Cars and The Wild Irish Poet

My friend The Wild Irish poet made what he describes as : ” Mock up ads I have made for Ferrari and Rolls Royce.” Checking out the video I can tell there is nothing light about it. I think this is the only car ad I am willing to check out again and again. His narration gives depth and ‘spirit’ to material objects like fancy car. Yeah think about it: there is nothing really spiritual about cars. Well at least that’s what I think personally. After seeing countless ads, nothing really strikes my fancy unless they feature female vocalists that sound like Enya. Other than that it is really something you want to get over while you wait for your favorite TV show.

But Alan Cooke changed all that in this ad. His voice which has captivated theater audience for years is in top form in this project. Not to mention that he really took this job seriously. I don’t mind if I will ever own a Ferrari or Rolls Royce. All I know that a talent like this one is more precious than cars.


Transmission from Outer Space

Hearing  this song on the radio stopped me in my tracks.

We travel far as we go through life. We drive miles and miles until we forget our histories, our sanity and our home. We travel to outer space and after a month or two, we no longer remember how it is to be an Earthling. We travel far from relationships with no gravity or anchor to hold us back. Sometimes, there are transmissions that make us remember the way it used to be. All the words we used to believe. And you know what is really painful? It’s realizing that they are still true. Sometimes there’s just more than ‘spring cleaning’ that we need to do to our souls to keep us sane. Yes more than just honey and holy water.

Pictures that go viral

I am amaze at the amount of captioned pictures  rotated in social network sites. I think pictures are very powerful. People who have no time to read will just gaze at a picture and it will tell them a lot of stories. It is true that a picture paints a thousand words. I created one for my friend, the Canadian  singer/songwriter Layne Greene. This is right off an interview I did for him: