Gemme Music Video by Nolwenn Leroy


Reunited with Pop: Gemme by Nolwenn Leroy

Nolwenn Leroy is on my radar through the years. I discovered her through her affiliation with Celtic music. I even wrote about that in my Celtic Music Fan blog. And she is back. This time with the infectious new single Gemme. It is the kind of style she has when she started releasing albums after her stint with Star Academy. I also think this is the kind of style suited for her.

It’s taken for the same album name. Gemme was the result of sequestering herself in a London studio. She was writing songs with different styles initially, and she confessed she was trying to ‘please everyone.’ Eventually, that was scrapped and she started creating songs that are true to her and this resulted to Gemme. The self-titled single is now out. It shows the singer exploring a sort of a cave inhabited by elementals. In a way, she still brings with her the Breton elements of her previous releases. I am referring to the mystical quality of her visuals and her music. I love the sound! It’s happy and dreamy. It is so uplifting that, coupled with her beautiful voice, you get a taste of heaven!


XNOVA And All That (Pop) Chops.


Weekend evening is all about partying and beautiful music for most people. But I am on a brief hiatus from all the cycling and partying. Instead, I am listening to XNOVA. They are a duo from Russia (consisting of Bogdan and Marat) and they play smooth pop music with a right amount of beats and beautiful melodies. There are five songs in their new EP and it’s titled Universe. The title track is a catchy tribute to one’s optimism in the midst of life’s challenges.

Their music has a superb production quality with strong RnB leanings. The loved up synths and sensual beats are enough to put you in the mood. I am certain that with this type of music, XNOVA  will get to see mainstream success. I see this happening with Once A Tree (a husband and wife duo from Canada) today. They are still establishing themselves but pretty soon we will get to hear more music from them!

Music is like a river. You don’t know how long the journey will lead you to the ocean. But passion and courting the right audience are essential tools in getting your art to a wider audience. And I think making music is like making medicine. You get to make people feel better when they are down. Just like the songs of XNOVA. Hear hear hear!


Retro Pop: European Skies Music Video

Video directed by Geno Carrapetta.


Mr Retro Pop is back!

I like this dude. I am talking about Mr Retro Pop Joel Sarakula. He is a down to earth kind of guy and he seems to be the sort who seldom gets offended. He is also very accommodating especially when it comes to explaining his style of music and also how much he has grown creatively after his last album The Golden Age which I reviewed here.

This single is taken his latest album The Imposter which I enjoyed a lot. I took it out for a bike ride, took it to the beach, listened to it during so many sleepless nights. European Skies is a breezy song with that signature 70s sound-I mean Europop and disco. he explained to me that the video is his attempt to be funny. Yeah I totally dig the moves.

I also dedicate this post to the late Melanie Lynch who passed away this year. She loves The Golden Age and I will definitely miss talking to her about this type of music.

Introducing Bike Music:High Highs


I will be starting a new feature called Bike Music. The reason? I have recently developed a love for cycling and whenever I ride I bring my music with me. Of course you can expect something upbeat but there are also rare cases when I will feature albums that are slow-meant for just relaxed riding.

I’ve been hunting for new music recently. I love indie pop and there are sites on the web that point me to the right direction. One of them is New Releases Now.

This is where I discovered High Highs. They are a duo formed by Jack Milas and Oli Chang in 2010. I describe their music as upbeat ethereal pop. There are lots of high chiming sounds that remind you of pixie dust and elves. Their melodies are gorgeous and sweet. They just released Cascades this year and it is really a musical experience that you should have. I found myself smiling when I listen to every track in the album. It’s like picking up an old album in which the tunes are kind of familiar yet they could be existing in an alternate universe because these tunes are something you’ve just heard.

Why I love them: Majority of the songs are upbeat and good for riding. The whole atmosphere of Cascades is stress-free which is good for late afternoon rides.

Recommended for: People who love pop music and those who just want to chill to upbeat songs.

James Vincent McMorrow is back with the new single Rising Water!

The Irishman with an exquisite and smooth silky voice is back! The new single is Rising Water released in early July this year. James Vincent McMorrow broke into the indie pop/folk scene with Post Tropical and Early in the Morning. His live performances duplicate the meticulous perfection of his studio recordings. And yes that remarkable voice has attracted 100 million Spotify streams!  Rising Water is taken from the new album We Move. Expect the album to sell like hotcakes. Check out the lyric video of Rising Water above.

Read further about the new release:


James Vincent McMorrow, an Irish singer/songwriter from Dublin, has just released his new single Rising Water. The single is the opening track of his upcoming album We Move, which is set to be released on September 2nd via Caroline Records. On July 4th, Rising Water was premiered by Annie Mac on her program ‘Mac’s Hottest Record in the World’ on BBC Radio, listen at   After its UK debut, the single was released here in the U.S., which McMorrow called home for a few months while he recorded his new album.

In early 2015 McMorrow decamped to Los Angeles for four surreal months, wanting to experience something totally alien to any way he’d ever worked before. McMorrow explains “Making this album was about changing so many things. Physically changing where I was, mentally changing how I think about life, about myself, how I think about making music. Every time I’ve made a record in the past, I’ve walked to the edge of where I’ve wanted to be, I’ve gotten scared, and I’ve walked back to a safe distance.”

Rising Water is the perfect example of what the rest of the album holds. The single, along with the rest of the record, features production from Nineteen85 (Drake, dvsn), Two Inch Punch (Sam Smith, Years & Years), and Frank Dukes (Kanye West, Rihanna), as well as mixing from the legendary Jimmy Douglass (Donny Hathaway, Timbaland).

McMorrow’s 2010 debut ‘Early in the Morning’ achieved platinum-status and reached #1 in his home country of Ireland. His “Breath-taking” (VICE) second album ‘Post Tropical’ was nominated for the Choice Music Prize, and led to sell outs at the biggest venues of McMorrow’s career including two nights at Sydney Opera House, and London’s Barbican & Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Earlier this year, McMorrow surpassed 100 million Spotify streams, recorded a cover of “Wicked Games” for a trailer of season six of Game of Thrones, and was featured on “I’m In Love” off Kygo’s debut LP ‘Cloud Nine.’ 

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