Nostalgia Kisses The Future with Shades of Sadness and Sorrow by Stellarscope

Yup, nothing could represent the power of indie music that Philadelphia’s own Stellarscope. They are back with a new album called Shades of Sadness and Sorrow. They are improving on the sound that defines them as a band: a combination of 80’s post punk, dream pop and Gothic atmosphere. a2476030429_10

There are 10 songs from this album. Shades of Sadness and Sorrow is their latest release after The End is Near. I’m Not Prepared (March 2014). The album will be officially launched early this March 2015. It is amazing that the Shades of Sadness and Sorrow sounds complex considering that there are only two personnel under Stellarscope: Tom Lugo and Bob Forman.

The recording is so lo-fi you would think you are listening to a cassette tape from some obscure 80s band. And that’s the way I like it. In a way it is a trip to the bast while at the same time the subject is very much relevant to what’s going on in the world. The vocals sound like they could have been recorded inside an abandoned factory as you can notice in the echo.

Dug this Hole greets us with its energetic style plastic through speakers. Perhaps this might be the band’s carrier single. We will see. It is hard to choose which track stands out. There’s Never Hated Like This (which I can personally relate to following the tragic personal events in my life three years ago). Although I think Living in a Haze is my favorite of all. I love the hazy guitar sounds that encircle the song creating a plasma of stellar radiation amidst the pulsing rhythm.

Farewell sounds like an intro from either a Sioux’s or old Cure song. I don’t know how to describe it…but classy could a fitting word. The Mansonisque Eat Your Heart Out sounds a bit chaotic but the drums are crunchy like spicy peanuts. After the aggression and robust sounds of the previous tracks, It’s All Gone Slows the pace. The glorious guitars of Soul Disturbances reminds me a bit of Bauhaus especially that the singing is unmistakably Peter Murphy. I love it! Face the Dirt closes this carousel ride with high notes.

Stellarscope proves that what is beautiful about rock in the 80’s is here to stay. And it is a joy to be showered by music like this at a time when everything feels bland.

Peter Murphy is back with Lion!

Savagely beautiful with songs painted with his ink-black voice. Yes this is the iconic Peter Murphy. There were detractors who thought that nothing would suffice post Bauhaus but he proved them wrong. With every album, his craft gets better and better. He is in top shape and form. This man never gets old and he still retains that charisma of his youth. That voice is still a  force of nature.

The new single is Hang Up with that droning intro. The song is clearly electronic but with the same energy as classic Murphy. The eleven tracks off Lion promise to enchant and stun listeners with their inventiveness. It looks like the Goth icon will win more fans with the new album. I wrote an interview with him for a Gothic magazine. So I am really excited with his answers!


Cuts You Up Yeah!

I admit I have not been posting a  lot of reviews due to personal issues. But I am a bit sober now.  But it is great to be able to communicate this way. This is the WIRE into the universe. A doorway in which I can pour my soul out and bleed if I want to. But enough of the drama. I just want you guys to know that my next guest is Tiger Darrow. She is a beautiful singer/composer/actress whom I got to talk to through Mason Taylor. Hey there’s a light that never goes out!

Ok so before I bore you with my soliloquy, I will just leave you with this tune by uncle Peter Murphy. I used to be into Goth stuff. Before I became so fluffy and friendly enough to let a vampire into my place resulting into disaster. So after days of being a walking dead, I realized I am alive. Oh yeah…I started to notice a lot of spider webs in my room and everywhere. I have been cleaning the house like I have been dead for a hundred years and just realized I had to live in another century. Anyway I know this sounds weird but I will see you in my really sober state soon.