Afterthem: Electro Grunge Funk

Artist: Afterthem

Album: Electro Grunge Funk

Personnel: Dave George

Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Style: Experimental R&B

Ever wondered if you favorite Grunge bands in the 90s ever take a dive into the electronic zone? Well, Afterthem    is your answer. Afterthem    is the brain child of  Dave George who is based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. Now for those who are acquainted with this kind of combination, you may explore the musical merits in terms of songwriting and production. For those new to this kind of mix, you have to let the dust settle and then go ahead and take a closer look/listen.

Musical purism and elitism always exist and it is sad when people start to take sides and then dismiss those that don’t belong to ‘this side.’ Dave George did a great job of re- aligning our brains and explore what we don’t normally hear. Now, this isn’t just an Electro/Grunge mashup. Electro Grunge Funk also explores music associated with Blues, Jazz and Funk. The vocals even remind me a bit of 50s funk papa Howlin’ Wolf.

Standout tracks off Electro Grunge Funk are: Nonchalant, Starlight Scope, Outside In and Deal. In between downbeats, syncopation and aggressive sounds characterized by Grunge, this is an album that highlights a kind of fusion seldom found in today’s music. So have  a listen, absorb and then enjoy Electro Grunge Funk!


Bio (In the words of Dave):

Greetings from Afterthem Our music genre is experimental electro grunge funk/ R&B
We have free downloads available at
We are also building a hip hop following…(Who would’ve thought?)
These songs have been tested on Jango…(to a hip hop audience)
with favorable results.
Check out our fan page on Jango!!
We hope you will enjoy our music and tell your friends
Dave / Afterthem


Danny Coleman:”I’m proud of the fact that it’s(Rock on Radio) very spontaneous.”(Interview)

Danny Coleman: Owner/Creator at ROCK ON RADIO

Musician/radio host Danny Coleman explains the trick of the trade and the inspiration behind the passion: Rock On Radio.

Drummers are amazing! It’s not only because a former student of my aunt(who used to drop by in the age of New Wave music) used to brainwash us about drummers as: “The only person in the band who knows  how to play all the instruments.” A drummer keeps the music together like a catcher in the rye(pun intended). I  think drummers are known to be spontaneous, passionate and  charismatic.

Meet musician/radio host Danny Coleman. His unique way of approaching situations is inspiring. He lives in Trenton New Jersey. A great place  where artistic minds converge. Rock On Radio comes live Sunday Nights at 10pm est. on  You can also get updates via twitter @

Danny Coleman: Creator, Host
Art Gittens: Board engineer
Joe Powell: Photographer –

 Hi Danny, how do you maintain a level of energy from the beginning up to the end of the show?

Energy? I thought I was kind of laid back…(lol). In all seriousness, the guest really dictates the energy level. There are times that I feed off of their ability to talk about themselves. My program is all about them, some are upbeat and love discussing their music, career or just themselves; others not so much, they’re the ones that cause me to get creative. Overall I just enjoy interacting with people in general so staying energetic is usually not a problem.

You support a lot of indie artists. I am curious about what will we expect from Rock on Radio this 2013?

Let me get through 2012 first (LOL). We’ve been nominated once again this year for an “Asbury Music Award.” This is something that I’m flattered and honored by because it indicates that I’ve been accepted into an amazingly talented community of artists/musicians. There are so many talented people in that area of the Jersey shore, it has a great pedigree with Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny, etc. but the new guard is amazing as well. I’m fortunate that I’ve had many of them on my show; so hopefully more of the same. My photographer also has a lot of in studio video so we may put something together that’s going to allow my listeners and guests to see their appearance. I hope to continue to bring quality guests and music to the masses. I hope to continue to grow my listenership/fan base and to support all music and musicians.

Turning the beat around….

You also play drums. I think this is also perhaps one of the reasons why it is easy for you to connect with your guests. There seems to be  that sense of understanding …and also the kind of temperament that you share  with  fellow artistic beings. What are the creative things that you do on your own when you are not representing other talents?

I’m very glad that I’m a musician as well. It does help me connect in many ways with the guests on many levels. I perform with two wonderful female artists, Kim Yarson and Zara Phillips on a regular basis; I also do much freelance work as well. I consider myself very lucky to be asked to “sit in” or fill in for other drummers when needed. I’ve done more gigs stone cold than I care to admit, makes life interesting for sure, although I wouldn’t change it even if I knew how. I love showing up to a gig and the artist saying, “Just watch me for the changes,” makes things fun and it’s a test of my abilities for sure. I must do OK because they keep asking me back (LOL)! I also began playing “Latin Percussion” about ten years ago, congas, bongos, hand percussion and that sort of thing, I get lots of work that way as well. I also write a music column for the Trentonian newspaper in Trenton, NJ. It’s a weekly entertainment column in which I focus on local as well as national acts. I try and give the new talent exposure and I report on established talent who are performing in my area.

What are the lists of things that you do when preparing for a show? I understand Rock on Radio is very spontaneous. Do you have guidelines or rituals that you maintain as part of your career..the secret of your success. 

Nothing! (LOL) I really don’t do much at all. I scan the guest’s web site, usually the afternoon of their scheduled appearance and jot down a few things that stand out. I’m proud of the fact that it’s very spontaneous. I designed my show from the outset to be as if my guest and I are just meeting for the first time at, let’s say, a party, a BBQ or at an affair where we just happen to discover that we both have music in common. This is not unlike what the show really is like, many of these people I am meeting for the very first time when they appear on my program.

” So, tell us more about this album…”

What advise can you give to artists who are just starting to get their music heard out there. How can they get their music across without having to rely on money wagging executives? 

Shameless self promotion. Anyone who listens to my show knows that I promote that angle whenever possible. I tell them not to ever underestimate the power of the grass roots movement. Hey, if you don’t promote yourself, who will? Don’t spam people with your efforts, but be consistent and eventually people will take notice. If you have fan pages on facebook, reverb nation or any other sites with enough traffic to each, people will notice. Send a CD to every radio station in your genre/category, college radio stations are very receptive to new or indie unsigned artists or bands. Get yourselves out there.
I feel that the interview is not complete without addressing the hurricane situation:

New Jersey is one of the places that got hit hard by Sandy. What are the things that the music community are doing there to help ease the situation? 

Well, as you may or may not have seen, there was an event hosted by NBC TV with heavy hitters Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Sting, Billy Joel, etc. which garnered much attention; the reality is that many of us have lost and suffered so much. A guitarist whom I work with on a regular basis lost both his cars and much of his home. There are places that I’ve known since birth that literally no longer exist in any form, swept inland or out to sea. There are many of us though who are organizing fund raisers, setting up donation drop off points in our driveways, going into shelters and performing as well as donating our time to assisting those in need. Most importantly, we’re just being there to help one another as well as others.

Danny Coleman is our featured artist of the week. Thanks to our common friends: author Karen Victoria Smith, musician Deedee Montanaro, make up artist Jennifer Lynn Chlebowski and musician Joseph Milstein for keeping the network ball rolling.

More about Danny Coleman and Rock on Radio:

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Danny Coleman or Joe Powell (

Alice Braga: When Roses Bloom


Alice Braga talks about the transcendence of Art through nature and seasons..and how flowers keep her grounded on life and healing.

I met Alice Braga  the artist formerly known as Alice Marie couple of years ago. It is a great opportunity to catch up and find out what she’s up to. What I got are fascinating things that I am sure will inspire readers of this page.

After two albums out you disappeared from the music scene. What have you learned through the whole thing and care to share with us what brought about this disappearance?

A year before Angels Near was released, I became a full-time mother, which left little time and energy for songwriting and performing. I had also moved to a suburb in New Jersey (after living in New York for 3 years), and it took a while to get acclimated and find creative companions. I also experienced a sudden death in the family, which deepened my spiritual practice and exploration, and that eventually inspired me to get certified as a life coach.

You are passionate about peace, beauty and natural healing. What brought this direction to your life?

Well, let’s just say, I know what it likes to feel the opposite of peaceful, and having experienced profound peace without pharmaceutical assistance, I’m pretty passionate about encouraging others to explore the activities that have helped me. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and mindfulness practice are some of the ways I’ve experienced healing, but clutter clearing/feng shui, painting and photographing flowers have also helped me connect to my heart, where the healing happens. Working with coaches, therapists and healing circles have also been transformative. Above all, raising my daughter has opened my eyes to so much beauty and elicited a desire to preserve and increase it.

   You are running a blog and facebook page dedicated to flowers. What can flowers teach us?

According to Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now, A New Earth), they are the highest vibration we can be around, and I fully agree. Even photos of them lift my spirits and plant me, forgive the pun, firmly in the moment. They have taught me to slow down, notice details, and appreciate the temporary nature of life itself. I’ve also learned that I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy them. Being alive and able to experience the colors and scent of a stargazer lily IS the special occasion! I also learned to take better pictures because of them. Forty of them (and their accompanying wisdom) are in this video: FYI, the soundtrack to that video is the instrumental version of “Lipstick Diaries.”

Let’s talk about something musical now. How long will be the gestation period before another album from you?

That’s one thing the roses haven’t revealed! LOL Then again, they are good reminders that “to everything a season.” I trust that the demos and song fragments I’ve been gathering will coalesce when the time is right. Meantime, I’ve had fun exploring mini music videos on both my YouTube pages. and

When you sing, artists like Natalie Merchant  and Stevie Nicks come to mind. I am curious to know where did you get your vocal training.

The shower! The kitchen! Singing along to Olivia Newton-John and Stevie Nicks records (w/ Mr. Microphone of course). I did have some vocal lessons here and there, and I benefited greatly from Claude Stein’s Natural Singer Workshop. The Alexander Method of breathing helped as well. My producer Wade Tonken was also helpful in this regard.

    You love to chant. What can chanting do to us?

Chanting and just plain vocalizing puts us literally in our right minds and detaches us from whatever story we might be clinging to at any given moment. It induces relaxation and awakens joy. And I’m sure much more I’ve yet to discover. Drumming and playing any instrument are also ways of entering that state.

Are you still passionate about drinking tea?

I drink herbal tea in fall and winter, and I still love the ceremony around preparing it and drinking it. It’s very comforting and calming.

Care to share thoughts to your readers…things I might not have covered in my questions but are still essential to this interview.

I would just add that whatever you feel moved to create, regardless of marketplace trends or monkey mind objections, let yourself do it. Ask for help, clear a space, claim the time and let the river flow. It’s good for you and everyone in your circle.

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