Listen To Ever Since We Were Young By Cathal Murphy from Reavey Brothers Film

The song is a slow, hypnotic track written by singer-songwriter Cathal Murphy. He is from Camlough or Camloch, a small village in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Ever Since We Were Young is a soundtrack to a Northern Ireland film Reavy Brothers, about the 1976 killings in Armagh. If you love artistic short movies based on real life, you should see this film. The song also features the signature sound of Cathal Murphy with his deep and poignant lyrics coupled with a structure which falls on minimalist folk. His haunting voice echoes the story’s sorrowful spirit but with that sense of justice and redemption. I love this track for its hymn-like style and spiritual vibe.

Steafan Hanvey: Like Father, Like Son: Creating Art In A Time Of Troubles


To those who watched Steafan Hanvey performed in NYC, then you are all lucky. This artists has an amazing personal history reflected in this NPR documentary. His new album Nuclear Family is not out. It contains amazing tracks that explored various styles of modern rock music with social commentaries. He is really a unique artist.