Exciting Winter Chill Essentials-basicLUX Records

Life can be stressful depending on where you are or how you look at it. That is why the idea of having to go somewhere after a hard day at work is such a pain. Why not stay home and listen to music? basicLux Records has gathered the best under its label and chose the the most beautiful track from each artist for your listening pleasure.

Hear out Lemongrass, Gabriel Diggs, Madison Park, Groovecatcher and more…I’m sure you’ve heard them in various sites including YouTube while you were searching for songs with keywords like chill chill-out, house, electronica, dance etc right? So here’s your chance not to look further. They are all here. They are the best and the brightest in the genre.

Don’t Let Go, It’s Easy are just few of the introductory songs that will set you on the mood. The quality is pure and crisp. Whiter you are listening to your expensive headphones like the The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, Beats Studio Wireless or just the basic Apple EarPods, these compilation emanates that inherent sonic quality that sets the standards! And if you are listening with huge speakers, please pump the volume up and share the music.

I also urge you to check out each artist when you visit http://www.basiclux.net.

Sven Faulconer-For the love of film music

I am listening to the film music of Sven Faulconer while preparing breakfast. I tell you, there is nothing more energetic than a life that is SVEN FAULCONER (Composer)surrounded by grand scores and sometimes, what you think becomes you. I started collecting soundtrack albums when I got a copy of Far and Away by John Williams (1992). From there I improved my collection up to the LOTR era. But I think that was the last time I really devoted my collection.

I came across the works of Sven Faulconer while browsing indie films like Beautysleep Symphony which lead me to Tringled. It was Carl Darchuk and the gang who introduced me to the whole new world of independent films and yes people like Sven who works with these artists. Sven was born in Belgium and started studying music at the age of 6. He later moved to Los Angeles to further expand his career. Looks like he made a great choice. More of his music below.

Great New Music:First Cold Model Records Compilation Out Now!

Canadian Indie Label has its first compilation of FREE music featuring artists to watch out for this decade!

Artfully crafted, rich atmosphere and stellar melodies to swoon to. Everyone here is in top form! I don’t want to name a  favorite  because everyone worked their best to come out with an amazing track for this compilation. Cold Model Records is an indie label based in Montreal Canada. This also happens to be the first compilation from them.

I have played this album again and again and it just gets better and better. All the artists  are worth your ears and indulgence with their own chosen styles in the electro world.  The artwork is eye-catching. This is a perfect party music. Just bring your cold drinks!

New Wave music isn’t dead. It just  found a new following and created a new freshness through these artists. Although this album is free, I suggest we try our best to support our indie artists so they can make  more music. And this can be done not only through buying their albums but also by making positive reviews of  their works if you happen to be a blogger.

1. Melankolya – Neurotic 03:25
2.Scene Noir – Stranger 05:15
3.Thorn (UK) – Warm Leatherette 03:19
4.John Costello – Blanket Expression 04:27
5. Kid Kasio – The Reason 03:59
6. Neil Gahan – Statements In Digital 04:33
7. Paula – I Could Be 05:13
8. Dark Digital – Precisely, Victoria 04:58
9. Story Off – Again 04:50
10.Dekoder – Shadow Figures 04:16
11. Exit – The Door 05:24
12. Apriorism – Forget The Now 03:54
13. Attrition – Dante’s Kitchen (Shok Remix) 05:42
14. My.Cosmo – Delay Dark 04:36
15. Shh – Inside Every Storm Lies A Dead Thing 07:27
released 15 May 2012


Tea Talk :Episode 2

Second part of the discussion. Our featured artist is Jeff Pianki.


Layne: His writing is so deep.

Baxter: Wow atmospheric. That’s usually the thing that attracts me to a  band-the atmosphere, good voice too! Jeff’s music is awesome.I hear the vocal choir on the background. Very dreamy .I love the piano too.

Layne: Yeah, I find that he’s really tasteful with it. It’s present all the time, but it’s never over bearing.

Baxter: I am on the third track Paper Window Dreams. Appropriate title. It says: Paper Window is a collection of songs written with the intent of exploring memories. Some are mine, some are hers, some are yours. The songs all mean a whole lot to me, and were recorded in my bedroom in the last half of 2010.
released 15 December 2010
All music and lyrics by Jeff Pianki, except for the Cello on “This Town”, which was arranged, played, and recorded by Noah Capurso

Layne: I think track 4 is my favourite. Probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Baxter: can’t wait to go there hahahahaahah

Layne: It’s haunting.

Baxter: Oh boy you are right. I love the intro .I think this guy will become well known. The music is so good!

Layne: Some scattering of piano really builds the structure a lot. I really like how scarce it is.

Baxter: Me too. I am into minimalism. I feel like floating.

Layne: I agree entirely, I think he has an accessibility to his sound, like, he sounds like something I’ve always listened to. which is a really weird idea :S


More to come…

Tea Talk :Episode 1

This just came out of nowhere. I love randomness. You are always able to come up with stuff that’s amazing. Layne presented bands on the table while we were talking about future interviews. We want to keep it as straightforward as possible for you folks. Both of these albums are by Canadian artists.

Today’s bands

Poplar Pines and Nick Everett


Layne:  played a show with him a few weeks ago

Baxter: Scott Beggar right? Was it a good experience?

Layne: Yeah, he was a really great performer. Super nice guy too. lol, and he had a nice guitar :P

Baxter: Wow I like the music-my kind ;). Love the artwork too.


Layne: Guy’s really good too.

Baxter:  Yeah I am actually checking on him as well . Lots of great local talents you got there.

Layne: So good. I got to see him play live too, probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. And there were only like 15 people there :P.

Baxter: Wow his music is also amazing. Different from Poplar Pines and also worth hearing.

Layne: Scott was really gooood. But I think Nick is on a whole different level of musicianship.

Baxter: Yeah. Also Scott’s recording has different quality.

Layne: Yeah, I think Nick did it pretty low key, he does have some demo’s that were done with Scott. lol, It was so intense. So much passion in his live performance.(Shares a video link). Great vid!

Baxter: He is interesting.

Layne: I was kind of surprised by the piano in the vid, took me by surprise for some reason

More to come folks!