LEGENDS by John Munnelly from CD Hello World

You are experiencing your life like no other ever has
There is no-one like you nor ever will there be
You are the absolute hero of this first person story
This song is about you and how you have survived, overcome obstacles in your life and now – you are legend.-John Munnelly

John Munnelly has released one of the catchiest pop/rock song so far with Legends. It’s a track that makes you want to hit the playback button after it is done. He is the master of hooks and cool lyrics. An album is coming out and this is just the taster of the amazing music that will happen, So stay tuned for more of John.

According to John:

This particular video is the most exciting we have made so far. Some of the animation was created by myself and stop motion by my collaborator and Director of Photography, Greg DeLiso. We also got some amazing performance shots on the Brooklyn Bridge – thanks New York!

Download Legends here: http://johnmunnellymusic.com/store/






You Are Welcome Home -Casting Ships

Casting ships,album artwork, You Are Welcome Home

Casting Ships is a New York based band that combines British/Irish folk, punk and alternative rock. Casting Ships delivers a melodic collection of songs with an attitude. Their new EP You are Welcome Home  is out. There are four tracks that promise to rock you off your seats. These songs  have hard pounding drums and aggressive guitar riffs compared to their earlier efforts, All the Folk and The Year.

The Casting Ships trademark  is still there.  Rob Samps deliver  the band’s energy to the front with his guitar and vocal(a combination of gruff singing in the tradition of Shane MacGowan of The Pogues). Eli Wolf and Brendan Williams both play the bass, though I am not sure if it’s per track or side by side. But all the bass parts are amazing nevertheless.The pogo dance- inducing drumming of Mike Pistone is also something you should not miss. The mandolin of Brandon Good offers the band’s folk identity. High five to Dana DiLullo’s Piano / Accordion for their awesome atmospheric addition to the band’s sound style.

I have to warn you this. You Are Welcome Home shouldn’t be played loud early in the morning. As what my friend commented” That would be rude awakening.” You Are Welcome Home delivers a collection of songs suited for high energy live shows. All lyrics are by Rob Samps . Additional credits go to producer  Brendan Williams and assistant producer  Patrick Hyland for keeping the things together and creating a good recording experience. Yes, I mentioned the EP’s overall raw energy, however there is one track that’s different.It’s a beautiful ballad  called We Are Wolves found at the end.

More info can be found in the following:

twitter @castingships
instagram @castingships

Lacy James: Circle of Swallows

New York based singer/songwriter Lacy James unleashes an album that promises to enchant and enlighten with Circle of Swallows.


Lacy James explores that world  between the rhythmic and ethereal. Her sound scape is dreamy and fresh. Circle of Swallows contains songs that will appeal to fans of Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. The chords in Angels Bells  sound like they were made in heaven.

There is this childlike innocence in her songs.The pinch of alternative rock over a cup of  lullaby is just right. Her voice sounds a little bit shy though her releases go back as far as 1992. Old Languages is mystical. Movies like God’s Army or City of Angels could have used this song.

I checked her press release and found out the following. She has red hair. She also looks pretty in a classical way…you know, the kind that makes you think of Pre- Raphaelite women. She is based in New York.  Circle of Swallows has a collaboration with Seamus Egan (Osmosis Song) and I am sure Celtic music fans know him as part of the band Solas.

I found  that comparisons to Kate Bush, the Banshees and Tori Amos are evident-ha! So listening to Circle of Swallows is like taking a swim in a pond of swirling ambient, mesmerizing melodies and eclectic instruments. She also uses the voice layering technique but not so much for choral accuracy. They are for emotional effect.LJamesCirclesOfSwallowsAlbumArtDISKMAKERSb-600

Titles Like Practical Magic, Icarus and other tracks have New Agey/spiritual feel. There are acoustic instruments like the flute. There is also the upbeat electronic induced song called Dancing Out of the Dark. William of Tower sounds more like English folk while Today in the City starts slow   and hypnotic with jazzy rhythm. Devolution uses the sounds of nature while her voice takes a backseat. In this track, she turns it into a diaphanous ambient instrument washed with reverb and echo. I also noticed that Lacy James is a fan of atonal music and she uses little bits of this in her compositions.The title track ends the album complete with hammer dulcimer, soothing drums and ambient noise.

Circle of Swallows nods to all genres that fans of artists I mentioned above are known for. But she has her own sound. It must be her style of singing or her East Coast approach in writing songs but she is definitely original.

Visit the Lacy James Website to know more about this artist.

Big thanks to Chelsea Eriksen of  The Outlet Music Collective for providing me materials to listen to.


A Week of Great Music

Cool December winds are blowing and I am warmed by the beautiful music flowing all over. So what do we have for this week? A lot actually. There is a jumble of ideas and sounds but I will just pick a few to make it coherent. I just had a terrific time listening to Danny Coleman’s Rock on Radio with the gang tuning in. We had a great time chatting. I will post a picture here to give you an example -even my typos which I am NOT ashamed of hahahaha.


So let’s start the ball rolling.



Benny Pedersen a.k.a. B3nny

Always so pleased to be updated with the works of Benny Pedersen who recorded this performance as a front act for Mike Sheridan. Benny is in the process of further improving the musical project he is doing.


Dave Martin

Scottish musician Dave Martin created this amazing dance track. He also plays the bodhran, drums and other instruments for The Big Fat Eclectic Ceilidh. Now Dave stands alone on this one showing his prowess for great melodies and big beats.


