Sugar, Cream and Soul with Billy Grima

Yes, Ontario-based soulful singer songwriter Bill Grima is an exciting name in Canadian music. His latest album, Sugar and Cream, is playing on about 80 US/Canada college stations. He is also an IMEA Awards nominee.cover170x170

If you are in the mood for something not the usual, then check out the latest album from Billy Grima titled Sugar & Cream. I think the title speaks for the songs in the album, his overall style which, if you liken them to food; they are a stuff of good flavours. He has two video out on YouTube: Calendar Girl and I Miss You Baby. Sugar & Cream is an album that showcases his vocal range and talent as an excellent singer-songwriter. Experience has provided so much depth in his style of playing that people can’t help but warm up to his tunes.

Soulful singers have the capacity to express a range of emotions that tell you, this is what singing should be about. Singing is about expressing the longing in your heart. It is about belting out the blues that many can relate to, be it break ups, poverty, depression or any kind of day-to-day topics. Every songwriter has a story to tell. And every story touches lives.

Sugar & Cream will appeal to both fans of pop, country and soul music. Listen to samples below.

Say We Can Fly lifts off!

Story by Layne Greene

For almost a year now I have been getting to know Singer/Songwriter Braden Barrie from Say we Can Fly. In an incredibly short amount of time his writing has grown in terms of musical and lyrical depth. It is my personal opinion that he introduces a pleasant change to a popular style.  Enjoy!

How long have you been writing for?

I have been writing since I was about thirteen. I wrote a few riffs on guitar while I was still in elementary school, but I remember writing my first song with lyrics right before highschool hit.

What influences you to write music?

My biggest musical influence has definitely been Christofer Drew from NeverShoutNever. After I found his music on PureVolume, I started really getting into writing. I also looked up to him because of the way he went about things. I have strayed away from his music, and gone off on my own. I don’t listen to alot of music, so most of the inspiration for my songs just comes from people I know or things that happen in my life.

Your recordings are very clear and well put together, do you spend a lot of time in post-production?

Generally when I record home demos, I just use an 8 track mixer/recording box. When I first started out I didn’t ever use a computer to edit anything. Recently though, I use a computer to normalize tracks and add reverb. I usually spend 1-2 hours in post production per song if I use a computer at all.

I’ve been watching a definite growth as a musician from you, what direction do you think you’re headed?

I’ve been doing SayWeCanFly for just about a year now, and I still feel a little lost about it. The direction I want to head in would definately be touring around and playing my music for kids, and making sure they hear it. It’s not so much about the money for me, it’s more important that my music gets out there. If I could tour and make enough money to eat and keep touring, I think I’d be happy for quite a while.

Is there a pattern to your writing? Or is it spontaneous and different every time?   

My writing is absolutely random. If I think of a line that sounds interesting to me, I grab my guitar. I usually don’t sit down and have writing sessions, I just build a song around a line that sticks out to me whenever it pops into my head.

Any big news or big breaks?

Well, I’m going on my first tour in October. It’s a nine day run across Ontario/Montreal. I’m going with a guy named Chris Moore who used to be in a band called I See Stars, and I’m really stoked about it. I also have a new EP called “Home” coming out soon, I’ve posted a few of the tracks but I haven’t officially released it yet

Message to listeners?

The message I try and get across with my music is usually simplicity, and that there is beauty in the smallest things. Songs like Cozy Hour and Super Moon just show that even things like an hour of the day and the moon can make someone happy. I sort of grew out of the whole generic “peace and love” phase, but in a way I still keep that in mind when I write.

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