Introducing The Space Has Always Reduced Me To Silence by Cielo Oceano

I have written about Tom Lugo’s musical projects in the past. This guy keeps getting better. He also serves other interesting pursuits like martial arts. I even featured him in one of my health/fitness blogs in the past. It’s fascinating how something that you are passionate about can carry you through all the changing seasons of life. It’s like, you can undergo a lot of tests and still be the complete person that you are, especially in the presence of music.

Cielo Oceano is such an auspicious debut-more so as I am writing this blog at 5 am in the comfort of my bedroom. I also added yellow LED lights that resemble fireflies in the corner last night. I did not know how, but it seems my subconscious has picked this album up for review today. Everything seems to fall into place. The mood, the time, the coldness outside, or the pervading sense of peace and hints of melancholy. This music is like little dancing lights in the pond of one’s existence. It is so easy to tap into that because I embrace this kind of musical style.
The Space has Always Reduced Me To Silence is the title of the debut album. It contains ten songs. I suggest you listen to it, at the same time as I do. You can also do it for meditation because the music is hypnotic. It focuses on dreamy and shimmery guitars. The same things that you can find in any Robin Guthrie and Simon Reymonde(Cocteau Twins) projects. I am on the third track, which is the title track; and I love how they end and start each song seamlessly. There is nothing that jolts you out from one mood to another. The production decision is consistent. This is the kind of band where the lyrics are secondary, as the mood is more important. This also reminds me a bit of Brian Eno, in the ambient style department. Nada mas que decir is a personal favorite because it has an 80’s nostalgic aesthetics to it.
This album is a must for people who are into bands like This Mortal Coil and Souls Whirling Somewhere.
I love Cielo Oceano and will be looking for their future releases and incarnations. It is great music to start the day. Let’s dive into this beautiful, sad, exciting, lush sonic voyage and come out better and stronger!

This album is also available on cassette tape.

GenreDream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Pop

Band MembersAndres Lugo- Guitars, Synths, Programming
Tom Lugo- Guitars, Bass Programming, Vocals

HometownBaltimore/Philadelphia via Puerto Rico

Record LabelPatetico Recordings

AboutEthereal Dream Pop project by Andres Lugo (Pneuma/Los Dientes Hundidos En La Garganta) & Tom Lugo (Stellarscope/Panophonic/MAYU/Under The Wire/ShiShi/SUPERTOYS/Patetico Recordings)

Ear Candy: The Constant State by Malka

Malka - The Constant State cover artwork

Darko Saric – Vocals, Guitar

Michael Dawson – Drums

David Ciauro – Vocals, Bass

EJDeCoske – Vocals, Guitar

When guitars pain sonic colours in the canvas of rhythm and vocals that’s got to be Malka. You can bask under the warm beauty of their melodies or you can take each song apart and decipher the thoughts inside. But one thing remains, it is easy to like them the first time you heard them. Their new EP is called The Constant State and boasts eight songs embellished with atmospheres of lazy afternoons, languid rainy days and a picnic at a quiet park. They are one of the bands that will come out of Welsh label Ear to Ear Records soon (specializing in shoegaze, dreampop & alternative/ indie rock).

I enjoyed listening to The Constant State because it is like the 90s again when modern rock was unpretentious and exciting. I love the fact that Malka emphasises more on texture rather than loudness is a plus. I love the supple vocals of Darko Saric as it doesn’t take centre state but rather works with the other instruments- making ti an instrument in itself.

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