania by the name of LeVant continues to dazzle me with his unique ideas. His tunes are somewhat in the  pop-but not so pop, category. His deep understanding of Classical, Medieval,Jazz,Electronic is astounding. Unjaded is his latest release.


Pierre Masse continues to dabble with different styles of music. From acoustic to electronic, his versatility is excellent. I don’t think any artist who started a career doing acoustic rock could pull that off elegantly. And he did. Amazing!


I am enjoying this new upload from Norwegian artist Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Very energetic and complex. Beautiful beats.


And last but not the least, I need you to listen to this beautiful song from Cornish singer/songwriter Dan Aston.  Lemonade Sea is the title. This is recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance and featuring Sue Aston on violin and members from Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species.

Enjoy your weekend with beautiful music.