Numbers & Shapes by the Amazing Rebecca Brandt

It’s a Sunday and I am listening to Numbers & Shapes by Rebecca Brandt. The album gives me a floating and jolly feeling. Perhaps it’s the way she chooses her chords. Perhaps it’s the interplay of instruments and how she creates magical sounds with them. It is rare to find orchestral music these days as everything can be reproduced electronically. But Brandt managed to use the old school way in her recordings. There are also electronic instruments but her emphasis is more on world, classical, jazz and 60s pop styles. 0000182169_20

The whole album plays like a soundtrack. It is a journey to different places, moods and era. With albums like this, I am tempted to write long posts but then again it is hard to find more words. The word ENJOYABLE sums up everything!

She is certainly an artist I am curious about. I mean with this talent wouldn’t you be?

Buy Numbers & Shapes here:

So Beautiful it Makes You Weep…

The Cinematic Orchestra Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

I never knew about the Cinematic Orchestra until Justin Elswick aka Sleepthief posted this wonderful song on his profile. There are few tunes that can be moving it makes you cry to heaven. This is also a soundtrack to The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos .