Gemme Music Video by Nolwenn Leroy


Reunited with Pop: Gemme by Nolwenn Leroy

Nolwenn Leroy is on my radar through the years. I discovered her through her affiliation with Celtic music. I even wrote about that in my Celtic Music Fan blog. And she is back. This time with the infectious new single Gemme. It is the kind of style she has when she started releasing albums after her stint with Star Academy. I also think this is the kind of style suited for her.

It’s taken for the same album name. Gemme was the result of sequestering herself in a London studio. She was writing songs with different styles initially, and she confessed she was trying to ‘please everyone.’ Eventually, that was scrapped and she started creating songs that are true to her and this resulted to Gemme. The self-titled single is now out. It shows the singer exploring a sort of a cave inhabited by elementals. In a way, she still brings with her the Breton elements of her previous releases. I am referring to the mystical quality of her visuals and her music. I love the sound! It’s happy and dreamy. It is so uplifting that, coupled with her beautiful voice, you get a taste of heaven!


Exciting Winter Chill Essentials-basicLUX Records

Life can be stressful depending on where you are or how you look at it. That is why the idea of having to go somewhere after a hard day at work is such a pain. Why not stay home and listen to music? basicLux Records has gathered the best under its label and chose the the most beautiful track from each artist for your listening pleasure.

Hear out Lemongrass, Gabriel Diggs, Madison Park, Groovecatcher and more…I’m sure you’ve heard them in various sites including YouTube while you were searching for songs with keywords like chill chill-out, house, electronica, dance etc right? So here’s your chance not to look further. They are all here. They are the best and the brightest in the genre.

Don’t Let Go, It’s Easy are just few of the introductory songs that will set you on the mood. The quality is pure and crisp. Whiter you are listening to your expensive headphones like the The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, Beats Studio Wireless or just the basic Apple EarPods, these compilation emanates that inherent sonic quality that sets the standards! And if you are listening with huge speakers, please pump the volume up and share the music.

I also urge you to check out each artist when you visit