Dennis McCalmont certainly has it.

dennis mccalmont Dennis McCalmont has the kind of music you want to keep around in case you need some feel good atmosphere. His music has the combination of chill out, folk and heartfelt ballads. It is something that goes down easily. He is very professional and the recordings are carefully crafted.¬† His vocals are smooth …

The Coronation of RAKANS

The Rakans, Pop,

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon Music:Electro pop. Plays: Bass and synths.! RAKANS¬†is a Palestinian- born artist. He was raised in Lebanon although his ethnic background casts a German heritage. He fronts a musical project called "RakanS" which can be collaborative. All his life, a plan was laid out for him to be a 'responsible' adult until …

Nazatron: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

The website is the best introduction to Nazatron's music. So what makes this 20-something really interesting? Find out soon