Tiger Darrow

Been following the music career of New York based actress/singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow. Normally she plays the cello and piano but this one she stands all by herself with her Aimee Mann inspired vocals.


Sacha Talens

Canadian artist Sacha Talens is going to release his debut LP this January. He is busy recording additional tracks for a possible b-sides and also doing production work and mixing for other artists. This one is a song about sex and feet-only when taken literally 😉

And this video merits an attention:


MC Amalgam

French rapper based in Reading England has released an EP called RED IS NOT DEAD. What to expect? Awesome beats, eccentric instrumental arrangement and French vocals. Don’t worry if you don’t understand French. His performance is hypnotic that will get you into the mood. He also contributes his talent to Celtic Punk/Ska band Will Tun and the Wasters which is a regular in my Celtic music blog. MC is emerging as an artist giving something new to the hip hop scene!

Song for the Ocean by Kristin Hoffman

Song for the Ocean by Kristin Hoffman. Classically trained New Yorker contributes her talent to raise environmental awareness.

We are all connected by the ocean. Our everyday actions affect the world in which we live, and all creatures sharing our planet. I wrote “Song for the Ocean” so that, through singing and watching, we can all raise our awareness and get involved in creating positive environmental change.
Sing Brave. Sing Strong. Sing Together. Sing Now…
Song for the Ocean: written, produced and performed by Kristin Hoffmann
Videography and images: Colin Garland and Global Classroom-Kristin Hoffman

It is amazing to see artists contributing their talents in raising awareness about the environment. What is exciting is when these artists possess both the heart  and artistic gift as trained musicians. New York based instrumentalist/singer Kristin Hoffman is like a rose among the thorns of young and beautiful singers of today.  She really takes her art and her cause with such unwavering passion that landed her a spot in TED TV, as well as raves from various music and environmental publications.

In this video, Kristin Hoffman is raising awareness for our world’s oceans with her stunning “Song for the Ocean”. She channels Gaia through her voice. I’d call her vocal style as partly Classical and part Pacific Islander. There is that balance between the delicate and the primal.  The video has gained close to 40,000 viewers and counting. It is through you my readers that will make her cause your cause, as you spread the message of her music to the world.

My special thanks to Alice Braga of  http://www.rosyoutlookcoaching.blogspot.com/

for recommending this artist.


In today’s musical climate, there’s nothing quite like a genuine artist. While recording her Interscope Records debut Real in a remote studio in the middle of the woods, Kristin Hoffmann and her musicians had to get creative during their downtime. They would all choose an inspirational card every day. “The authenticity card kept emerging, and no matter how many times the deck was shuffled, I picked that card,” recalls Kristin with a laugh. “So when I chose to name the album Real it just seemed right.”

And you’d be hard pressed to find an artist quite as genuine as Kristin Hoffmann. Over classically-inspired piano and guitar parts, Kristin weaves her vocals through tales of life’s many journeys. “The whole record is about being true and real to yourself,” says Hoffmann. “It’s about the real human emotions that we all feel and ultimately finding light, peace and balance.” At just 26, she’s an old soul with a knack for musical storytelling.

At four years old, Kristin began playing piano, and before long, was writing her own songs. And from there on, she never stopped, taking classical piano and voice lessons through her teenage years and then picking up the guitar somewhere along the way. Eventually music became a way of life for her. Hoffmann was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music’s pre-college program and began studying opera, secondary composition and classical composition; she became influenced by Samuel Barber and French Impressionists like Ravel. “Opera training really molded my voice into what it is today. Once you study classical voice you can go anywhere with it,” says Hoffmann, who also found inspiration in popular artists like Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. She soon realized she could marry the two, creating her own unique blend of classical and contemporary music. “I got a lot more joy out of creating my own music and having it touch people. It was just an unmatchable feeling.”

After Juilliard, Kristin spent a year at NYU and her songwriting evolved as she combined her classical roots with accessible pop sensibilities. She was briefly signed to Capital Records, but ended up self-releasing her first album Divided Heart, which she not only wrote, but co-produced, engineered and recorded. All the while, Kristin continued to hone her performance skills with a residency at Café Vivaldi in Manhattan’s West Village. Along with playing some 200 shows, selling 3,000 copies of Divided Heart and securing a loyal local following, As the buzz grew louder, Kristin was discovered at Vivaldi by Interscope and soon after signed to the label.

After enlisting her longtime musical collaborator Darian Cunning, along with producer David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool), Kristin escaped to Longview Studios to make the album she’d always dreamed of. “I really had a very special, deep experience writing this record,” she explains of her time in the converted farmhouse studio in the middle of pretty much nowhere. In all that quiet open space, and with the help of a great piano left behind by Keith Richards, Kristin’s songs evolved with love and care.

Using her piano as a vehicle for her voice, Kristin keeps her instrumentation simple, so the gorgeous melodies and lyrics resonate with the audience on songs like “Home,” which is about finding inner-strength, “Bittersweet,” a song about choosing to follow your dreams over taking the safer path and the title-track “Real,” a song about being true to yourself.

Of her live performance, Kristin muses, “I hope to stimulate my listeners to go deeper within themselves to places they may be reluctant to go. I’ve come to realize that my greatest challenges have emerged from my mistakes, and that they were really blessings in disguise.” Through her gift for songwriting, Kristin illustrates spectacular sonic stories. “My music can reach across a lot of generations,” says Kristin of her varied audience. “Connecting to people by creating music is my contribution to the world.”