Seaboard RISE 2

After being away for quite a bit, I discovered the world of MIDI and keyboard. Before I know it, I got into the rabbit hole. It has become a bit of an obsession. Now I am ordering my first MIDI keyboard. I will post details here when I received it. It’s not one of those Arturia, M-Audio, Korg or Alesis but I reckon it will do the job for me as a beginner.

I got into thinking of composing my own tunes because I’ve been doing bicycle blogging and I am afraid, using other people’s tunes even though they are copyright -free might have future implications. So, that’s how I got into this hobby after learning a few tricks via Garage Band.

This one is called  Seaboard RISE 2 by a company called ROLI. It’s truly captivating at first glance. It looks so slick and the design in clean. The touch keys also remind me of the Buchla easel for its intuitive design. This is something I look forward to having in the future when I have the budget for it.

This looks like a good instrument for beginners and professionals. It also looks great on stage if you know what I mean.