February 2015 Indie Music Updates

Hello folks! It’s a soothing weekend and I am bringing to you updates on cool music around the web. It’s amazing to know that 2015 is anther great year of music. We have electronic,acoustic and other types of music that’s ‘not radio.’

I discovered Alex Pardini more than a year ago when I stumbled upon his music on the web. Since thn we have kept a tight correspondent covering many topics including photography( he’s a pro). He gets better each year as he creates fantastic and elegant tunes. His music speaks to the side of me who likes finer, better and beautiful things in life. This is the first playlist I listened upon waking up. These are evening tunes but then again, beautiful music is always enriching any time of the day. So good, so rich!


If you like something acoustic and soothing then check this song by singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio. What I like about his songs is that, you can appreciate his songs even if you are not a fan of folk music. His recordings are always excellent in terms of clarity and balance. This is the kind of quality that I look for in any stripped down tune.


Whenever I listen to any Michael Stovall song, I get carried away. His emotional pieces always have a room for the ‘soundtrack of your life’ kind of moment. The depth of lyrics and beautiful singing are his strong points. The melodies are his gold.


Talents between New Zealand and Ireland have created Altocirrus. I feel so fortunate to listen to their latest album plus review it for this site!


This musical asset of Romania by the name of LeVant continues to dazzle me with his unique ideas. His tunes are somewhat in the  pop-but not so pop, category. His deep understanding of Classical, Medieval,Jazz,Electronic is astounding. Unjaded is his latest release.


Pierre Masse continues to dabble with different styles of music. From acoustic to electronic, his versatility is excellent. I don’t think any artist who started a career doing acoustic rock could pull that off elegantly. And he did. Amazing!


I am enjoying this new upload from Norwegian artist Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Very energetic and complex. Beautiful beats.


And last but not the least, I need you to listen to this beautiful song from Cornish singer/songwriter Dan Aston.  Lemonade Sea is the title. This is recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance and featuring Sue Aston on violin and members from Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species.

Enjoy your weekend with beautiful music.

Album Review: Empirico by Whodoes

Plus: J.P. Kallio, 10 Awful Things About British Festivals That Should Take A Hike and Pierre Masse

Seasons have a way of influencing how we listen to music. The gloomy months bring out that introspective spirit in all of us. I’ve always have this special interest in contemporary instrumental music. It is another genre which I did not ‘force’ myself to appreciate. It came naturally. With music it is both an emotional and mental experience for me. Emotional in a sense that there are tunes that can ‘transport’ me to another place. There are lyrics that make me bawl like a baby. And I am sure this is something I share with musicians. After all, who else knows the secret places inside a tune than the creator of it- the artist?

When Vasilis Chountas a.k.a. Whodoes told me that a new album is out, I got excited because I remember the beautiful experience I had with Dolphins in the Sky. Empirico has nine tracks with varying moods. Everything about it sounds sci fi and a progression of his minimalistic style which he cultivates with Dolphins in the Sky. Would you believe that his main instrument is just the electric guitar? Everything around it was build by the sounds created by that single instrument. Empirico is for fans of soundtrack, ambient, ethnic, experimental and post-rock music. There is also an unmistakable Greek element in the a0642189950_2melodies as Chountas is from Greece.

Emprico opens with pulsing sounds as if these are transmission from outer space. There is a sense of urgency underneath the calm rhythmic style. T harkens back to the early days of ambient music created by Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream.

One of my favorite tunes is Memories which is also the carrier single. It has that chill out beats and cinematic feel that could be one of those tunes you hear in a suspense/mystery TV series during the opening credits. I love its gradual style and abstract melodic style. Rain is falling hard outside while I am writing this review and I feel like I am swimming in the seas of pleasant music. All those pulsing, underwater life pulsing around me in the form of notes and beats.

There are other great tracks from this wonderful album including Street Romance, Room Alone and the drum-heavy That Night which reminds me of Portishead. Similar track Lost follows with industrial beats and melodies yearning for a resolution.

If you like Vangelis and other artists I mentioned in this review then you will pick up Empirico.


Today’s Featured Artist Blog: J.P. Kallio:

I love reading what artists have to say. That is why I often visit their blogs. If I don’t get to read anything from their website then I go ahead and ask them for an interview. My passion for knowing how an artistic mind works can be traced back to my childhood when I destroyed automatic watches trying to know how the cogs and wheels inside work. Don’t worry I won’t do the same thing to your heads physically 😉



Meanwhile in other music-related news:

10 Awful Things About British Festivals That Should Take A Hike:

I got this link from NME.Do you agree? What do you think?


And lastly, a blast from the past:

14 Questions with Pierre Masse

Here is a memorable interview with the young and talented Pierre Masse Posted on September 9, 2010.


Have a great weekend friends!

Pierre Massé Streams Tracks Off The New Album

Pierre Massé

It’s been three years after the released of the celebrated EP Situations by this Ontario based artist. There have been many changes in the life of singer/songwriter Pierre Masse. These changes are either personal or artistic. In the artistic level, I hear the maturity and confidence in his voice never heard before. He has also polished his singing style that is really something good to listen to. The new album is called E_e_x,_e_ __O.” By the way that’s not the final title for the album, I’m filling it in as I stream more songs like a game of hangman.”-Pierre

He is  streaming four tracks ahead of the release, putting the second one up this weekend. The first track is called My Mortal Enemy which has electronic beats on top of his acoustic guitar.  There is also the acrobatic stunt courtesy of his electric guitar solo. Pierre Masse has been known to tackle existentialist issues and he does it with elegance both in French and English.

My Mortal Enemy signals his growth as a musician. There is that freshness and adventure that engulf the air of his artistry. We can also expect a lot of sonic richness from his current efforts. After all, this Chemistry major sees the bigger picture, the beautiful complexity that inhabits the realm of Science and Music.


The new track is up today. It is called Observations 2: …Coule cet air. New improvement to the title. En__e d__x, E__er __o Wanna guess ahead?

“The second of four tracks I’ll be streaming from my new album ahead of its release…”Pierre

Pierre Massé:”All my recording plans are on hold”


Tough luck. Plans of releasing a new album by Canadian recording artist Pierre Massé have been set aside following a spillage of beer on his laptop. All his recording plans are on hold. I hope a solution will be found soon because it is really tragic to have one’s musical ideas erased totally. This youtube track is a remix of  his own track “Give the World” from “Situations”, available at http://pierrotechnique.bandcamp.com.

Pierre Massé – Little Black Submarines (The Black Keys Cover)


I love the cover of this song from The Black Keys. Pierre Masse is a real artist. He makes something fascinating out of something so simple as carrying a cellphone with a decent camera and taking shots of his moving feet. I mean who would have thought of that?

His voice has grown stronger and expressive too. An EP of covers coming up soon? Who knows. From someone with the Midas touch in adding a sheen to songs by other artists, or creating his original ones; indie fans will have something to be excited about.