Ear Candy: The Constant State by Malka

Malka - The Constant State cover artwork

Darko Saric – Vocals, Guitar

Michael Dawson – Drums

David Ciauro – Vocals, Bass

EJDeCoske – Vocals, Guitar

When guitars pain sonic colours in the canvas of rhythm and vocals that’s got to be Malka. You can bask under the warm beauty of their melodies or you can take each song apart and decipher the thoughts inside. But one thing remains, it is easy to like them the first time you heard them. Their new EP is called The Constant State and boasts eight songs embellished with atmospheres of lazy afternoons, languid rainy days and a picnic at a quiet park. They are one of the bands that will come out of Welsh label Ear to Ear Records soon (specializing in shoegaze, dreampop & alternative/ indie rock).

I enjoyed listening to The Constant State because it is like the 90s again when modern rock was unpretentious and exciting. I love the fact that Malka emphasises more on texture rather than loudness is a plus. I love the supple vocals of Darko Saric as it doesn’t take centre state but rather works with the other instruments- making ti an instrument in itself.

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Layne Greene: The Disappearance of the Glasses Reveals a Deeper Story.

Did you notice anything new with singer/songwriter Layne Greene? Yes and you’ll know why.

Canadian singer/songwriter had lasik early this year and that explains the disappearance of the glasses. Well, it is not just about the glasses that’s gone . He is working on an official debut album produced by a big name in the music industry. He Has been working on a couple of songs for weeks and I had the pleasure of hearing them although everything is pretty much hush hush until the official announcement. The new songs are different from his usual stuff. They are more ‘radio friendly’ or ‘mainstream’ for lack of better terms. But this is a good thing because it proves that Layne Greene is ready for a bigger audience. He takes his musical career seriously and has no qualms performing in big venues when the

Layne Greene:The album is almost done!

Layne Greene:The album is almost done!

album arrives.

Flash back two years ago. I met this wonderful kid who has a laid back attitude with bunch of songs on top of his head. He has written many but he made sure they got the craft and polish they needed before the release. This dedication to quality over quantity is reflected all over his life. And this extends beyond music. I’ve known him as a reliable fella with a heart of gold. Everyone who meets him can always attest to the fact that he is special and he has a keen sense professionalism.

He is working on the album quietly. He posts updates every now and then but the real bang will come when the album is out. It will be soon. I promise.