Sneaky Sacha Talens Has New Soundcloud Tracks

Sacha Talens

Ok Sacha Talens got mad…

The problem with true artists these days is that they don’t like promoting their music out right. You have to ‘discover’ them. Such is the case of Sacha Talens who recorded new tracks just a a few weeks after the release of his album Bathurst Moment. So mister Talens has been playing hide and seek for the past week or two, getting into that mysterious Jedi mode that only people with ‘the force’ can penetrate.

The new tracks have that poppy feel. They sound like a continuation of the music off Bathurst Moment but perhaps in a better way. I also noticed hints of Bossa Nova, Electronica and ethnic influences.

Tracks like She’s so Natasha and I, The Monkey are interesting. Only Mr Talens can come up with lyrics like

“I must say she’s so Natasha when she tries to slit my throat
with her atomic bomb eyes ready to explode
she’s alright, but she likes blood,
love making in the mud
life is the greatest funeral.”(She’s so Natasha) Ahem…